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Were the Hopi depicting the two paths?

Before you begin, please try to understand that, not only are you/I/us/we  
multiple level experiencers, but also that reading a page or two on this,
or any other related website will not put enough pieces to the cosmic puzzle
together for you to fully understand the following concepts.

And that, if your mind is ridge, thus unwilling to consider
realities unknown to our current level of awareness,
nothing stated below will make any sense to you.

Apparently, without an observer (consciousness), there is nothingness.
Nothingness somehow become self-aware. You are that awareness.
You, as a fragment of the Whole (Known as "God" to most) are the
observing co-creator creating a sense of reality through your observations.

Therefore, Linear "Time is an Illusion with a Purpose"
- Edger Cayce

"Time does not exist as we know it. Time Future, Past and Present all coexist
simultaneously right now."
- Albert Einstein

"There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but
within that self are many. There is one body, in one time, but the self
has other bodies in other times. All 'times' exist at once.

"Everything in the universe exists at one time simultaneously. Therefore,
the first words ever spoken still ring throughout the universe, and in
your terms, the last words ever spoken have already been said." -

"The universe of dimensions, of space and time, coexists with another
universe of no dimensions outside space and time. Reality can never be
fully comprehended if either aspect is ignored." -  

Is it then possible
that what we are currently perceiving as a physical world
is a holographic projection being generated within our mass, thus collective
subconscious, and that each time we have a deja vu, what we are
experiencing is a glitch within the holographic software?

Of all the illusions within our present 3D distortion, understanding the
deception of space/time vs the reality of time/space is one of the most difficult
for most to escape. If Space/Time (Physicality/Matter) is the illusion, then
Time/Space (Anti-Matter) must be the reality.

Apparently, each galaxy is both physical and non-physical, and each
is a microcosm of the whole macrocosm just as is within each density
you are also a reflection of the whole.

Awareness above sees below, but unawareness below can not see above.

Can you see the levels of reality within their opposing sides to the left?
This is how the energetic creational system maintains balance
or it would pull its-self apart.

Currently, you/I/us/we are having conscious awareness
within the negative physical 3rd density illusion of space/time.

Now, try to envision a logos (leader) over each level of its logi (manyness)

Therefore, each level, each star, each planet, each person..etc.
has a logos (higher spirit-self) and within that logos are logi/manyness
which is you currently experiencing a limited, therefore co-creative reality.

Now, picture the non-physical side where time,
as we understand it, does not exist.

To better understand, see
The Tree of Life
depiction at the bottom of page (HERE)

Now, try to envision that we are currently having conscious awareness
within a linear time loop.  And that our past, present and future are all
happening now within the non-physical creation. However, you/I/us/we, as
co-creators are unaware that you/I/us/we are having multiple experiences.

If we look at the minerals that make up plants and animals, these are our
physical past-self which we are able to observe and even interact with, but
are unaware of our future-self because we can not see up, only down.

Therefore, within each thought, with each desire, with each choice we
made/make we create/created our future within various time lines.

Now, apparently, each fragment of the whole chose/choose to create
various time lines where we/they are also having an awareness in.
Where some chose/choose a natural progression, others will/have
chosen/chose the unnatural progression as their experience.

Now, because linear time is fluid, some have/had created, what can best
be described as a time line platform origin point where they/us hope to
step back into in order to change our/their current reality/illusion because
they/us are not happy with how it turned out.

This may have been the inspiration for the Hopi two path prophecy
to the left. It sounds as if technology is/was NOT the way to go.
However, we/they somehow felt a desire to see where that experience led.

Apparently, within that time line mankind creates/created artificial intelligence,
that once it became self-aware, it no longer needed mankind.

Now, try to explain to a person who loves their computerized smart- phone,
that on the day they interface directly with it, their spirit-self will then vacate
their earth-suit leaving them just as soulless as their smart-phone.

It seems that, that so called "time" is once again upon us.

Is it also possible that our perception of our reality continues to repeat its-self within an endless cycle, and will continue
repeating its-self trying to gleam every possible lesson that is possible to gleam from our perceived reality? Or is it that our
perceived reality  continues repeating its-self endlessly until the outcome becomes congruent with the universal reality?

There is just so much more to time and time lines than most of us are now even able to comprehend because we just can't see it
from our limited perspective. It's like being in a valley unable to see the tops of the mountains above, and for those trying to explain
it to us, it is like trying to explain to a blind person what a sunset looks like simply because a blind person has no point of reference.

It also seems to me that someone with a nefarious agenda has manipulated the measurement of time, and that it is "time" to fix it.
Think about this...

For the last 2,000 or so years we have been programed by Church Inc's calendar system which was designed around their, so call
"Holy days". It seems to me that the time has come to create a new calendar system.

Apparently, each major cycle is 309,000 years, making each minor cycle some 25.750 years....aka...25.750 x 12 is approx. 309,000
years, or one earth age.

Now, according to the Hopi we are currently entering into the 5th earth age.

Then according to the Aztec, 12-21-2012 was the end of the last major cycle/earth age, and the beginning of next age/cycle which
they were apparently unable to see past due to the time line convergence point residing at the end/begining of each cycle/age.

If we better understood the linear space/time illusion, then on the winter solstice known within the Gregorian calendar system as
December 21 2012 should have, not only been new years day, but also the point between the end of the 4th earth age and the
beginning of the 5th earth age that should have been written as... January 1st within the 1st year of the 5th earth age, or 1-1-1-5.  

And how about we called this calendar system "The Mckenna Calendar" in honor of Terence Mckenna.

What do you think?

Dr. Anderson: "Time is not exclusively linear as when it's depicted in a time line. Time is vertical with every moment in existence
stacked upon the next and all coinciding with one another. In other words, time is the collective of all moments of all experience
simultaneously existing within non-time, which is usually referred to as eternity.

Vertical time infers that one can select a moment of experience and use time and space as the portal through which they make
their selection real. Once the selection is made, time and space become the continuity factor that changes vertical time into
horizontal time or conventional time.

Anne: "So you're implying that our past, present, and future lives are all lived out at the same time, even though they seem to be
taking place in different places and times?"
Dr. Anderson: "Yes."

Anne: "Okay, then explain how it's possible, because it doesn't make any sense to me."
Dr. Anderson: "Our formless consciousness is like a sphere with many, many spokes leading outwards from its central core. Each
of these spokes connects into the vertical time continuum through forms, and these forms -- human or otherwise -- feed the
formless consciousness with insights about the different reality membranes in which it has form. In this way, the forms of the
formless bring it awareness of different reality membranes, which in turn is processed by the formless and passed on through the
unification force to God." -

(If you are Not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, I highly recommend reading "HERE" before you continue)

The Waves Series Transcripts and the Illusion of Space/Time;

Now, if you can comprehend; "Do you not see that by the "time" you realize someone is "dead," they have already, in essence,
experienced their entire 5th density (heaven) incarnation recycling, learning and contemplative experience in "zero time?!"

"As one "ages" the illusion of time passage begins to deteriorate because your "higher mind" begins to understand the illusion."

"Q: (RS) Is it true that the universe has equal amounts of matter and anti-matter as seen from level three?
A:  Yes, all others as well.

Q: (RS) Then it is true that the total time in the universe is null?
A: Yes, when you merge densities, or traverse densities, what you have is the merging of physical reality and ethereal reality, which
involves thought form versus physicality. When you can merge those perfectly, what you realize then, is that the reason there is no
beginning and no end is merely because there is no need for you to contemplate a beginning or an end after you have completed
your development. When you are at union with the One at Seventh density, that is when you have accomplished this and then
there is no longer any need for difference between physical and ethereal forms.

Q: Let us now ask you (Laura) a question: Do you remember going to school?
A: Laura: Yes.

Q: What did you do in third grade?
A: A lot of things. I learned cursive writing. I learned to multiply and divide. (Laura was reading, and comprehending at collage level
by the age of 10 yrs old.)

Q: Do you remember what you did in first grade?
A: Yes.

Q: Please name one.
A: I walked to school and took tests. Learned to count in several ways. Learned to read and write.

Q: Okay. Did you learn to multiply and divide in first grade?
A: No.

Q: When you were in the process of learning to multiply and divide, did you drop your pen or pencil and steadfastly return in your
mind to first grade and try and figure out why you had to learn the alphabet?
A: No.

Q: Why not?
A: Because I already knew it.

Q: You already knew it. In other words, you did not need to learn the alphabet because you already knew it. Correct?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you going to need to learn about the speed of light when there is no longer a speed of light?
A: Well, that is what I am trying to do. Once you learn it, maybe you are not subject to it's lessons anymore. I mean, you get
concepts presented, you absorb them, practice them, they become part of you and then you go to the next thing.

You are asking about the speed of light as relates to fourth density
(We are currently having 3D level experience) and above density
levels and we are telling you that there is no speed of light there because there is no need for that, because once you reach fourth
density level, you have learned the lessons of third density level.

Q: (L) You said previously that time was 'selective and variable.' What, exactly, does this mean?
A: By "Selective", we mean simply to think of time as if it were like your jukebox. There are many selections there, you may play
them as you choose. But you need not play them sequentially, unless that is all you know. The selections are always there, are
they not?

Q: (L) Well, that is crazy! You can't just go around having things happening in random order?!
A: Random is in the eyes of the perceiver.

Q: (L) What is it that causes us to only be able to perceive time in a sequential way?
A: DNA restructuring, as in the handiwork of our friends, STS 4th density."

only then will you be able to comprehend the following;

(L) Well, I would imagine so. Now, if a line is defined as the movement of a point in a single direction and a plane is defined as
a line moving at right angles to itself, and the 3rd dimension is defined as a plane moving at right angles to itself, and the 4th
dimension is defined as a three dimensional object moving at right angles to itself, then what we are talking about in 4th density,
something that we simply cannot grasp.

If we look at a 3 D apple, we are only seeing a slice, so to speak, of a 4th dimensional object. If we could see the apple in its true,
4th dimensional state, we would see something, probably more like a long, red tubular type thing that goes onto infinity. Is this a
correct assessment?
A: Close.

Q: (T) And then there is 5th, 6th and 7th density levels. The whole point is to demonstrate that time doesn't exist and is irrelevant. It
could be defined in any countless numbers of ways.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Look at the Mayans... they counted in base 20. (T) Once you remove all references to time, it slows down and eventually
stops. (J) Yes, look at what happens to those who are in sensory deprivation chambers. (T) Exactly. (L) An imploding infinity, so to
A: If you were out in space, you might sleep for thousands of years or remain "awake" for millions of "years."

Q: (T) This refers back to F***'s explanation of floating in space along with how time might be perceived without reference points.
A: It really does not matter, because you would not be under the same illusion that "Time" even exists.

Q: (L) Let me ask this: I am kind of drifting into another subject, but we are talking about being in space. We talked at one point, I
believe, of the matrices of the various planets and our perceptions of the planets in our solar system, and these matrices being
almost like a doorway to another density,

and that if we were in the proper dimensional mode that we would see the other planets of our own solar system quite differently
from how we see them in our third density mode, and that we would, in fact, be able to look upon Venus, which manifests in 3rd
density as a pretty hellish place, with temperatures 900 degrees or thereabouts, and we would find it to be something else
altogether with beings inhabiting it, is this correct.
A: Yes. Beings live absolutely everywhere in one realm or another.

Q: (L) Are the beings who live on the planet Venus aware of us on the planet Earth?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there beings also living on Mars?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are they aware of us?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the beings on all the other planets in our solar system aware of us here, on planet Earth?
A: Yes, because they are all of higher density.

Q: (L) Why is it that the Earth seems to be the lower density planet and we seem to be kind of left out in the cold, so to speak. They
know of us, but we can't perceive them. Why is this? Why are we singled out for this? (D) Was earth created after all the others?
A: NO, no, no.

Q: (T) Are they interacting with us?
A: Okay, stop, whoa! A review session follows: Who is 1st density?

Q: (L) Rocks and minerals, right?
A: And?

Q: (L) Plants?
A: Yes. Now, what awareness do you suppose they have of you?

Q: (L) What awareness do rocks and plants have of US?! Oh, dear God! (V) That's an interesting way to put it. An excellent
example. (T) When we ask why higher beings have awareness of us but we are not aware of them, we need to ask what awareness
beings lower than us have of us. (J) Obviously no more than we have of 4th density.

(T) But when you play music to a plant, it has some awareness because it makes it grow better. (L) But music is not a being. (T) It's
an energy wave. (J) Wait a minute... what they are saying is: they have no more awareness of us than we, as 3rd density beings,
have of 4th density beings. (T) Does this mean that they interact with us the way we interact with plants?
A: Who is "on" 2nd level?

Q: (L) Animals. (T) Insects, lower life forms. (Our past-selves?)
A: Now, think carefully, what level of awareness, and more importantly, understanding, do they have of you?

Q: (L) Well, I guess they are aware of us in some way, but they don't understand us... (T) Some do at some point... (T) They
understand us to a certain extent... (F) But their understanding is entirely different from our understanding of them. In other words,
they see these big hulking beings, but they don't know what's going on. (L) Was Ouspensky's explanation of how animals perceive
humans very close to the truth?
A: Close. Now, what about 1st level understanding and perception of 2nd level?

Q: (L) Okay, 1st density, minerals and plants... now rocks and minerals combine with plants through growing actions, water
dissolution, erosion, and so on, they have a real limited existence. And what happens is that mostly animals come along and eat
them. (F) Bees pollinate flowers. (L) Different kinds of animals live in trees. (T) Some animals live in the ground and in caves. (T)
So, rocks and minerals and plants have a really limited understanding of the animals above them which interact with them in
various ways.
A: Yes, and you have a limited understanding of the densities above you.

Q: (L) Well, that is still begging the question, my question was... (T) As an example, today we all experienced something we call
thunder, but we were all aware that it was something more. Something happened in 4th density that we experienced in a certain
way, and it was a limited understanding of that level.
A: Laura, unblock, do rocks and plants "see" you?

Q: (J) Probably not. (D) We don't really know. (T) We see the 3rd density manifestations of 1st density objects. We don't see the
1st density perception of itself.  So, how do we see the 4th density manifestations, they see us on a 4th density level... not
necessarily as we perceive ourselves.
A: T***, you are making rapid progress. Laura better watch her Butt! [laughter]

Q: (V) So, I am curious... what do rocks look like to each other? (L) Let's ask. What do rocks see when they look at each other?
A: They sense each other.

Q: (L) What example of our sensory apparatus would be close to an example of what a rock senses when it is aware of another
A: That is a cross conceptualization and will not work.

Q: (L) So there is no way we can interpret what a rock senses. Well, another 1st density example is plants. We know that plants can
react positively to certain persons and negatively to others. They have experimented with hooking them up to polygraph machines
and measured these responses. (J) They also react to music... (T) Third density reactions...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) If plants interact with each other, do they feel, say, fondness for one another?
A: Something akin to that.

Q: (L) Does it hurt a plant when we eat it?
A: Does it hurt you when a "Lizzie" eats you?

Q: (T) Yes, you see, on 4th density... we are on 3rd density and we eat 1st and 2nd density, the 4th density eats us. (D) If we hurt
plants by eating them like the Lizzies hurt us when they eat us, how are we to survive without eating?
A: When you no longer crave physicality, you no longer need to "eat."

Q: (L) So part of the "fall" into the physical existence and part of the Edenic story of the whole business, "you shall eat by the sweat
of your brow," has to do with being physical and needing to eat?
A: Lucifer, "The fallen Angel." This is you.

Q: (L) So, "falling" means going into physical existence wherein you must feed on other life, other beings, is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) When plants feed on 1st level beings such as rocks and water and so forth, do the 1st density beings feel pain?
A: That is redundant. We have already covered this.

Q: (T) So when a plant absorbs nutrients.... (L) Well, a plant is the same density as minerals, so it is almost like... (T) Like two
separate entities becoming one? (V) Like Jeffrey Dahmer... [laughter] (L) My bologne has a first name... (LM) Minerals dissolve in
water and are then absorbed by the plant, what pain could there be in this?
A: Subjective, L. M..

Q: (L) Maybe the dissolution of, say, phosphate in water, is a "death" to it...
A: Close. You limit when you perceive on 3rd level only and think that your perception is all there is.

Q: (L) So, in other words, we should be able to perceive on 1st and 2nd as well as 3rd while working on 4th level understanding?
A: No. Work on 4th, 5th and 6th.

Q: (L) Is it not also beneficial to understand the 1st and 2nd density levels as well, just simply for the exercise in understanding that
which is below us?
A: Strive always to rise.

Q: (V) Haven't we already done our 1st and 2nd level work as evolving souls?
A: Yes.

Q: (V) So there is no reason to step back. (T) Who eats the Lizzies on the 4th level?
A: No one. 4th is the last density for full manifestation of STS. (service-to-self)

Q: (T) So, beings on the 5th and 6th level exist in pure energy?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) The 4th level is the last for full STS. Does that mean that the 5th level, which you have described as the "contemplative"
level... what is the state of existence of a STS being on the 5th level?
A: Souls of 1,2,3, and 4 go to 5th.

Q: (T) So 5th level is where they go to while waiting to go back to one of the 4 for their next incarnation?
A: Exactly.

Q: (T) That is why it's called the contemplation level (Heaven). You go and think about what you have done. (T) What about souls on
6th density? (L) Are there 6th density STS beings?
A: No, when you get to 6th you no longer need to recycle.

Q: (L) But still, is there an STS experience at 6th density, like the 6th density Orions?
A: These are only reflections of individuals, not unified entities. These reflections exist for balance. They are not whole entities, just
thought forms.

Q: (L) Are these 6th density beings what the Bible describes as a "gathering" of angels as in the story of Job where "Lucifer" came
in before the Lord...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, there are STS and STO at 6th density which balance? And they are just there, they exist?
A: Reflection for balance.

Q: (L) Is there any kind of heirarchy to this thing? Do these beings come before some kind of "Grand Council" and make plans and
discuss things, and make decisions and implement them?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, how do things happen? Do things just sort of happen as a natural interaction of things and energies?
A: Yes.

Q: (V) If we are on the 3rd density and you are working with us and we are striving to make 4th density, at the same time are you,
at 6th density, striving to reach 7th?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is helping us, helping you to reach 7th density? (V) Are there others at higher densities working with you as you are working
with us?
A: No, we all reach 7th level together. (THERE IS NO TIME)

Q: (L) So, in other words, you guys are trying to bring us up and everybody else is coming up, and when all the pieces are back
together, we then go to 7th, is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) So that is your purpose in helping us?
A: It's a natural process.

Q: (T) Will our function be, when we are at 6th density, to help others on 3rd, as you are doing?
A: Yes. We are you in the future.

Q: (T) When more than 50 per cent of the souls reach 6th density in preparation to go to 7th density, will all the rest of them
automatically manifest into that density?
A: Not correct concept. You are using 3rd density "Brotherhood" inspired mathematical calculations and ideas.

Q: (J) So, there are no percentages involved in it. (T) So, we have to get every single soul up there. (V) I don't think it is as much
that as that you can't apply 3rd density mathematics to that level. (T) Let's say a majority.
A: No. Still using 3rd density mathematics.

Q: (L) Okay, what criteria constitutes the means of this ultimate translation into 7th density?
A: The lessons completed.

Q: (J) Okay. (T) When all the souls transition to 7th density, will all the souls be integrated into one soul?
A: Close.

Q: (T) So that is why we have to get everybody, because we all become one on 7th density. (D) What will we then do to change the
game and make it interesting again?
A: Don't have to "do" anything, has, will, is!!!

Q: (L) Okay. How "long" and I put long in quotes, because we know, as you say, there is no time, but how long, as we measure it,
have the Grays been interacting with our race? The Grays, not the Lizards, the Grays, the cybergenetic probes?
A: No.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "No"?
A: Time travelers, therefore, "Time is ongoing."

Q: (L) They are time travelers, they can move forward and backward in time, they can play games with our heads... (T) They can
set up the past to create a future they want. (D) They can organize things so that they can create the energy that they need... (L)
They can also make things look good, make them feel good, make them seem good, they can make you have an idea one minute,
and then the next minute, create some sort of situation that confirms that idea...
A: When you asked how long, of course it is totally unlimited, is it not?

Q: (L) That's not good. If they were to move back through space time and alter an event in our past, would that alteration in the
past instantaneously alter our present as well?
A: Has over and over and over. ("They" are able to create a sort of "time platform" that allows them to create what Hidden_Hand calls "Time

Q: (D) So they do it over and over and over, constantly? (L) So, at each...
A: You just are not yet aware, and have no idea of the ramifications!!!

Q: (L) We're getting a little glimmer! Yeah, I do, a little! (T) The ramifications of being able to move in and out of time and
manipulate it the way you want (JR/Laura) And the ramifications of what they're doing to us; what they are doing to us and what
they will do to us, over and over. (F***) What did it say about over and over? (L) So, in other words, our only real prayer in this
whole damn situation is to get out of this density level. That's what they're saying, that's what it sounds like to me.
A: Close.

Q: (L) Because, otherwise, we're just literally, as in that book, stuck in the replay over and over and over, and the Holocaust could
happen over and over, and we could just, you know... Ghengis Khan, Attila the Hun... over and over and over again. (T) We're
stuck in a time loop; they're putting us in a time loop. (J) Are we in a time loop?
A: Yes.

Q: (D) I have a question about... there was a... (PAUSE) Mankind has found it necessary for some reason or other to appoint time
for some reason or other. The only reason I can see is to have a means of telling, like in verbal or written communications...
A: Control mechanism. (Ask your-self; Who created the Gregorian calendar system that we use today?)

Q: (T) Is there a way for us to break the control mechanism?
Besides moving to 4th density? (D) That was part...
A: Nope.

Q: (D) When 4th density beings communicate it's telepathic, right?
A: Yes.

Q: (D) Okay, since time doesn't exist, how do you communicate about happenings?
A: Rephrase, please; clarify.

Q: (L) What she means to ask is, if you're communicating telepathically... (D) On 4th density.. (L) And time doesn't exist, how
do you communicate about events as one happens now, as opposed to later and the next thing happens, and the next thing
happens... (J) How is it sequential?
A: Translate.

Q: (D) Translate? Okay, let me explain what I mean. I mean, we talk about 1907 something happened...
A: That is how it is done.

Q: (T) Translate is how it is done. You translate the experience?
A: From 4 to 3. And vice versa.

Q: (L) So, in other words, it's almost like making movies. (J) Are linear thought processes part of it? Is it being linear and non-linear?
A: Part of 3d illusion only.

Q: (L) So, in other words, if you're a 4th density being, everything is more or less happening, excuse the term happening,
everything is simultaneous, and if you wish to discuss or communicate or have any focus upon any particular aspect of this unified
dimension, then what you do is you kind of extract it out, project it into 3d...
A: Close.

Q: (L) ... like a movie.
A: But you will not understand fully until you get there. (meaning, get to 4D)

Q: (T) Okay, so it's a concept that we can't completely grasp in 3d at this point.
A: Can a dog grasp algebra? You got it.

Q: (L) In other words, we're in bad shape! And these guys are playing games with us, so to speak...
A: Subjective.

Q: (T) Subjective to whether we're in bad shape or not.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) I was going to say that doesn't necessarily mean we're in bad shape... (L) Well, the situation we find ourselves in, is the only
way of getting out of this time loop, so to speak, to move into another density, or is there a loop in the other density as well?
A: No.

Q: (L) No loop in the other density?
A: Yogis can do it.

Q: (L) Yogis can do it... (T) Transcend time?
A: How they control their own physicality.

Q: (TM) My next question is where is my implant?
A: You have two. One in brain behind sinus and one in leg bone.

Q: (TM) I have a suspicion that I might know when I got it, last year... I have been having nosebleeds. (GB) Well, your brain is
behind your sinuses. (L) They have to go through your nose to get to your brain. (J) You may be aware of the penetration, but you
are not aware of the final residence of the implant. (TM) Where was I when I got the one in my brain?
A: On travel sequence, in transit.

Q: (L) Did you travel last year? (TM) Where was I going?
A: In transit to some sort of gathering.

Q: (TM) I had in mind a particular time... I was hoping they would tell me something that would justify my suspicions.
A: You tell us. We see transit clearly, but it is unclear why so rapid through 3rd level. Time cycle was interrupted and we can't see
clearly due to cycle block.

Q: (L) Did you have missing time? (TM) Not that I am aware of. In fact, I got somewhere sooner than I should have. (L) Well, that
explains why they said "unclear why so rapid through 3rd level." (J) Did TM experience time acceleration?
A: You bet.

Q: (TM) What kind of vehicle was I traveling in?
A: Can't see due to the cycle block.

Q: (L) What is a cycle block?
A: Too complex, but it involves a dome of frequency over subject.

Q: (GB) In a bubble?
A: Close.

Q: (BP) So, what they do is screw with our perception of time, they just yank you out, do what they do, throw you back in and if it's
faster, it's faster, if it's slower, it's slower. Who gives a hoot. (L) Sloppy work.
A: Close.

Q: (J) Kind of like putting people back in the wrong cars or facing the wrong end of the bed, pajamas inside out, or whatever. (BP)
People have waked up in different beds, in different houses, out in the woods, whatever.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) There are a lot of theories going around about the age of the universe. Some of the latest says that it is anywhere from 8 to
25 billion years old. I know that you have said that time is an illusion, but, in view of the fact that scientists are struggling with this
one... [Much laughter] which of the figures that they have pulled out of the air, in terms of the time illusion itself, is the most correct?
A: None.

Q: (L) Well, if none of the figures science has come up with is correct, what is the correct definition of the age of the universe?
A: Quasi-quantum possibilities. (O = endless beginningness without end = eternal)

Q: (L) There is more. Can consciousness be expressed... (T) We are trying to get from a third density concept to a fourth density
concept where there is no physicality, per se. At fourth density they don't have a problem with going at the speed of light and
disintegrating, because it doesn't exist there...
A: Close.

Q: (T) So, for us to try and think of this in third density...
A: Variable physicality is the key.

Q: (L) What makes the physicality variable?
A: Awareness of link between consciousness and matter.

Q: (L) What is the link between consciousness and matter?
A: Illusion.

Q: (L) What is the nature of the illusion? (L) The illusion is that there is no link between consciousness and matter?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) The illusion is that there is not a link. In third density... (L) I got it! (T) Don't disappear on me now! [Laughter] The
relationship is that consciousness is matter.
A: Close. What about vice versa?

Q: (L) Just reverse everything. Light is gravity. Optics are atomic particles, matter is anti-matter... just reverse everything to
understand the next level... it can't be that easy. (J) Wait a second: gravity equals light, atomic particles equals optics, anti-matter
equals matter? It is all about balance. (L) And the answer must always be zero.
A: And zero is infinity.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that it is not that there is a link, the illusion is that there is separation. There is no difference, they are the
A: Yes.

Q: (T) If you warp space/time you travel by bringing your destination to you. (L) Or, you can reverse that and understand that there
is no distance between us and, say, Alpha Centauri, it is the alteration of perception that turns the axis and creates the illusion of
A: Now, all you need is the "technology."

Q: (T) The technology is being developed right now. (J) The technology has probably already been developed, it is just
A: Yes.

Q: (L) I have a very strange sense that this interaction has ramifications?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) A hint?
A: We could but won't at this "time".

Q: (T) Are these major ramifications?
A: Yes."

Wes Penre explains his perception of time and the possible ramifications of
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omnipresence, linear time illusion, coexist, space/time, time/space
As one Simultaneous, thus Eternal Event
levels of density within each dimension within the same space.
Positive 6th Density
Negative 3rd Density, our current awareness vector
Positive 5th Density
Negitve 6th Density
Negitive 5th Density
Positive 4th Density
Unified (Neutral) Field
Negitive 4th Density
Negative 2nd Density
Negative 1st Density
Positive 3rd Density
Positive 2nd Density
Positive 1st Density
Is Linear Space/Time an Illusion?
Some believe there are only 12 dimensions, each with
7 densities/octaves. It seems possible to me that there
are an infinite number waiting to be explored.
Were the Hopi
both the path
of technology,
and the natural
progression in
this depiction?
Apparently, on, or around 12-21-2012
began a time line(s) convergence point
where probibilities/branches of times
form. (Drawing compliments of
Wes Penre.com)
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