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What is Heaven?

As children most of us were taught that if we believe in the god of
Abrahamism when we die, we then begin living in a beautiful Paradise.

And those who do not believe, then go
to a horrible hell where they burn forever.

Was Santa Claus created to help reinforce the
"you better comply or else" Draconian fear based conditioning?

"There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but
within that self are many. There is one body, in one time, but the self has
other bodies in other times. All 'times' exist at once." -

If so, then we are multi-dimensional beings. If so, then did we ever
really leave our first estate.. aka "Heaven", but rather are projecting
our spirit-self into an experiential learning modality that is not offered
to us in non-physical forms?

The Book of Enoch describes a place with cliffs that no one can climb.
Is this a symbolic depiction of this physical experiential learning
adventure which we leave only upon the completion of the various
tasks that we stepped downward into time to achieve?

There may be much more to the heaven and hell story
than most of us even know to consider.

We have all asked; "Is there life after death?"
The question should be; "Are there lives after physical deaths?"

Apparently, souls are not born, therefore they can never die.
Whereas earth-suits are born, therefore, they die.

However, reading a page or two on this, nor on any other related
website will not give my reader enough information to fully understand
the complexity of this dualistic learning adventure.

If you truly wish to understand why you may be here having a physical
adventure, I recommend reading my "
Healing the Spirit-self" (HERE)
before you leave this website.

Is the Silver Thread a Conduit Connecting Various Realms of consciousness?

(A map of The Silver Thread is located at the bottom of this page)

(If you are Not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, I highly recommend reading "
HERE" before you continue)

"According to what you have been taught, you are composed of physical matter and cannot escape it, and this is not so.
The physical matter will disintegrate but you will not. I can assure you that death is just another beginning. I have been born and
died more times than I can remember" Therefore;

"I am life and I am death. Now when death can talk about death, that is your answer. Only the living are so mute. Think of your
definitions. In certain terms, you are all dead and have been for centuries. In other terms you are not yet born and centuries will
come before you walk upon the surface of the earth. Yet you are alive, and you take it for granted that I am dead, and so, what a
delightful game we play!"

"There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but within that self are many. There is one body, in one time,
but the self has other bodies in other times. All 'times' exist at once."  -

"For example,
let us say that the physical aspect of you was to do the thing called "die" during the coming earth changes, you
will immediately return to that wondrous realm in which we reside in between incarnations (5D, contemplation), that which we call
time/space or 'anti-matter'. This is the place that humans refer to as "Heaven". There you shall meet with all those you love who
have also "died" during this life experience, and enjoy a wonderful and emotional reunion. You will meet up with your Soul Group,
and your Spiritual Teachers.

We all store a portion of our Soul Energy on 'the other side' when we come here. Depending upon the difficulty level of the life-
experience we've chosen, we take more or less of our Energy with us. For an average "Lifetime", we typically bring between 60-
80% of our Soul Energy into incarnation with us.

Therefore, even if ones you love who are already back in the world of Spirit have incarnated again on another adventure, there
will still be a part of their Energy there to meet with you, and welcome you Home. You will then evaluate your life-experience with
your Teachers, and learn the lessons of your successes and your mistakes. You will then spend time in learning and
resting, before beginning to plan your next incarnation."
- Hidden_Hand

The Waves Series Transcripts and the Silver Thread;

"Q: (L) Now, the question has arisen that, since other dimensional beings have the ability to kidnap or abduct or forcibly extract
souls, do they also have the capability of manipulating our soul essences after they have left our bodies during the transition to
fifth density?
A: Not correct.

Q: (L) They do not?
A: No, you see when your physical body expires, and you enter fifth density (Heaven; rest and reflect), this is done one way and one
way only: by passing through a conduit
(see bottom of this page) which opens specifically for the purpose of transference
from third density to fifth density. Now, something often referred to in your terminology as a silver thread, is like a closed line
which opens when this conduit is needed. That's rather awkward, but it's the only way to describe it.

So that when the physical body terminates, this line is opened forming a conduit through which the soul passes naturally.
However, part of the existence of this conduit is that it is absolutely impenetrable by any force from any density level. Therefore,
souls in the process of transferring from third density to fifth density are not in any way able to be molested or tampered with."

(Apparently, what we often refer to as "
Ghosts" are the residual energy we leave behind of that fragment of our beingness that
we use/used while in physical mass. That energy field remains within the lower astral planes until it, at some point, converges
with, what we call "GOD" or universal consciousness. When this process takes place, is not clear to me.)  

"And it should also be mentioned here, that the soul imprint of the physical body always has a connection to fifth density and that
is through the so-called "silver thread." That always exists as the third density soul's doorway to fifth density. It can be opened at
a moment's notice whenever needed. When it is opened it becomes a conduit. Through that conduit the soul passes. And it is
not subject to interference by anything.

This is not a deliberate construction, it is merely the natural process similar to what could be described as the protection
mechanisms existing on second level density for creatures which are not capable of protecting themselves through their own
conscious thought processes. For example, your turtle is contained within a shell that protects it. That shell is impenetrable by
any natural forces, therefore nothing that is natural can harm that turtle.

However, the same can exist for any creature when it is connected by the silver thread to fifth density. Once it is passing through
the conduit produced by the opening of the silver thread, then, of course, it cannot be tampered with. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes, but why do so many souls, when they leave the body, not traverse this conduit, and why do they stay earthbound,
and why do they attach to other bodies? Why does this condition exist?
A: That is a complicated question, however the best answer is choice is involved there for those souls who wish not to leave the
plane of third density. The only possibility to do this is to be detached from the now expired physical body but still be within the
third density plane, which, of course, is not natural, but nonetheless can occur. In situations such as this, though it has been
incorrectly reported, the silver thread is still attached and still remains a thread rather than a conduit.

The soul is still attached to the silver thread but detached from the host body which has now expired. So the effect is very similar
to being consciously aware of third density surroundings without a third density unit to accompany. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. Okay...
A: Also, please be aware of the fact that once the soul leaves the confines of the physical body, the illusion of time passage is no
longer apparent even when the soul remains on the third density plane. Therefore, it appears to that soul that no time
whatsoever has passed. And, we mention this merely for you to contemplate all of the various meanings behind this.

Q: (C) I would like to ask if immediately after, or shortly after, the death experience, do people tend to experience that which they
have been led by their beliefs to expect?
A: Essentially, yes, but some people do not know, nor presuppose anything of this. Therefore, for these souls, the experience is

Q: (C) What is the purer experience? What do they experience when they have no presupposition?
A: What have you heard about this?

Q: (C) A tunnel of light... a tunnel, a bright light, a loving being, and...
A: Wait... what about seeing one’s “body?”

Q: (C) Okay, the first thing would be drifting above and seeing the body, and then seeing a tunnel and the light.
A: Yes, but there is not always a “loving being” awaiting. That is part of the presuppository material.

Q: (C) What was Tommy’s experience?
A: Well, we must caution you that for those who presume “nothingness,” there is usually a transitory period of total
unconsciousness for preparatory and readjustment to 5th density purposes.

Q: (C) So, if you don’t presuppose something, then you are just unconscious. (L) Or, if you presuppose nothingness, then...
(C) Right, but that really surprises me because he had his own faith, but he did have a certain amount of faith. But...
A: Subject was unconscious prior to transition.

Q: (C) Oh, I see. That is what I thought. The doctor thinks he had an arrythmia and his blood pressure dropped so low he
passed out. Okay, what happens when a person has gone through what they have presupposed and experienced that, and are
ready to go on to what really happens, THEN what happens?
A: Dreamlike state gradually merges with reality.

Q: (C) And what is the reality?
A: Entrance into 5th density.

Q: (C) What is that like?
A: Well, what do you think it is like, my dear?

Q: (C) Well if I say what I think it is like, then I am presupposing.
A: No, not necessarily.

Q: (L) When you are in 5th density, are you merged with your various soul essences so that you can perceive all of your
extensions into other realities at different points in ‘space-time,’ and are you in...
A: That would be quite a kick in the butt, do you not think?

Q: (L) In what sense? You once said that when you are in 5th density that you are in a condition of ‘timeless understanding.’
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And that you see and perceive in this timeless understanding condition, like a state of pure consciousness. Is that so?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Do you feel happiness, do you feel... well, I guess feel is the wrong term because you don’t have anything to feel with...
A: Full range of emotional responses in profound clarity.

Q: (L) Would one say that being at 5th density was a pleasant experience, or just an intense one?
A: Intense, but not as you would imagine this.

Q: (C) I assume that it is intense without the negative aspects, that it would be good...
A: No. Negativity, yes that is there, but there is not the underlying fear of physiological damage that one perceives in third
density due to genetic body response through hormonal brain swarms.
(No brain chemistry contaminations)

Q: (C) Okay, so what does one do in everyday life once one has become adjusted to 5th density?
A: “Everyday life” does not apply.

Q: (C) Take it as a term. (L) In other words, what does one do in 5th density? (C) Yeah, what is one’s activity?
A: Consider it a sort of timeless pondering learning. (Contemplation)

Q: (C) Do different people learn different things?
A: Of course, according to one’s karmic resonance profile.

Q: (C) What is the mechanism of learning?
A: Natural attractive growth balance.

Q: (L) I guess it is just a finding of balance. (C) So, it is not a mental learning that we do here, but a sort of consciousness
absorbing. Kind of like what we would like to do here, sleep on a book and absorb it? (L) Is that a good analogy?
A: No.

Q: (L) Help us out here. I liked it!
A: Well, Laura, picture a 5 dimensional screen.

Q: (L) I can’t. I can’t picture anything 5 dimensional.
A: Okay, then now you know what we are up against in the explanatory mode here!

Q: (C) But it is a sort of automatic transmission? (L) Or automatic function?
A: The interesting thing is the timelessness. This is why very recently “departed” souls are often “seen” by their loved ones,
imparting incredible knowledge. There have even been cases where two souls were involved in 3rd density traumas together,
and one instructs the other to go back, as it “is not your time yet.”

Q: (C) So, that is how that one would know to tell the other, the timelessness factor, it was their ‘time’ and they got it immediately,
so it would seem that for some people it is an instantaneous transition to 5th density. What determines a person’s ability to cross
into 5th density and assimilate the new state easily?

We have discussed the people who have presuppositions and who have played out the experiences they expect. What mind-set,
or what presupposition should a person have to adapt most quickly and easily to the reality of 5th density?
A: Well, that is in itself a presupposition. But, let us just say an open-minded researcher would do best. But all do well ultimately."

As with all natural processors, the silver thread (The light at the end of the tunnel?) will not violate the free-will directive
within the physics which govern the creation. Therefore, the silver thread will not pull, but rather will only suggest its-self as the
way prepared to render assistance if it is what you desire.

In order to understand that each of us is a fragment of the whole called "God" or "good", next one must understand soul
patterning and fragmentation in order to understand that we are all fragmented into manyness, and that each fragmentation
retains an individual soul patterning which remains within each of the various levels of reality within the energetic fields which
make up the whole creation.

However, you only know, have conscious awareness within one level of the fields at a time. Currently, you and I are having
conscious awareness within the physical 3rd level service-to-self, but the non-physical-self within the highest levels are self-
aware of all the various levels of consciousness. In other words.. You have a soul imprint within all levels of the creation.

However, I am concerned that the light at the end of the tunnel may be a trap created by the manipulators of our current reality
which has kept this portion of our-souls matrix locked within these endless incarnational cycles. Will their manipulation end at the
end of this cycle? I am not sure. I will not jump to any conclusions once this portion of my-self gets there. However, I will study the
situation to see whether to follow the light or turn towards the darkness hoping to find a hidden conduit. Therefore, wherever
direction I see the masses heading, I will do what I always do. Question the perceived reality. I never was much of a follower.

Enjoy your journey of self-discovery, for "all there is, are lessons to be learnt."

The commentary on this website is of Fair Use. If any portion is used, please give the website a back link http://www.focusonrecovery.net
The Silver Thread
tree of life, the silver thread, Hebrew Kabbalah, nirvana, loosh effect

This is The Tree of Life...aka The
Silver Thread as has been depicted
within various traditions for countless years.

At the top of the pyramid is the all
seeing eye of, what most call "GOD" or
"good" where unity informs its-self.  

Do you now understand how all
are/is connected?

If you wish further understanding of this,
see My Loosh Effect page

Just below the field of unity the 6D polarities,
either + or - are becoming  balanced. Once
polarity becomes neutral  the paradox then
finds solution... aka Nirvana.

Apparently, earth bound man is currently
having awareness within the 3D
service-to-self realm within this energy field
using 5D (Heaven) for grounding.
Apparently, we
always retain a
soul essence in
what we call
Plants and animals, your earth-suit.
STO meaning
We are
having a
Includes all the chemicals which
make up the physical illusion..
STS meaning
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