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Underground Bases and Bunkers, Denver Airport, Dallas airport, sinister plot

For thousands of years ancient civilizations from around the
globe have reported stories of their encounters with humanoid
life forms residing within cave systems.

The Hopi tell of one such encounter with, what they call "The Ant People"
who took the Hopi deep underground during a catechism where the Hopi  
remained for many years.

Apparently, earths core began as methane gas which then crystallized
due to mixing within ammonia. Once crystallized the material, apparently
not only retains cosmic energy, but also is a catacomb of various tunnels,
where oxygen based life forms can survive up to three miles deep.

However, as mankind seeks to discover life forms out, in what mankind
perceives as "space", mankind fails to realize that not all life forms require
oxygen to sustain. Many life forms are of light form, therefore, are not
effected by heat nor by cold.

The contact within the Wave Series claims to be our future-self who
commented that they (we) physically survived a
Realm Border Crossing
while residing within the underground cave system here, and in doing so
retarded their/our development. Thus, caused "the longer path".

The only way to understand this, is to understand that linear time is
an illusion, and that we are currently having conscious awareness
within a short wave time loop.

Underground Bases and Bunkers

(If you are Not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, I highly recommend reading "HERE" before you continue)

The Wave Series Transcripts and Underground Bases & Bunkers;

Q: (L) When is all this going to happen?
A: Denver Airport Scandal. (It is said that the roof of the Denver Airport is a Faraday cage designed by NASA to protect from
energy waves)

Q: (L) What about a Denver airport Scandal?
A: New airport. Big, big, big, big scandal. (This was in 1994)

Q: (L) What kind of scandal?
A: Government.

Q: (L) Specifically what?
A: You will see. Dallas airport is secret base; Orlando too. Miami Too.

Q: (L) What about Denver airport and how does it relate to prophecies?
A: Denver reveals the government. Look for it. Pay attention.

Q: Well, speaking of the Denver Airport, C**** may be going there soon.
A: Then have C**** go to that airport, observe carefully, then report back her findings. Very important, because the murals there
are directly connected to what you are studying carefully right now. Super clues to be found there, which can point to monstrous
future plans of 4th density STS and much, much more.

Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us? (1994)
A: Montana: Experiment with human reproduction. All people there are being exposed to harmful radon gas.

Q: (L) How are they doing this?
A: Compelled. Don’t trust. Don’t ignore. U.S. in sinister plot.

Q: (L) Who is in the plot?
A: Consortium.

Q: (L) Who are the members of the consortium?
A: All.

Q: (L) All who?
A: Government and other.

Q: (L) Who is the other?
A: Unknown.

Q: (L) Why can’t you tell us who is the other?
A: You know who.

Q: (L) Why are there more abductions by the grays in the United States than in other countries around the world?
A: Government opened channel. (Made deal, causing an alignment with?)

Q: (L) Are there alien bases in the United States?
A: Yes. New Mexico, Colorado, Off Florida, Appalachia, California.

Q: (L) Are these underground bases?
A: Yes. Also under water.

Q: (L) We would like to have comments on the thumping noises reportedly heard off the coast of California?
A: Expansion of a base.

Q: (L) What kind of base?
A: It’s a transfer center for those beings known as the Grays.

Q: (L) And what was the thumping?
A: They are expanding it.

Q: (L) Is it construction work?
A: Yes except that they are using sound waves to disintegrate rock in the crust under the ocean. This disintegration causes the
atomic structure of the particles being disintegrated to completely disappear which has something to do with why those sounds
are heard in that particular rhythm.

Q: (L) Any other comments?
A: There is some awareness on the part of the U.S. government as to what is going on there. They are suspicious. (apparently once
other life forms were invited they no longer feel they need to ask planet earths government permission to do what they wish to do. After all, most of
these various life forms were visiting planet earth long before they placed us here. Therefore, why would they require our permission?)

Q: (T) Is there a base at area 51?
A: Yes. Kirtland has a new addition.

Q: (L) Is the base at area 51 where our military and aliens are working in conjunction?
A: They have recovered craft of grays, but human and alien personnel are not working together there.

Q: (T) Are the craft actually captured?
A: Recovered from crash.

Q: (T) Have any alien beings given the government craft?
A: No.

Q: (L) Why not?
A: Would you give mice TV sets?

Q: (L) I read a story about a fellow who discovered an enormous structure in a cave when he was wounded and hiding there
during the war. It was in Europe somewhere. I am visualizing the image. What was this thing this man found in this cave?
A: Magnesium wall made by Lizard beings. Constructed 309,448 years ago (At the time of the so called "fall" in the Garden of our Eden).
It was part of a base. It was buried during cataclysms.

Q: (L) We want to know if there are really underground tunnels all over the place that many people have reported being taken to
in alien abductions?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do they predate humanity?
A: A few.

Q: (T) Is there a set of trains or whatever to move from place to place?
A: No.

Q: (L) How do they travel through these tunnels?
A: Electromagnetically.

Q: (T) Can individuals be transported through the tunnels without benefit of equipment? Or do they use some kind of gadgetry?
A: All of the above.

Q: (L) Who occupies these tunnels?
A: Various.

Q: (T) Are there still beings in there?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are humans involved in this?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Were there humans involved in digging some of these tunnels?
A: Some.

Q: (T) Before that, there were other beings that were not human?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are those other beings still down there?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is this a worldwide network of tunnels?
A: No.

Q: (T) Where are most of the tunnels?
A: North America (Land of the Serpent), since that is the "capitol" of STS (Service-to-self), currently.

Q: (T) Are there other tunnel systems other than in North America?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Does it depend on where the STS alignment is as to whether they are operational?
A: Not point, just single factor.

Q: (T) Do any of the tunnels lead to Antarctica?
A: No.

Q: (T) Is there any way of getting to Antarctica through the tunnel systems even if you have to come to the surface occasionally?
A: Okay.

Q: (L) Are humans ever taken into these tunnels or places underground... (T) Against their will?
A: Sometimes.

Q: (T) Is there some kind of underground base in Antarctica?
A: Yes. Eight.

Q: (T) Were any of those bases underground in Antarctica built by the Germans during World War II?
A: Sect.

Q: (T) Nazis?
A: Remember, all is structured in cycles and circles.

Q: (L) In other words, these tunnels were built by and belong to the Consortium, is that correct?
A: Circles within circles.

Q: (L) Masons?
A: One example of concept.

Q: (T) JR and I have a friend who has told us about someone she knew who found entrances to tunnel systems in North America.
One of the entrances was in the Adirondacks; another was in the Mammoth cave system. Was what she was told true?
A: Yes, but there are thousands of entrances. Are you ready for a "shocker?"

Q: (J) Oh, you know we are always ready for a shocker. (L) Sure! (T) Okay, give us the shocker. (J) We're ready!
A: There is a tunnel right beneath your feet!

Q: (L) How deep under our feet?
A: 2000 feet.

Q: (T) Is that tunnel being used?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Right at this second?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Who uses it more than anybody else?
A: Open.

Q: (T) Are there humans down there?
A: Have been; listen for sound anomalies such as loud sonic boom like noises and vague motorized sounds.

Q: (T) Is there an entrance to this tunnel underneath us somewhere in this area?
A: Near power plant.

Q: (T) Crystal River? (L) No, Anclote. (T) Is that why the power plant is built there?
A: Related; old Nike base. (Nike missile sites; Ajax missiles, Hercules Missiles; Cold war defense)

Q: (T) What direction does this tunnel run that is underneath us?
A: East - West.

Q: (T) Out under the Gulf of Mexico?
A: No.

Q: (T) Where does the West end?
A: Just described.

Q: (L) The power plant. (T) Okay, where does the East end go?
A: Near Lakeland.

Q: (L) What is on the surface may have no relationship to the tunnel.
A: Transfer point and redirector.

Q: (T) Is there another tunnel that comes into this tunnel, that intersects this tunnel?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Does that tunnel travel North/South?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Does that run up the East coast?
A: No.

Q: (L) Lakeland is in the center of the state. (T) Where does it go? Are these side tunnels to a main tunnel that runs along the
East coast?
A: All are interconnected.

Q: (T) So, it is like a subway or bus line? Is there a tunnel farther South of here?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) How far does the farthest South tunnel go?
A: Antarctica.

Q: (L) I think that, in general, importance we would ascribe to surface structures may not be a consideration here. (T) I was
thinking about the military base. (L) I would think that the tunnels bear no relationship to the structures under the surface except
in certain instances. (J) But, what got there first, the tunnels or the structures on the surface?

(L) Obviously the tunnels have been there for a long time, and perhaps, in certain instances a situation may be manipulated so
that a specific structure is built to facilitate the tunnel usage, but the fact that Lakeland is built over it may not be relevant. (T)
There is no entrance to the tunnel system near Lakeland?
A: Yes.

Q: (J) And there are no tunnels down in _____?
A: Phosphate plant.

Q: (T) There's a tunnel entrance in the phosphate plant? (L) I've got one more question about the tunnels.
A: Mine.

Q: (T) There is a tunnel entrance in one of the phosphate mines?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Now, when a being, a soul, whatever, is in the base, do they exist in all three densities at the same time?
A: No.  When you are in a skyscraper, do you exist on all floors at the same time?

Q: (J) No, but you have got to know where the elevator is! (L) Is there something like an elevator... (J) Yes, seriously! (L)... that
can move you, if you're in these locations, from one density to another, and experience these bases, these trans-density bases,
at different levels?
A: It is an elevator!

Q: (L) OK, so these bases are points... it is an elevator, so these bases may be places that if you are taken to them, are in them,
that through these portals, or trans-density bases, you are thereby able to transit the densities?
A: You are able anyway. (We limit our-self with our own bias)

Q: (L) OK, but are these specific locations... OK, it is an elevator... (T) Well, not an elevator as we perceive an elevator... (J)
Conceptually, yes. It's a conveyance, it's a method.
A: No.

Q: (T) No, that it isn't an elevator as we perceive it? (L) Is it an elevator for...
A: Literally.

Q: (L) It is literally an elevator?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So you go there to get on to go to different densities?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, it is that easy?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So you go to these bases, to go to different densities...
A: Although, it is possible to enter 4th and 5th in other ways too!

Q: (L) OK, are these beings, these other density beings, creating and utilizing these bases for mass movement of beings or
artifacts, from one density to another? Is that what they're doing here?
A: No. They live on 4th, so they construct 4th density bases.

Q: (L) I'm getting it... So, the fourth density beings construct fourth density bases. These fourth density bases then somehow
interface with third density in a certain point in space-time, and they then influence third density beings to build third density
bases at this interface point, and through these interface points they are able to move back and forth between densities. Is this
getting close to the idea?
A: The only ones who need to use this approach are 3rd D.

Q: (L) OK, so these are fourth density... (J) They are for our use? They are for third density being use.(L) OK, so our people
have built these bases, using technology, perhaps... OK, let's take it one step at a time. Are these bases constructed by third
density beings?
A: Partially.

Q: (L) Are they constructed by third and fourth density beings?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are they constructed for the use of third density beings?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they constructed... (T) Are the third density bases constructed for the use of third density beings?
A: Both.

Q: (T) Both third and fourth. OK, and there's a way for the fourth density beings, an elevator, to move from fourth to third; from
their fourth density base to the third density base.
A: Vice Versa.

Q: (L) They said they were built for us, not for them.
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, they were built by us to allow us to get there...
A: No.

Q: (L) Then, I lost it! (T) They were built so that they can have a place to move and operate in third density even though their
main base is in fourth density. They come here, and interact with third density beings, and do their third density stuff while they're
here, because they can exist there, because fourth density spills over into it through the other bases. (L) OK, so when people go
to these bases, and see aliens and humans interacting together, are they in fourth density, or third density?
A: Both.

Q: (L) Either or. OK. The next question is... (T) Both? Now, wait, they can either be in third or fourth. But you said, if you see them
interacting together... (L) Are they both at once?
A: Mostly on 4th.

Q: (T) OK, so the bases in third density here, are bases for whomever is working with the fourth density beings, that they can
exist in it over long periods of time. The fourth density beings can come through to this density, by use of the base.. . [Dogs start
howling in the back yard, distracting the session.] ... Now, I've lost my train of thought. OK, we've got a base, bases that exist... (L)
Who... (T) Third, fourth and fifth, and they can transit between third, fourth and fifth... The bases are STS bases, let's establish
that. (L) That's an assumption...let's ask. (T) Are the bases STS bases?
A: Mostly.

Q: (T) So there may be STO (Service to other-self orientation) bases, as well?
A: This is complex.

Q: (T) Because the STO beings interact with the STS beings because of the balance and the fact that STO beings serve
themselves by serving others, and therefore they will serve STS beings as well as STO beings, because they're serving... (L) All
right... (T) Because they've been asked, because they're doing it to serve others. So there are STO beings operating bases also.
(L) Is that correct? (T) Or close?
A: Much more complex.

Q: (T) I assume it's much more complex, but that's the general idea...
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, try this: Are there separate bases operated or built or constructed or somehow occupied or utilized or whatever by
STO beings alone?
A: OK, time for us to teach patience. We are going to illuminate you! Why do you suppose there are roads around Dulce NM
where people have become confused when traveling on them? Because the 4th density vibrational frequency emanating from the
nearby base more and more frequently resonates on surface. Then going to 4th density: road seems straight as seen in 4th
density, when curved in 3rd.

Q: (J) It seems straight when seen in 4th, but it's actually curved in 3rd? (SV) In other words, accidents! (J) It changes
configuration from 3rd to 4th! (T) When people drive those roads out there, as the fourth density seeps out through, and is
seeping out farther and farther, they become confused because they're moving between 3rd and 4th. As the road curves in 3rd,
and the car, which is in 3rd, should be curving with the road, the driver sees the road as straight, and drives off the road,
because he's confused by what he sees.
A: Exactly.

Q: (J) It's all about perception! (T) Now, we're back to perception of reality!
A: In 4th, you see full circle from any vantage point.

Q: (L) We talked about that before. (T) So the road looks straight, because you're seeing it from all angles, therefore, instead of
it being curved on one, you're seeing it every way, so the road is now straight. But, it's not really straight in 3rd, and you drive off
the road. (L) OK, continue on with what you were saying...
A: The entire New Mexico region is on verge of moving to 4th density permanently because of the bases.

Q: (L) So, in other words, the rumors of the bases being moved, being filtered down from other densities, through some of the
distorted channels, is in essence, somewhat correct... (J) Because they need to have the base in third density! (L) Only, they're
not moving them to Paris, Washington or Buenos Aires, they're moving to 4th density.
A: Close but the bases are already there, pity the host regions. Why do you think there is so much activity seen there!

Q: (L) Does this mean that when that whole region goes to 4th density, that it's going to, for all intents and purposes, disappear
from 3rd?
A: No.

Q: (T) OK, answer your earlier question, then. Why is there so much UFO activity there? Tell me.
A: Bleed through.

Q: (L) So they're flying around in 4th density... (T)...and they're showing up here in 3rd because...
A: Wait 'til shift is complete.

Q: (L) Do you mean the shift of New Mexico? Or the total shift? (T) I think they're making the sarcastic statement: "Wait till shift is
complete... We ain't seen nuthin yet!!" We're just beginning to.  
(Wait tell the shift hits the fan ;0)
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Now, this opens up some questions. First question. You made the statement "But the bases are in 4th density." What
happens when the 3rd density base, which is vibrating itself into 4th density, runs into the 4th density base that's already there?
A: Merge. (Convergence)

Q: (T) They become one base?
A: They already are.

Q: (T) What do you mean by "They will merge?"
A: To same density.

Q: (J) I've got a question... (T) OK, now, is this moving of the third density location a side effect of the bases? Harmonic
resonance, and all that, as in the beginning of the Matrix? Are we talking about the fact that it's been there so long, that that
section of third density is now resonating itself to the fourth density frequencies, and that this is not exactly what they wanted it to
do, but it's a side-effect of the fact that they're there?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Did they know that it was going to happen?
A: The 4th density STS did, but not 3rd.

Q: (T) One of the little surprises they weren't told about before the deal was cut? (J) If I may ask my question now: You've got
these third density bases that are going to move to fourth density. Are they going to need to re-establish another third density
base to continue their work? To replace the one that's gone?
A: Why? The whole "territory" will be in 4th then. Tremendous reality shock will occur when it crosses the border. (As in Realm
Border Crossing from 3D to 4D)

Q: (L) How will we in third perceive it? (J) We won't! (L) Now, wait, don't make assumptions here! How will we in third perceive it?
Let's play make-believe here. What are they going to say?
A: Tremendous reality shock when cross border.

Q: (L) Are you saying that this whole region will go into fourth density when the Realm Border crossing occurs, or is it going to
happen shortly?
A: Before!

Q: (L) OK, this is going to be a tremendous reality shock to us, in third density? (J) I guess! (SV) Well, New Mexico's not going to
be there any more! (L) Well, now, how are we going to perceive it? That's what I want to know! Are we going to see a big hole in
our world? Are we going to see a vast, empty desert?
A: New Mexico will still be there, but suggest review driving skills, for but one example! [JR's note: New Mexico's vehicle license
plate does say "Land of Enchantment."]

Q: (T) New Mexico will still exist, but the perception, when you drive into it, is going to change completely, because you've moved
into a different density?
A: Cooking will be fun too!

Q: (T) Because it's fourth density. (L) Wait, now, stop a minute here... (T) This is not something that can be covered up very
easily... (L) Now, hold on, back up. What will we perceive... I mean, what is it going to say on the news? Everybody in New Mexico
disappeared? (J) Or they all go nuts... (T) I would hazard to guess...
A: News blackout.

Q: (T) They're not going to say anything. Now, what is the government's response? I'm sure they will do something like ... "An
underground nuclear facility for old rods," and they have to block the whole state off... (L) That's tangential. (J) They're going to
have to keep people out! (T) How will they explain it? They will not let anybody in! (L) But they still have...

What I'm getting at is... That's begging the question! (T) I have another question... (L) The question is, what will... (T) It will look
like New Mexico! (J) It will be different every time... (L) But the question is, will there be people there? Will there be buildings
there? If you fly over it, if you could fly over it, would you see a landscape? Would you see cities? (T) It will look like New Mexico...
(L) They didn't say that!!!
A: This requires 1,000 answers!

Q: (L) In other words, there is an issue here! (T) Yes, there is, and there's another issue. That's only one base. OK, we're talking
A: Colossal issue.

Q: (L) My question is a colossal issue here. What's going on here? This is the whole thing. (T) My question, I think, is important,
too. There's more than one base. If one is doing it... (L) Well, they said the whole territory... (T) Not New Mexico; there are bases
in South America, there's supposedly a base off the coast of Florida... (L) OK, is this going to happen to all the bases? (T) There
are bases all over the world...(L) But New Mexico is where they're hearing all that "business." (T) They're hearing the "noise" in a
lot of places around the world. (L) OK, are there other bases and areas around the world where this is going to happen?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it going to happen simultaneously?
A: No.

Q: (L) It'll happen as it develops... (T) The same way it developed out there. (L) In other words, they'll move their activities to the
other locations, once one place... (T) No...
A: No.

Q: (J) Yes, because I asked, and they said no! (T) The bases were not all established at the same time. The base out there is
becoming affected.... (L) The oldest...(T) We don't know if this is the oldest, we don't know about other places in the world... (L)
That's true. (T) ...where nobody can go. We don't know what's going on in Russia, and in China, in Africa, in the middle of the rain
forests, what's happened there... But, as the bases, as our perception of time goes by, each of these bases will experience the
same thing, in their due time.

(L) This brings to mind a couple of questions we discussed a couple of weeks ago, when my brother was here. After we had
talked about the underground bases, and the soldier effect
(War is created as diversion to steal bodies for experimentation), and the
taking of the souls out, and so on and so forth, and I don't know if we got into it effectively or not, but I don't think so. Is there
some connection between these bases and their activities and a concept that has emerged in our culture, of Hell being
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, is there some connection between these bases going into fourth density and the idea of some of the ancient prophetic
literature that the...
A: Bases are partially 4th density already, and always have been. It is the surroundings that are in for a massive change.

Q: (T) OK, now, this brings up an interesting concept. Two interesting concepts. When Roger Santilli was here, we talked about
his compatriots messing around with this stuff on a small scale. This is on a massive scale that's getting out of hand on purpose.
(L) And they mentioned that these things had been being done by whom, and blah, blah, blah...

(T) Yes, now, the question is, they told us that the Lizzies want to control us, not in third
(As they currently do), but in fourth density
. They've also told us that this wave realm border is coming, which is our human chance to move to fourth density on our
own and escape, if we can do it, as a group, the Lizzie's control. The Lizzies have brought fourth density to us before the realm
border gets here.

Everybody who's in a fourth density area, like the New Mexico people, like you were just asking, what happens to everybody, gets
transferred into fourth density, where they are controlled by STS, fourth density, in physicality, right on up there, before the wave
gets here, before they understand what's really happening to them...

(L) That's what I was trying to say earlier... (T) It wasn't coming out well, but that's it, right? (L) The ancient prophecies, where
they talk about taking out the negative, and that this amount to the taking out of the tares, the weeds, the chaff. (T) It's not only in
this location, it's in many locations, so they're going to grab... (L) Gathering them together ... (T) ...a whole bunch of humans by
way of these bases that they told the different governments a lie about the purpose of the bases.

The bases weren't for any of this other stuff that they told them. The bases were there specifically to generate the resonance
effect within the area. (J) And spread it... (T) Yes, well, they knew it would grow, therefore they can grab everybody within the
area. In New Mexico, depending on how big an area, they're hearing it out to Taos and as far southeast as Albuquerque.

That's a big city. There's a lot of people there, in that area of northern New Mexico. To the north of that, they can take out Las
Vegas, which is another large city. Plus the tourist areas throughout the National Parks. Now, the bases have been in out of the
way places. The information, or disinformation, is that, the bases would be moved under large cities.

Is the experiment that they have performed, and they calculated out, to see if this works on a sparse area first? And then, to
move to large population areas, and do it again, and on a second level of experiment, accelerate it? (L) OK, let's ask. Is that the
idea, that they're trying this there, and then move to the large cities for the same purpose? (J) Like trying it out in Boston...
A: No. Remember, you are moving to the density 4 anyway.

Q: (J) My question is, in the case of the New Mexico locality, is this a "contained" event?
A: Regional "blip".

Q: (J) OK, so it is contained, it would not spread. (T) Well, it's not big enough to spread. But it is bigger than what Santilli's
buddies are messing with. (L) OK, is there anything happening under the cities of Buenos Aires, Washington and Paris? Along
these lines?
A: There are things "happening" under all cities.

Q: (L) OK, I know you said "things", but I said along these lines.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is what I said, what we postulated earlier, is this their idea, is this the Lizzie's idea? The fourth density beings' idea? To
gather us up before the wave gets here and then they can make their move?
A: No need.

Q: (L) OK, let me ask it this way. Is this event going to take all the people with it into fourth density STS? I mean, all the people
who go with this event?
A: No. People will not "go."

Q: (J) People will not "go." It will be like those people that were trying to retrieve the planes, and every time it changed, their
realities kept on changing. (T) Is this like the people,
the flight 19 stuff?
A: No.

Q: (L) What's going to happen to the people in the region? (T) That was an Atlantean thing, they flew into the Atlantean power
pyramids... (J) No, that's not what I meant... I'm not talking about the guys on the planes, I'm talking about the people that were
trying to retrieve them, and they kept on changing back and forth from dimension to dimension... (L) What's going to happen to
the people in the New Mexico area?
A: Nothing.

Q: (L) So, if the region disappears... (T) It's not disappearing. It's just shifting... (L) So if the region goes into fourth density, will
the people living there also be in fourth density?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Will they notice that anything is different? Will they, not us, they? Those who are within it?
A: Are you kidding? (Heeeheee! Would only be a shocker if one recalled going to sleep as a woman and awakening as a man!)

Q: (L) I guess they will. (T) Well, I don't know, that's why I'm asking. (J) Their perception is going to change! (T) But, how can their
perception change if they're not going into fourth density? (L) No, they said they are going in to fourth density! But they're not
"going" anywhere (J) There will be no traveling involved. (T) We're not "going" anywhere, we're shifting our frequencies up to the
next density, not moving from where we are.
A: Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras surrounding everything.... Being able to see around corners, going
inside little cottages which become mansions, when viewed from inside... Going inside a building in Albuquerque and going out the
back door into Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up male... Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at the
same place 5 weeks later...

Q: (J) [reads previous passage and says:] Perception is "BEING," and changes all the time! (T) That's "variability of physicality!"
(SV) Albuquerque... That's where the University of New Mexico is! Can you imagine that whole campus...! (T) Can you imagine
the poor casino operators when "chance" no longer plays a chance....?

[Coffee break]

(T) How is this changing of the densities, in that large and major a way, affecting the wave? They said that the scientists,
messing in a small way, are affecting us and the wave. How is this, on a large scale, doing?
A: No relation.

Q: (L) No, it wasn't that the scientists were affecting the wave, they had no effect on the wave, they were affecting the curtain
between densities, which is a totally different thing from the wave, which is an oncoming thing. (T) But, does it speed it up, what
does it do? What is the effect?
A: No. (None)

Q: (L) No effect. Let me ask this. Is there any possibility that this regional movement to fourth density is going to manifest in third
density as some sort of cataclysmic activity?
A: No.

Q: (L) OK, is this perception of reality imposed on us from outside, or...
A: Not imposed upon.

Q: (L) OK, what is it that determines... I mean, I know awareness determines, but if a whole region is going to go, is it because all
of the people occupying that region are at a level that they can change their awareness?
A: No.

Q: (T) It's not going because of that. It's going because the bases are being used to manipulate. (L) OK...
A: No.

Q: (T) It's a side-effect of the bases...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) it has nothing to do with anybody being ready to go... or anything else but as a side effect?
A: Also atomic bomb blasts.

Q: (J) Oh, Los Alamos bomb blast!
A: Blasts.

Q: (T) OK, now, how about the French, and their atomic bomb testing in the South Pacific? Is this activity accelerating some sort of
transition, or opening of a doorway...?
A: Maybe.

Q: (T) OK. As the bases reach these points of side effect, of transition from third to fourth, each one in itself is localized. But, do
many of them together form a much larger shift over a larger geographical area?
A: We told you it was regional.

Q: (J) Yes, each one is regional, but do you reach a point where... is there a saturation point? (T) Is there a cumulative affect
over each region? (J) As they go? (T) In other words, if you've got one whole...
A: No, we meant SW US region.

Q: (L) OK, this South West region, this is imminent in this area? Is that correct?
A: Imminent?

Q: (L) OK, it's already happening, is that it? (T) It's in progress.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, what else were we asking? Can people come in and out of it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can you get back out of it? (T) How well can you drive and cook?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) You said other bases are going to experience, or are experiencing this same effect.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are there other bases that are experiencing, have experienced this effect, previous to the Dulce base?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) As these bases experience these effects, in different places on the geographical surface of the planet, do the effects
become cumulative? (L) They said only the SW United States... (T) I know, I'm approaching this from another direction here. As
this happens, will this ultimately take in the whole planet?
A: No. Wave.

Q: (L) The wave will take in the whole planet. (J) It'll be a Swiss-cheese effect? With more and more holes as they go on... (T)
News blackouts will not keep people from hearing about this. How's the power structure going to handle all of this?
A: ?

Q: (L) How indeed? That's a good question. The power structure already knows it's happening, because it's happened in other
places already. This isn't the first place. (J) That's what the disinformation is for. (T) Disinformation is fine in remote places where
nobody can reach, like Outer Mongolia, or the middle of the Brazilian Rain Forest. When it happens in downtown Albuquerque,
or Las Vegas, or off the coast of Florida, and you can't go to Orlando or Miami anymore, somebody's going to notice!

(J) Where is Miami or Orlando on the timetable, that's what I'd like to know! (T) How is this going to affect... (L) Interestingly, JR
just said something that keyed in a good question. If time is involved in this, is it possible that when something goes into fourth
density, that if we were traveling to that area, that we would arrive in that area at a different point in time? And that we would
say... (T) As we perceive time...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Very good question.
A: 4th density frees one from the illusion of "time" as you WILL to perceive it.

Q: (L) OK, if you're freed from the illusion of time, going into fourth density, would you then go into one of these regions and
perceive a time period and sequence of events as you expect to perceive it?
A: As you WILL to perceive it.

Q: (L) So, in other words, there may be some people on the planet, because of their fixity of will, and perception, at third density,
who will not perceive anything change? Is that correct?
A: No.

Q: (L) So, anybody will, something will be different. OK. (J) What they do with that information, that's a different story... (T) You
know, these areas will become bigger tourist attractions than any that are out there now! People will flock to them... (L) Is that
A: No.

Q: (T) It's an "E" ticket ride! When the word gets out that people can go to that area of New Mexico and experience true
strangeness, it's going to draw a lot of people.
A: Not that simple... Picture driving to reach New Mexico by car and "skipping" over and arriving in San Diego instead, or... driving
to the grocery store in Santa Fe, and winding up in Moscow, instead.

Q: (L) So, in other words, this is going to create a situation where people on the planet are going to become very confused and
upset over this situation. (J) Yes, have you ever tried going shopping in Moscow? (T) They're going to draw a lot of people when
they find out that happens! (L) And being forced to expand their perception and awareness because of the anomalous events!
A: Imagine being an N.S.A/(Homeland Security) official and shivering at the prospect!

Q: (L) N.S.A. National Security Agency... Why would you shiver at the prospect...(SV) of being one of them? With all this going on?
A: Concealment.

Q: (J) In other words, trying to cover up what's going on! (T) Well, they're not going to be able to cover up what's going on. That's
what I'm getting at. And because of what's going on, it's going to draw people to the effect... (L) If something like this happens,
obviously, what they're going to have to do is institute some kind of martial law, so they can cover it up! Or else, they'll lose
everything! (T) They're going to have to restrict travel... (L) Well, yes, we know that, but they don't! (T) They're going to have to,
at the minimum, restrict all travel through those areas...

(L) Well, yes... (T) The only way they're going to do that, is either impose martial law, or come up with some kind of MAJOR
disaster to keep people out, like I said, "buried, spent fuel rods are leaking contamination over NW New Mexico, no one allowed
in." But, they just told us that those who are inside can get out. So how are they going to keep those who are inside from coming
out, especially if they come out all over the world when they leave?

(J) People will be talking a mile a minute about all the stuff... (T) People are going to find out, they're not going to be able to cover
it... (L) Well, they're going to find out about all the stuff. They'll be picking them up every time they hear about one, but of
course, it will be like trying to move the bucket from leak to leak to leak... (T) From place to place, and it's not the only place it's
happening! (L) ...and it's going to be leaking so many places...

(T) The bases that are more located towards or closer to civilization than has happened so far... [Lewis comes in and asks a few
questions and the group "brings him up to speed" on what's been said, and then continues on.] Q: (L) They said they were going
to teach us. Let's ask if there is any major, further information on these bases, that we need to know. (J) Is there one around this
area that's going to do this? (T) It's off the coast of Florida, they told us that. It's out in the Gulf. (L) Is our off-the-coast base
going to do this? (T) If it [New Mexico] covers an area as far as Las Vegas, and through there, it's going to cover us. (L) Is our
base going to...
A: Not of same intensity.

Q: (J) Less or more? Which direction?
A: Less.

Q: (L) Is there... (T) Why would it be less? Because the base is smaller? (L) Because it's smaller, they told us it was smaller. They
said 'Small base near here'. (T)Well, that's just the one near here. What about the one out in the Triangle? (L) Yes, we didn't ask
about the Triangle!
A: Panhandle, too (Florida).

Q: (L) Is the Panhandle less, or will they have the same thing happen as Dulce?
A: By that time, the wave will arrive."

And, Yes, A: "It is true that there are underground bases on Mars, but they are Orion STS. "

Much more info regarding underground civilizations
as deep as 3,108 miles within the earth can be read about (HERE)

The Law of One and Underground Bases & Bunkers (1981);

"Questioner: There was a portion of the material from yesterday which I will read where you say “there is a certain amount of
landing taking place. Some of these landings are of your own people; some are of the group known to you as Orion.” My first
question is what did you mean that some of the landings are of your peoples?
Ra: I am Ra. Your peoples have, at this time/space present, the technological achievement, if you would call it that, of being able
to create and fly the shape and type of craft known to you as unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately for the social memory
complex vibratory rate of your peoples, these devices are not intended for the service of mankind, but for potential destructive

This further muddles the vibratory nexus of your social memory complex, causing a situation where neither those oriented
towards serving others nor those oriented towards serving self can gain the energy/power which opens the gates to intelligent
infinity for the social memory complex. This in turn causes the harvest to be small.

Questioner: Are these craft that are from our peoples from what we call planes that are not incarnate at this time? Where are
they based?
Ra: I am Ra. These of which we spoke are of third density and are part of the so-called military complex of various of your
peoples’ societal divisions or structures.

The bases are varied. There are bases, as you would call them, undersea in your southern waters near the Bahamas as well as
in your Pacific seas in various places close to your Chilean borders on the water. There are bases upon your moon, as you call
this satellite, which are at this time being reworked. There are bases which move about your lands. There are bases, if you would
call them that, in your skies. These are the bases of your peoples, very numerous and, as we have said, potentially destructive.

Questioner: Where do the people who operate these craft come from? Are they affiliated with any nation on Earth? What is their
Ra, I am Ra: These people come from the same place as you or I. They come from the Creator. As you intend the question, in its
shallower aspect, these people are those in your and other selves’ governments responsible for what you would term national

Questioner: Am I to understand then that the United States has these craft in undersea bases?
Ra: I am Ra. You are correct.

Questioner: How did the United States learn the technology to build these craft?
Ra: I am Ra. There was a mind/body/spirit complex known to your people by the vibratory sound complex, Nikola. This entity
departed the illusion and the papers containing the necessary understandings were taken by mind/body/spirit complexes serving
your security of national divisional complex. Thus your people became privy to the basic technology.

In the case of those mind/body/spirit complexes which you call Russians, the technology was given from one of the Confederation
in an attempt, approximately twenty-seven of your years ago to share information and bring about peace among your peoples.
The entities giving this information were in error, but we did many things at the end of this cycle in attempts to aid your harvest
from which we learned the folly of certain types of aid. That is a contributing factor to our more cautious approach at this date,
even as the need is power upon power greater, and your peoples’ call is greater and greater.

Questioner: I’m puzzled by these craft which have undersea bases. Is this technology sufficient to overshadow all other
armaments? Do we have the ability to just fly in these craft or are they just craft for transport? What is the basic mechanism of
their power source? It’s really hard to believe is what I’m saying.
Ra: I am Ra. The craft are perhaps misnamed in some instances. It would be more appropriate to consider them as weaponry.
The energy used is that of the field of electromagnetic energy which polarizes the Earth sphere. The weaponry is of two basic
kinds: that which is called by your peoples psychotronic and that which is called by your peoples as particle beam. The amount of
destruction which is contained in this technology is considerable and the weapons have been used in many cases to alter
weather patterns and to enhance the vibratory change which engulfs your planet at this time.

Questioner: How have they been able to keep this a secret? Why aren’t these craft in use for transport?
Ra, I am Ra: The governments of each of your societal division illusions desire to refrain from publicity so that the surprise may
be retained in case of hostile action from what your peoples call enemies.

Questioner: How many of these craft does the United States have?
Ra: I am Ra: The United States has 573 at this time. They are in the process of adding to this number.

Questioner: What is the maximum speed of one of these craft?
Ra: I am Ra: The maximum speed of these craft is equal to the Earth energy squared. This field varies. The limit is approximately
one-half the light speed, as you would call it. This is due to imperfections in design.

Questioner: Would this type of craft come close to solving many of the energy problems as far as transport goes?
Ra: I am Ra. The technology your peoples possess at this time is capable of resolving each and every limitation which plagues
your social memory complex at this present nexus of experience. However, the concerns of some of your beings with distortions
towards what you would call powerful energy cause these solutions to be withheld until the solutions are so needed that those
with the distortion can then become further distorted in the direction of power.

Questioner: Is the Earth solid all the way through from one side to the other?
Ra: I am Ra. You may say that your sphere is of an honey-comb nature. The center is, however, solid if you would so call that
which is molten.

Questioner: Are there third-density entities living in the honey-comb areas? Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This was at one time correct. This is not correct at this present space/time. (In the 1980s)

Questioner: Are there any inner civilizations or entities living in these areas other than physically incarnate who do come and
materialize on the Earth’s surface at some times?
Ra: I am Ra. As we have noted, there are some which do as you say. Further, there are some inner plane entities of this planet
which prefer to do some materialization into third-density visible in these areas. There are also bases, shall we say, in these
areas of those from elsewhere, both positive and negative. There are abandoned cities.

Questioner: What are these bases used for by those from elsewhere?
Ra: I am Ra. These bases are used for the work of materialization of needed equipment for communication with third-density
entities and for resting places for some equipment which you might call small craft. These are used for surveillance when it is
requested by entities.

Thus some of the, shall we say, teachers of the Confederation speak partially through these surveillance instruments along
computerized lines, and when information is desired and those requesting it are of the proper vibratory level the Confederation
entity itself will then speak."
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Underground Bases and Bunkers
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