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Healing Energies

Apparently, at that point, what I will now call the crusaders began their renewed quest for world wide domination, sending
their armies by land or by sea to various locations working to convert the Sons of the Law of One into the crusader's
various Abrahamic belief systems by persuasion or by murder. The crusaders then also began burning vast libraries of
history while stripping the Children of the Law of One of their culture by reeducating their children while robing them of
their lands and resources.

And, if you are truly paying attention to world affairs, you may also realize that the crusaders are still working to maintain
their domination within every draconian institution from their controlled media, to their governmental laws, practices and
polices, to their various Abrahamic religions, to their various educational systems, to their various debt based economic
systems and all from within their various secret societies.

Even though higher knowing beings such as the Sons of the Law of One, whales and dolphins have never stopped their
work trying to counteract the negative energy, the crusaders have obviously been winning this battle of wills for countless

Apparently, the crusaders unseen hierarchy do not want the human races to know that negative human emotions are like
wheat that is harvested by them. This is why the crusaders pit one race against the other to create wars and why they built
most of their churches, mosques and temples on leyline convergence points where they perform various rights, rituals and
use various techniques to create negative energies in which their unseen hierarchy then feast upon. You can read about
some of these techniques on my "Mental Manipulation and the Propaganda War" page

Following is but one example of the many you can read about on this website;

In 2007 an Above Top Secret Forum member asked: “Was the 911 ritual the creation of a star gate?”
No, it was a ritual human sacrifice. That, and the obvious catalyst for the so called "War on Terror".”


"The lower parts of our Family (the names you know) use the Vatican (and other leyline locations?) for many rituals and
sacrifices. That should tell you all you need to know." - Hidden_Hand

Therefore, it does seem that these, what some call "Dark Magicians" know where and when their rituals will have the
greatest impact, and that it may be up to us to work together to counteract such effects.

Now what I am proposing is this....  Some are aware that accounting to various traditions such as the Maya, Hopi and
many, many others claim that a time was/is coming (On or around 12-21-2012?) that the paradigm, which previously
favored selfish desire would begin shifting towards an energy field with a desire to heal from the wounds inflected by
selfish desire. Some call this energy "Sophie, the feminine healing energy.

Some are also aware that when groups of people (Two or more are gathered) to focus their conscious intent on peaceful
resolve and healing, less emergency visits are recorded and other positive changes occur. And that the residual effect
lasts for several hours afterward.  There are various devises, one called a ""The Global Consciousness Monitor" that
somehow records energetic changes. Apparently, one of these devises noticed a massive change just moments before the
9-11-01 event occurred. This is evidence that, not only is human consciousness connected with precognitive abilities, but
also that human emotions effect earth's energy field.

So now that the balance of power has apparently begun shifting from the experience of selfish desire and karmic
alleviation towards healing from selfish desire, what can we do to help counter the energetic effects that our selfish desires
have created? We all know that there will be more earth changes caused by our selfish desires. However, it seems to me
that we can help alleviate some stresses by combining our own healing desires with those of the whales, dolphins, the
Sons of the Law of One and other higher knowing beings to cause a compounding effect causing our own inner doorway to
open even wider to allow the healing process to begin.

If this is also your desire, then....

Learn about crystal energy healing techniques.

Learn about the healing energy of the 432Hz frequency.

Learn about the healing energy of the pyramid shape.

Learn about Reiki and other healing energy channels

Learn about live water and organic foods.

Some of which can be learned by placing those key words into the Law of One's search box
(HERE) and/or at other various
locations on the internet.

Join a group like Connecting Consciousness. There are many groups on the internet today who pick a time for everyone to
focus their inner healing energy. I'd like to see the day when all these various groups merge into one unified group.  

As I stated above, It seems that the Sons of the Law of One still use many of the same techniques as they did during the
days of Atlantis. Apparently, one is by use of the Om Mani Padme Hum sound and focused breathing.

(If you are Not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, I highly recommend reading "
HERE" before you

The question was asked; What are Chakras?

"An energy field that merges density one, two, three or four with five. You are all connected with level five when you are on
a short wave cycle (as we currently are). Chakras are the connection with physical imprint locator. And different people
have different numbers of chakras.

The "sexual center" corresponds to the solar plexus;

Lower moving center - basal chakra
Lower emotional - sexual chakra
Lower intellectual - throat chakra
Higher emotional - heart chakra
Higher intellectual - crown chakra

The so-called seventh, or "third eye" chakra is "Seer" in union with the heart and intellectual higher centers" -
The Wave Series Transcripts

The same question was asked;

However, I reworded the reply hoping to make it easier to understand.

The energy vortex begins with the color red located at the base of our spine as it vibrates with the energy of safety and

The next movement of color is viewed as orange as it vibrates across our genital area allowing the energy of sex,
procreation and creativity.

The third energy color is yellow, as it moves across our solar plexus it carries with it the energy of emotional expression.

The fourth energy is reflected in the color green. This is where our hearts reflect our Creator's great love for all of its off

The fifth energy center is seen in the color blue, and is located in our throat area that houses our vibratory communication

The sixth energy receiver/transmitter is seen in the color indigo, and is located at the “third eye or pineal gland” that holds
the energ
y for insight, awareness and wisdom.

The seventh is represented by the color white (some believe violet) It is called "The Crown Chakra" because it is the
gateway to intelligent infinity" (Which is apparently the unified field connecting all consciousness with Universal Conscious)
The Law of One

The Student asked:

"How does one discern their inner voice from the voice that has been learned from this world?

Teacher: The voice of this world can be traced to the ego-personality, while your original voice whispers and nudges from
the depths of your heart.

Student: But the voice of my heart is not necessarily formed of words, but rather feelings. And these feelings are subtle
and constantly changing. Hope can turn to despair, or love to hate in a mere flash of time.

Teacher: Like the universe, the heart is multi-leveled. The heart of which I speak is adept at expressing intuitive
intelligence in the spirit of compassion and understanding. When you hear a voice within that strikes this balance, you
have found your inner voice.

Student: Does everyone have this inner voice and the ability to express it?

Teacher: No.

Student: Why is this limitation bestowed on human nature?

Teacher: It is simply an outgrowth of the imperfections of the human instrument colliding with the imperfections of the
three-dimensional environment. -
Lyricus Discourse # 6

Here is my friend James Lewis' website that offers The Ancient Mystery Schools mechanics of Yoga style meditation.

There you can learn from an expert how to balance your energy centers.

Our faith is the most powerful force in all of creation, as we truly are the co-creators of our own reality.

Is Universal Conscious a Collective?

"Q; Is information gathered from the collective consciousness? A collection of all lessons learned by all humans?
A: Yes, and other sources as well.

Q: (D) Does this include the Lizzies?
A: Yes.

Q: (D) That includes you, also?
A: Yes.

Q: (D) Okay, can we tune into the collective consciousness?
A: Of course.

Q: (D) Okay, then, are there certain abilities needed to do this connection into the collective consciousness?
A: You all have all you need.

Q: (D) Well then, if this.. (T) By sitting here, we tap into them and they tap into us. (D) If this collective consciousness is a
collection, haven't all lessons been learned by someone at some time?
A: Yes.

Q: (D) Then can we tune into the collective consciousness to find how our same lessons have been solved before?
A: Yes. But what is "before?"

Q: (D) Before? No, I didn't ask... (J) Before, during, after, these are all time concepts. (D) Oh, yeah.
A: Yes.

Q: (D) Well, my real question is if all the answers are there, and we can get there, why are we going through the lessons
again? I mean, why do we have to go through these lessons if the solutions are already there?
A: Its all just lessons.

Q: (D) I know, that's what made me ask... I just.. I can't understand this.. we already have the answers, and we're going
through the lessons again... (T) Not all of us have learned all the answers, that's why we're all going through the lessons
again.... (D) But, you see, all the answers are there...
A: Who said "again" ?

Q: (J) Is it more like "still" ? (D) But if all the answers are there...
A: You are still thinking at 3rd level.

Q: (D) Yeah, but I'm still trying to understand.. Sorry, guys
A: Don't "try" so much, just go with it.

Q: (T) It's like Master Yoda said in Star Wars, "Don't try, do" .... Just do it.
A: Yes. " - The Waves Series Transcripts


"Q: (T) What is a good way to meditate?
A: The way that feels "effortless" for you." -
The Waves Series Transcripts

"Questioner: Will you recommend a technique of meditation?
Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: Is it better, or shall I say, does it produce more useable results in meditation to leave the mind as blank as
possible and let it run down, so to speak, or is it better to focus in meditation on some object or some thing for
Ra: I am Ra. Each of the two types of meditation is useful for a particular reason.

The passive meditation involving the clearing of the mind, the emptying of the mental jumble which is characteristic of mind
complex activity among your peoples, is efficacious for those whose goal is to achieve an inner silence as a base from
which to listen to the Creator. This is an useful and helpful tool and is by far the most generally useful type of meditation as
opposed to contemplation or prayer.

The type of meditation which may be called visualization has as its goal not that which is contained in the meditation itself.
Visualization is the tool of the adept. Those who learn to hold visual images in mind are developing an inner concentrative
power that can transcend boredom and discomfort.

When this ability has become crystallized in an adept the adept may then do polarizing in consciousness without external
action which can affect the planetary consciousness. This is the reason for the existence of the so-called White Magician.
Only those wishing to pursue the conscious raising of planetary vibration will find visualization to be a particularly satisfying
type of meditation.

Contemplation or the consideration in a meditative state of an inspiring image or text is extremely useful also among your
peoples, and the faculty of will called praying is also of a potentially helpful nature. Whether it is indeed an helpful activity
depends quite totally upon the intentions and objects of the one who prays.

The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind
must be opened like a door. The key is silence. Within the door lies an hierarchical construction you may liken unto
geography and in someways geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular, bearing inner relationships.

To begin to master the concept of mental discipline it is necessary to examine the self. The polarity of your dimension must
be internalized. Where you find patience within your mind you must consciously find the corresponding impatience and vice

Each thought that a being has, has in its turn an antithesis. The disciplines of the mind involve, first of all, identifying both
those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balancing each and
every positive and negative charge with its equal. The mind contains all things. Therefore, you must discover this
completeness within yourself.

The second mental discipline is acceptance of the completeness within your consciousness. It is not for a being of polarity
in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes, thus building the roles that cause blockages and
confusions in the already-distorted mind complex. Each acceptance smoothes part of the many distortions that the faculty
you call judgment engenders.

The third discipline of the mind is a repetition of the first but with the gaze outward towards the fellow entities that it meets.
In each entity there exists completeness. Thus, the ability to understand each balance is necessary. When you view
patience, you are responsible for mirroring in your mental understanding, patience/impatience.

When you view impatience, it is necessary for your mental configuration of understanding to be impatience/patience. We
use this as a simple example. Most configurations of mind have many facets, and understanding of either self polarities, or
what you would call other-self polarities, can and must be understood as subtle work.

The next step is the acceptance of the other-self polarities, which mirrors the second step.

These are the first four steps of learning mental discipline. The fifth step involves observing the geographcal and
geometrical relationships and ratios of the mind, the other mind the mass mind , and the infinite mind.

The second area of learn/teaching is the study/understanding of the body complexes
). It is necessary to know your body
well. This is a matter of using the mind to examine how the feelings, the biases, what you would call the emotions, affect
various portions of the body complex. It shall be necessary to both understand the bodily polarities and to accept them,
repeating in a chemical/physical manifestation the work you have done upon the mind bethinking the consciousness.

The body is a creature of the mind’s creation. It has its biases. The biological bias must be first completely understood and
then the opposite bias allowed to find full expression in understanding. Again, the process of acceptance of the body as a
balanced, as well as polarized, individual may then be accomplished. It is then the task to extend this understanding to the
bodies of the other-selves whom you will meet.

The simplest example of this is the understanding that each biological male is female; each biological female is male. This
is a simple example. However, in almost every case wherein you are attempting the understanding of the body of self or
other-self, you will again find that the most subtle discernment is necessary in order to fully grasp the polarity complexes

Questioner: In the last session you said, “that when the self is conscious to a great enough extent of the workings of the
catalyst of fasting, and the techniques of programming, it then may through concentration of the will and the faculty of faith
alone cause reprogramming without the analogy of fasting, diet, or other analogous bodily complex disciplines.”

What are the techniques of programming which the Higher Self uses to insure that the desired lessons are learned or
attempted by the third-density self?
Ra: I am Ra. There is but one technique for this growing or nurturing of will and faith, and that is the focusing of the
attention. The attention span of those you call children is considered short. The spiritual attention span of most of your
peoples is that of the child.

Thus it is a matter of wishing to become able to collect one’s attention and hold it upon the desired programming. This,
when continued, strengthens the will. The entire activity can only occur when there exists faith that an outcome of this
discipline is possible.

Questioner: Can you mention some exercises for helping to increase the attention span?
Ra: I am Ra. Such exercises are common among the many mystical traditions of your entities. The visualization of a shape
and color which is of personal inspirational quality to the meditator is the heart of what you would call the religious aspects
of this sort of visualization.

The visualization of simple shapes and colors which have no innate inspirational quality to the entity form the basis for what
you may call your magical traditions.

Whether you image the rose or the circle is not important. However, it is suggested that one or the other path towards
visualization be chosen in order to exercise this faculty. This is due to the careful arrangement of shapes and colors which
have been described as visualizations by those steeped in the magical tradition.

Questioner: As a youth I was trained in the engineering sciences which include the necessity for three dimensional
visualization for the processes of design. Would this be helpful as a foundation for the type of visualization which you are
speaking of, or would it be of no value?
Ra: I am Ra. To you, the questioner, this experience was valuable. To a less sensitized entity it would not gain the proper
increase of concentrative energy.

Questioner: Then the less sensitized entity should use … What should he use for the proper energy?
Ra: I am Ra. In the less sensitized individual the choosing of personally inspirational images is appropriate whether this
inspiration be the rose which is of perfect beauty, the cross which is of perfect sacrifice, the Buddha which is the All-being
in One, or whatever else may inspire the individual.

Questioner: Thank you. How does the ability to hold visual images in mind allow the adept to do polarization in
consciousness without external action?
Ra: I am Ra. This is not a simple query, for the adept is one which will go beyond the green-ray which signals entry into
harvestability. The adept will not simply be tapping into intelligent energy as a means of readiness for harvest but tapping
into both intelligent energy and intelligent infinity for the purpose of transmuting planetary harvestability and

The means of this working lie within. The key is first, silence, and secondly, singleness of thought. Thusly a visualization
which can be held steady to the inward eye for several of your minutes, as you measure time, will signal the adept’s
increase in singleness of thought. This singleness of thought then can be used by the positive adept to work in group ritual
visualizations for the raising of positive energy, by negative adepts for the increase in personal power.

Questioner: Can you tell me what the adept, after being able to hold the image for several minutes, does to affect
planetary consciousness or affect positive polarity?
Ra: I am Ra. When the positive adept touches intelligent infinity from within, this is the most powerful of connections for it is
the connection of the whole mind/body/spirit complex microcosm with the macrocosm. This connection enables the, shall
we say, green-ray true color in time/space to manifest in your space/time. In green ray thoughts are beings. In your illusion
this is normally not so.

The adepts then become living channels for love and light and are able to channel this radiance directly into the planetary
web of energy nexi. The ritual will always end by the grounding of this energy in praise and thanksgiving and the release of
this energy into the planetary whole.

Questioner: About how many entities at present on planet Earth are calling (praying/meditating) for your services?
Ra: I am Ra. I am called personally by 352,000. The Confederation in its entire spectrum of entity-complexes, is called by
632,000,000 of your mind/body/spirit complexes. These numbers have been simplified.

Questioner: Can you tell me what the result of the application of the Law of Squares is to those figures?
Ra: I am Ra. The number is approximately meaningless in the finite sense as there are many, many digits. It, however,
constitutes a great calling which we of all creation feel and hear as if our own entities were distorted towards a great and
overwhelming sorrow. It demands our service.

Questioner: At what point would this calling be great enough for you to come openly among the people on Earth? How
many entities on Earth would have to call the Confederation?
Ra: I am Ra. We do not calculate the possibility of coming among your peoples by the numbers of calling, but by a
consensus among an entire societal-memory complex which has become aware of the infinite consciousness of all things.
This has been possible among your peoples only in isolated instances.

In the case wherein a social memory complex which is a servant of the Creator sees this situation and has an idea for the
appropriate aid which can only be done among your peoples, the social memory complex desiring this project lays it before
the Council of Saturn. If it is approved, quarantine is lifted.

Questioner: I was really trying to get at whether it would be of great importance to construct a better place for our
meditations. We have distractions here of the types which I mentioned, and I know that it is a function of our total free will
as to whether we construct this or not, but I was trying to get at the principles behind and the relative importance of the
Faraday cage. It would be quite a construction and I was wondering if it would be of any real value?
Ra: I am Ra. Without infringing upon free will we feel it possible to state that the Faraday cage and the isolation tank are

The surrounding of self in a sylvan atmosphere, apart from distractions, in a place of working used for no other purpose, in
which you and your associates agree to lay aside all goals but that of the meditative seeking of the Infinite Creator is, shall
we say, not gadgetry but the making use of the creation of the Father in second-density love, and in the love and support
of otherselves." -
The Law of One

Prayer and The Hidden_Hand;

"Life is in a constant process of communication with us. Only mostly, people are too busy to notice.

Our Infinite Creator longs to be close to us. In truth, he ("he" is GOD a 'he"?) is closer than most would believe, they just
don't notice him. As they pass him by on the street every day, when he gives them their change at the shop, when you tuck
your children into bed and give them a kiss goodnight, when you squash him as he's running up your bathroom wall toward
his web. When there's no-one else in the room but 'you'.

The main reason people don't have their "prayers" answered, is because they do not really believe that they will. Don't
have "faith" in our Infinite Creator, have Trust in him. The most Powerful form of "prayer", is Thanksgiving. "For even
before you ask, I have already given it unto you". Thanksgiving, is knowing that our Infinite Creator has provided for you as
he promised, and being thankful for that, even before you see the results. The more we trust in our Creator, the more
results we get.

Life gives us what we expect we'll receive. (Because all thought is Creative). If we get up, and expect to have a bad day,
more often than not, that's exactly what we'll get. But remember, that it works both ways." -
The Dialogue with
The commentary on this website is of Fair Use. If any portion is used, please give the website a back link http://www.focusonrecovery.net

Those of you who have read my Primary Home Page may now
understand that it seems to me the first to become self-aware...
aka GOD... aka primary creator...aka All Father,
in its quest to know its-self, its full potential created
a duality, a battle of wills between what most call
"good" and "evil", which I understand to be...,

In service-to-self (STS) which is a self absorbing polarity
focused primarily on its own-self. Obviously, this is
still the primary orientation of most people on this planet.

Whereas, the other duality is that of in service-to-others (STO),
which is a radiating non-selfish polarity whose primary
orientation seeks equality and unity.  

You can read more about this on my "Good and Evil?" page

Apparently, as the Atlantean experiment of karmic alleviation
began, maybe 309,000 years ago during the last major shift, the
duality presented its-self within two group mentalities. One some
call "The Sons of Belial" and the other called its-self  
"The Children of the Law of One".

You can read more about them on my "Atlantis" page

and on my "Draconian Bloodline on Earth?" page (HERE)

Apparently, while the Sons of Belial used various methods
to fulfill its selfish desire for conquest over others, the Children of
the Law of One used various methods trying to counteract the
selfish desire which was causing a disruption in earth's energy field.

However, due to the experiential energy field within the
paradigm at that time was working in favor of the Sons of
Belial's, the Children of the Law of One were unable to
counteract the Sons of Belial's selfish desire.   

Once the negative energy created by warring began, earth's
energy field then became negatively charged causing heating of
the atmosphere which caused the ice caps to melt, volcanoes to
erupt, tectonic plates to shift causing earthquakes and other
various earth changes to occur.

It was then that the Children of the Law of One began migrating
away from the carnage taking place within the Atlantean
coastal cities (that are now under the ocean) to high
mountain locations such as what is now Tibet, the Americas,
India and other various locations.

Residing within their various high mountain locations, the Children
of the Son of the Law of One lived in relative peace for thousands
of years until the Sons of Belial began locating them at various
times throughout our now hidden history.
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