Who is Jesus?
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Apparently, each tribe Rome conquered contained a variety of
religious belief systems. Constantine then tried to unite the
various tribes under one universal belief system.

Therefore, is the biography written about the one now called "Jesus of
Nazareth" factual, or is it possible that the person known today as
"Jesus" is a composite of numerous historical persons?

If it is a composite biography, is this due to the same spirit-self
having incarnated into various earth-suits at various times?

Following is evidence of a political conspiracy that may have been
created around the one now known to most as "Jesus of Nazareth".

Here is where my reader will note the inevitable discrepancies
due to the assumptions that various religious dogmas have
created within the hearts and minds of those whom ask
questions regarding matters of religious faith.

Apparently, this is due to the creations prime directive which states
that we, the lower order must be allowed to believe whatever
we wish to believe.

So Who is Jesus?

Apparently, the biological mother of one now called "Jesus of Nazareth" was from a bloodline known as the Essenes. During the
time of Constantine and the Inquisition which followed, groups such as the Essenes were murdered and all of the Libraries of
Alexandria, which held ancient teachings, were burnt.

Today the controlled media have many of us believing that the keepers of that knowledge are the bad guys. Is this because if
such knowledge were known the control system which these rouges have created, which keeps them in power, would crumble?

Before I leave you to consider the following evidence, think about this... Whatever belief system that you give your power away to
becomes powerful. And if you choose to give your power away, that is your choice. Obviously, the reason why Jesus has such a
large following today is because so many people have been conditioned to give their power away to him.

If you understand this, then I can assure you that if whomever Jesus is, if he were to manifest into physical form today, he would
say; "Salvation in the form of this, a saviorship drama is an unnecessary safety net created by Church Inc. as a means to create
massive wealth which keeps Church Inc. in power. Therefore, do not give your power away to man made dogma. But rather seek
Christness within you, for you and I are fragments of the same whole."

(If you are Not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, I highly recommend reading "
HERE" before you continue)

Again, try to understand the prime directive. In that, because Carla (the voice used to reply to Don's questions) was a devout
Christian, any answers regarding the Christian faith had to adhere to her belief system.

The Law of One regarding Jesus;

Questioner: (Don basically asked who is Jesus?)
"Ra: I am Ra. (If you wish to understand who Ra claims to be, go HERE) This question takes in the scope of fourth-density as well
as your own and its answer may best be seen by the action of the entity called Jehoshuah, which you call Jesus.

This entity was to be defended by its friends. The entity reminded its friends to put away the sword. This entity then delivered
itself to be put to the physical death. The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the fourth-density,
a density abounding in compassion. More than this we cannot and need not say. (Due to violation of free-will directive #1

This entity (Carla, the instrument/voice) has an intense devotion to the teachings and example of the one it calls Jesus. This
entity then vibrates in song a most demanding version, called The Mass in B Minor by Bach, of this exemplary votive complex of
sound vibrations. The entity is consciously identifying with each part of this Mass.

Questioner: Can you tell me who was the entity, before his incarnation on Earth, known as Jesus of Nazareth?
Ra: I am Ra. I have difficulty with this question as it is phrased. Can you discover another form for this query?

Questioner: What I meant to say was can you tell me if Jesus of Nazareth came from the Confederation before incarnation here?
Ra: I am Ra. The one known to you as Jesus of Nazareth did not have a name. This entity was a member of forth density of the
highest level of that sub-octave. This entity was desirous of entering this planetary sphere in order to share the love vibration in
as pure a manner as possible. Thus, this entity received permission to perform this mission. This entity was then a Wanderer of
no name, of Confederation origins, of forth density, representing the forth density understanding of the vibration of  
understanding or love.

Questioner: When Jesus of Nazareth incarnated was there an attempt by the Orion group to discredit him in some way?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Can you tell me what the Orion group did in order to try to cause his downfall?
Ra: I am Ra. We may describe in general what occurred. The technique was that of building upon other negatively oriented
information. This information had been given by the one whom your peoples called “Yahweh.” This information involved many
strictures upon behavior and promised power of the third-density, service-to-self nature.

These two types of distortions were impressed upon those already oriented to think these thought-forms. (Once an individual,
such as Yahweh our planetary logos, or you and I have a predisposition towards self-service, the self-service orientation then has
fertile soil in which to grow,)

This eventually led to many challenges of the entity known as Jesus. It eventually led to one, sound vibration complex “Judas,”
(Not the Judas written about in Constantine's Bible, but rather was a son of Pontius Pilate. Constantine rewrote the story in order
free Roman from any wrong doing) as you call this entity, who believed that it was doing the appropriate thing in bringing about or
forcing upon the one you call Jesus the necessity for bringing in the third-density planetary power distortion of third-density rule
over others

This entity, Judas, felt that, if pushed into a corner, the entity you call Jesus would then be able to see the wisdom of using the
power of intelligent infinity in order to rule others. The one you call Judas was mistaken in this estimation of the reaction of the
entity, Jesus, whose teach/learning was not oriented towards this distortion. This resulted in the destruction of the bodily complex
of the one known as Jesus.

Questioner: Then if the entity Jesus was fourth density and there are Wanderers on the planet today who came from fifth and
sixth density, what was it that Jesus did that enabled him to be such a good healer and could these fifth and sixth density beings
here now do the same?
Ra: I am Ra. Those who heal may be of any density which has the consciousness of the spirit. This includes third, fourth, fifth,
sixth, and seventh. The third density can be one in which healing takes place just as the others. However, there is more illusory
material to understand, to balance, to accept, and to move forward from.

The gate to intelligent infinity can only be opened when an understanding of the in-streamings of intelligent energy are opened
unto the healer. These are the so-called Natural Laws of your local space/time continuum and its web of electromagnetic sources
or nexi of in-streaming energy.

Know then, first, the mind and the body. Then as the spirit is integrated and synthesized, these are harmonized into a
mind/body/spirit complex which can move among the dimensions and can open the gateway to intelligent infinity, thus healing self
by light and sharing that light with others.

True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the
recognition of self, by self, of the self -healing properties of the self.

Questioner: How did Jesus learn this during his incarnation?
Ra: I am Ra. This entity learned the ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age. Unfortunately, this entity first
discovered his ability to penetrate intelligent infinity by becoming the distortion you call “angry” at a playmate. This entity was
touched by the entity known as Jesus and was fatally wounded.

Thus the one known as Jesus became aware that there dwelt in him a terrible potential. This entity determined to discover how to
use this energy for the good, not for the negative. This entity was extremely positively polarized and remembered more than most
Wanderers do.

Questioner: How did this aggressive action against a playmate affect Jesus in his spiritual growth? Where did he go after his
physical death?
Ra: I am Ra. The entity you call Jesus was galvanized by this experience and began a lifetime of seeking and searching. This
entity studied first day and night in its own religious constructs which you call Judaism and was learned enough to be a rabbi,
(And Reiki Master) as you call teach/learners of this particular rhythm or distortion of understanding, at a very young age.

At the age of approximately thirteen and one-half of your years, this entity left the dwelling place of its earthly family, as you would
call it, and walked into many other places seeking further information. This went on sporadically until the entity was approximately
twenty-five, at which time it returned to its family dwelling, and learned and practiced the art of its earthly father.

When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and
teach/learn what it had felt during the preceding years to be of a worthwhile nature. The entity was absolved karmically of the
destruction of an other-self when it was in the last portion of lifetime and spoke upon what you would call a cross saying, “Father,
forgive them for they know not what they do.” In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.

Questioner: What density is the entity known as Jesus in now?
Ra: I am Ra. This information is harmless though unimportant. This entity studies now the lessons of the wisdom vibration, the
fifth-density, also called the light vibration.

Questioner: In our culture there is a saying that he will return. Can you tell me if this is planned?
Ra: I am Ra. I will attempt to sort out this question. It is difficult. This entity became aware that it was not an entity of itself but
operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love. This entity was aware that this cycle was in its last
portion and spoke to the effect that those of its consciousness would return at the harvest.
(Not in physical form)

The particular mind/body/spirit complex you call Jesus is, as what you would call an entity, not to return except as a member of
the Confederation speaking through a channel. However, there are others of the identical congruency of consciousness that will
welcome those to the fourth-density. This is the meaning of the returning.

Questioner: What was the orientation with respect to this type of communication for the one known as Jesus of Nazareth?
Ra: I am Ra. You may have read some of this entity’s workings. It offered itself as teacher to those mind/body/spirit complexes
which gathered to hear and even then spoke as through a veil so as to leave room for those not wishing to hear. When this entity
was asked to heal, it often  did so, always ending the working with two admonitions: firstly, that the entity healed had been healed
by its faith, that is, its ability to allow and accept changes through the violet-ray into the gateway of intelligent energy; secondly,
saying always, “Tell no one.” These are the workings which attempt the maximal quality of free will while maintaining fidelity to the
positive purity of the working.

Questioner: The one known as Jesus accumulated twelve disciples. What was his purpose in having these disciples with him?
Ra: I am Ra. What is the purpose of teach/learning if there be no learn/teachers? Those drawn to this entity were accepted by
this entity without regard for any outcome. This entity accepted the honor/duty placed upon it by its nature and its sense that to
speak was its mission.

Questioner: The chink then, as I understand it, was originally created by the decision of Jesus to take the path of martyrdom? Is
this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is, in relation to this instrument, quite correct. It is aware of certain over-balances towards love, even to
martyrdom but has not yet, to any significant degree, balanced these distortions. We do not imply that this course of unbridled
compassion has any fault but affirm its perfection. It is an example of love which has served as beacon to many.

For those who seek further, the consequences of martyrdom must be considered, for in martyrdom lies the end of the
opportunity, in the density of the martyr, to offer love and light. Each entity must seek its deepest path."

In the following account please keep in mind that Laura, scribe and primary questioner of the following also grew up attending a
Christian church. However, because she began to question the validity of the Christian belief system, she became more and more
open to alternative explanations. I wish she would have re-asked her questions so a comparison could have been made.  

The Wave Series Transcripts regarding Jesus;

In June of 2014 Laura stated; "I've been going over all of the early sessions, and I noticed that I had a particular obsession with
the topic of Jesus during the first year at the very least, (1994), because of my particular religious upbringing and background
and so forth.

And I had a lot of energy invested in -  not just a lot of energy, but a lot of emotion - so, I'm reading back over these previous
answers we received on the topic of Jesus, and I would like to ask if, in fact, Julius Caesar is Jesus, or was the model for Jesus,
why were you giving me answers that sometimes could have been applied to Caesar, but other times could not?
A: You would not have been able to receive. When you ask a question with strong prejudice, we cannot violate your will to believe.

In 1994 Laura began asking questions regarding Jesus of Nazareth;
Q: (L) Who was Jesus of Nazareth?
A: Advanced spirit. (If you wish to understand who these persons claim to be, go HERE)

Q: (L) Was Jesus genetically altered?
A: After birth and during childhood.

Q: (L) Will Jesus be reincarnated into a body?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is Jesus an alien?
A: He is one of us. (resides within 5th/6th density where they call him "Jesinavarah")

Q: (L) Was Mary a true virgin when she gave birth?
A: No

Q: (L) Did she conceive in the normal way?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What date, counting backwards in our calendrical system, was Jesus born on?
A: 01 06 minus 14.

Q: (L) What time of day was he born?
A: 6 am.

Q: (L) He lived his entire life in Palestine?
A: Near. In that general area. The Bible is not entirely accurate.

Q: (L) Who was the man with whom she had sex to conceive Jesus?
A: Tonatha.

Q: (L) And who was this individual, Tonatha?
A: Acquaintance.

Q: (L) Can you give us any details about him. What was his lineage, where did he come from?.
A: He was a member of the white sect.

Q: (L) What is the white sect?
A: AKA Aryans. Andarans.

Q: Is the Aryan race the true Semites?
A: Yes

Q: (L) You say that the father of Jesus was an Aryan. Where did he come from?
A: Palestine

Q: (L) Was Mary a member of the Essene group?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this man (Tonatha) also a member of the Essenes?
A: No.

Q: (L) This person, Tonatha, was chosen to be the biological father of Jesus?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why did Mary not marry him?
A: Feelings were extremely transient.

Q: (L) You are saying she was fickle?
A: No. Influenced by telepathic suggestion.

Q: (L) Was she already betrothed at this time?
A: No. Hypnotized level 1.

Q: (L) How old was Jesus mother, Mary, when she conceived Jesus?
A: 19.

Q: (L) Was Joseph upset to discover that Mary was pregnant?
A: No.

Q: (L) How old was Joseph when he married Mary?
A: 39.

Q: (L) Did Mary and Joseph, once together, subsequently have other children?
A: No. But Jesus did.

Q: (L) Jesus had children? Who was he married to?
A: Was not.

Q: (L) You mean he had illegitimate children?
A: Subjective institutionally.

Q: (L) Who was the mother of these children?
A: There were three women.

Q: (L) All three of them were Romans?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many children were there from the three mothers?
A: Three.

Q: (L) Are there any descendants of Jesus living today?
A: 364,142..  

Q: (L) Were any of the descendants of Jesus famous individuals that we would know?
A: Yes. Yassar Arafat. Churchill.

Q: (L) Did he (Jesus) raise Lazarus from the dead?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did he raise anybody from the dead?
A: No.

Q: (L) When Jesus attended the marriage at Cana, whose wedding was it?
A: Did not happen.

Q: (L) Did Jesus feed thousands of people with a few loaves and fishes?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are you saying that all the miracles of the Bible are myths?
A: Remember this is corrupted information altered after the fact for purposes of political and economic gain and control.

Q: (L) Tell us what Jesus really did.
A: He taught spiritual truths (Creational Law) to those starving for them.

Q: (L) What is the truth that Jesus taught?
A: That all men are loved by the creator and are one with same.

Q: (L) I would like you to expound a bit on the life of Christ in terms of chronology of events. Could you tell us about his
understanding about himself, his interaction with higher sources, his state of being Christed, and what was the true work he came
her to do and how did he accomplish it?
A: His awareness of who and what he was gradually came as he grew. He was taught by us through his faith as described
previously. And you should have faith as well because you would find things would come to you as “knowings” more often than
even now. Jesus awareness of his mission and his actions pertaining to it were part of the natural progression of his growth and
development. The information about his “miracles” has been largely corrupted by writings which have been passed down after the
actual event period.

Most of these writings are by entities who wish to confuse and corrupt all humanity for previously stated purposes. The idea was
that if one perceived Jesus as performing physical miracles, then your entire understanding of what the life experience here on
earth and on this plane is, and the meaning for it all, is also corrupted and the knowledge is blocked which is the goal of those
who have done this.

Jesus’ purpose and plan was to teach knowledge to all who sought but did not have the strength to express as great a level of
faith as he had to acquire the knowledge as he did from higher sources. If they were open and willing to learn they could be
taught by hearing. He had only very limited success in imparting faith to others because faith comes solely from within and that is
one of the most difficult things for beings on your plane to acquire.

Q: (L) Was he able to literally heal with the touch of his hand?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is Reiki the method he used to heal; or something similar?
A: Yes

Q: (L) Did he perform exorcisms?
A: Close.

Q: (L) What other kinds of miracles did he do?
A: Telekinesis.

Q: (L) Did he walk on water?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did he turn water into wine?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was Jesus crucified?
A: No.

Q: (L) We would like to know what the Christian Cross represents at a deeper level?
A: Part of the Lizzie disinformation campaign, sorry!

Q: (L) Was Jesus an individual who had psychic or unusual powers from birth?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Did he have an awareness from the earliest times of his life that he was in some way special or chosen?
A: yes.

Q: (L) Where did he receive his teaching or training?
A: Channeled to him.

Q: (L) Is there any special power or advantage in praying in the name of Jesus?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, if he didn’t die and release his spirit into the earth plane, how is this power conferred?
A: Prayers go to him.

Q: (L) And what does he do when he hears the prayers?
A: Determines their necessity against background of individual soul development.

Q: (L) You said that when a person prays to Jesus that he makes some sort of a decision, is that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, how can he do that when millions of people are praying to him simultaneously?
A: Soul division.

Q: (L) What do you mean by soul division?
A: Self explanatory.

Q: (L) Do you mean soul division as in cellular meiosis where a cell splits and replicates itself?
A: No.

Q: (L) Does Jesus’ soul divide?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many times does it divide?
A: Endlessly as a projection of consciousness.

Q: (L) And what happens to this piece of soul that is divided or projected?
A: Is not a piece of a soul.

Q: (L) What is it?
A: It is a replication.

Q: (L) Is each replication exactly identical to the original?
A: Yes. And no.

Q: (L) In what way is the replicated soul different from the original?
A: Not able to give individual attention.

Q: (L) Are any of us able to replicate in this manner if we so desire?
A: Could if in same circumstance. The way the process works is thus: When Jesus left the earth plane, he went into another
dimension or density of reality, whereupon all “rules” regarding the awareness of time and space are entirely different from the
way they are perceived here.

At this point in space time his soul which was/is still in the physical realm, was placed in a state of something akin to suspended
animation and a sort of advanced form of unconsciousness. From that point to the present his soul has been replicated from a
state of this unconsciousness in order that all who call upon him or need to be with him or need to speak to him can do so on an
individual basis. His soul can be replicated ad infinitum—as many times as needed. The replication process produces a state of
hyper-consciousness in each and every version of the soul consciousness.

Q: (L) Is Jesus, in fact, in a state of suspension, voluntarily, in another plane of existence, having chosen to give up his life on this
plane in order to continuously generate replications of his soul pattern for other people to call upon for assistance?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) If one calls upon him more than once, does one get a double dose?
A: Define.

Q: (L) If one repeatedly calls upon Jesus does one get repeated replications or additional strength, power or whatever?
A: No.

Q: (L) In other words, once one has truly made the connection, that’s it?
A: That’s all that’s needed.

Q: (L) Has any other soul volunteered to perform this work?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many souls are doing this work at the present time?
A: 12.

Q: (L) Can you name any of the others?
A: Bhudda. Moses. Shintanhilmoon. Nagaillikiga. Varying degrees; Jesus is the strongest currently.

Q: (L) Had he (Jesus) had any other incarnations in other human bodies on planet earth?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many incarnations did he have before he achieved fifth density?
A: 1009.

Q: (L) Was Melchizidek an incarnation of Jesus?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was Joshua, the right hand man of Moses an incarnation of Jesus?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there any other incarnations of Jesus with which we would be familiar if you were to name them?
A: Yes. Socrates

Q: (L) What type of person would have more Godspark than anybody else?
A: Jesus has Godsparks ad infinitum.

Q: (L) How does Jesus have Godsparks ad infinitum?
A: Soul replication for communication purposes. (Is why Jesus is able to recieve/hear a multitude of prayers/callings at once.)

Q: (L) So, every time we call upon Jesus, we are replenishing our Godspark?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Would you describe these soul replications as being more like a template or hologram?
A: Hologram.

Q: (L) And what is his connection to the Creator that enables him to do this soul replication?
A: Volunteered.

Q: (L) Rudolf Steiner called Christ “The most sublime human principle ever to unfold on earth,” is this an accurate statement?
A: One interpretation.

Q: (L) He also said: “The Christ, who in the course of this evolution lived 3 years in the body of Jesus of Nazareth...” Is this a
correct statement? Did the Christ statement enter Jesus at age 30?
A: Formed then.

Q: (L) How did this sublime being, the Christ, dwell in a human body?
A: Natural process caused by supremely pure faith and thought.

Q: (L) Yet previously you said that Jesus had sexual relations with women after he was Christed, is that correct?
A: No. Before.

Q: (L) So, after he was Christed he had no sexual relations?
A: Correct.

Q: (L) Did the Christ spirit descend into the body of Jesus in his 30th year?
A: No.

Q: (L) What happened?
A: Formed within him. And it could do thusly in anyone who reaches such levels of service to others plus faith and supreme levels
of pure thought.

Q: (L) What was the source of the belief that Christ descended into hell during the course of his so-called death?
A: Superstitions created hundreds of years after his work.

Q: (L) Carlos Castaneda talks about the "Eagle's emanations," the Eagle being, I suppose, Prime Creator that emanates down
through all the densities, and that the Nagual who can "see," sees the Eagle as a large black and white object. Are they seeing
the source, or are they seeing something on just another density?
A: Source? There is no such thing.

Q: (L) You mean there is no Prime Creator, no origin or source of our existence?
A: You are Prime Creator. (Each is a fragment of the same whole).

Q: (L) But that is so esoteric... I am talking about...
A: The point is: stop filling your consciousness with monotheistic philosophies planted long ago to imprison your being. Can't you
see it by now, after all you have learned, that there is no source, there is no leader, there is no basis, there is no overseer, etc...
You literally possess, within your consciousness profile, all the power that exists within all of creation!?! You absolutely have all
that exists, ever has, or ever will, contained within your mind. All you have to do is learn how to use it, and at that moment, you will
literally, literally, be all that is, was, and ever will be!!!!!!!!"

When Laura stated; "I realize that, in an earlier session (3 years earlier), we asked about Jesus and you gave us a particular set of
answers. I also know that you gave us a ‘noise to signal’ ratio about the accuracy of the information and how this relates to free
will, and the problems of interference from various persons who are
(were then) present have all been addressed. So, all things
being considered, when we originally asked the questions about Jesus, I had the feeling that there was a lot of emotion weighing
on those answers. Is that correct?
A: Maybe.

Q: Were the answers and information given about Jesus accurate?
A: Mostly.

Q: So, you are saying that a man named Jesinavarah lived in Palestine at about that period, was a teacher, achieved christhood,
and was taken up into a UFO and is in another dimensional time warp doing some kind of work... is that the case?
A: Yes. Replicated consciousness. (In order to greet all "callings"?)

Q: Did Mary Magdalene exist as a person?
A: Yes.

Q: Was she the wife of Jesus?
A: No.

Q: Did Jesus have a wife?
A: Yes.

Q: Who was his wife?
A: Anatylenia.

Q: What was her background, her nationality?
A: Nazarene.

Q: Did they have any children?
A: Yes.

Q: How many?
A: Three.

Q: What was the family name?
A: Marnohk.

Q: What did his wife do when he ascended into the state of hyperconsciousness which you have previously described?
A: Awaited her turn to transition.

Q: I noted in re-reading the transcripts on the subject that you had said Jesus lived ‘near’ Palestine and that the Bible was not
entirely accurate. Where, precisely, did this person who came to be known as Jesus live?
A: Aramaia.

Q: Where is that?
A: In what is now Lebanon.

Q: His name was Jesinavarah, as you said before. During his lifetime, did he have a large following?
A: Towards the end, and after.

Q: You said that he was not crucified, that he was taken up into a ship on a beam of light - at what age did this happen?
A: 43.

Q: Okay, when he was taken up in this beam of light, where did this event occur?
A: The Sea of Galilee. [Note: name of Galilee and possible relation to Gaul?]

Q: On the shore?
A: Yes.

Q: You said he had children by three Roman women and he also had a wife?
A: Close enough.

Q: Did he have a twin?
A: No.

Q: Was Judas Iscariot his brother?
A: No.

Q: Did he have a brother named Jude or Judas?
A: No.

Q: Did he have brothers and sisters?
A: No.

Q: Is any part of the nativity story true?
A: Slight.

Q: (L) What was Jesus’ blood type?
A: B negative.

Q: This event that is described in the New Testament as the crucifixion was obviously a symbol for something else. You have told
us that this was a symbolic story...
A: More like propaganda.

Q: So, the crucifixion was not symbolic of some other hidden meaning, or event?
A: See “Gods of Eden.”

Q: You also said that Jesus was going to return, that he would emerge from this other density experience and come as a teacher.
Is this because he is the number one teacher doing this work at the time?
A: More because the messenger most capable of delivering the message, because of expectations.

Q: And what message is he going to deliver?
A: Wait and see.

Q: You mean that we, the three of us sitting here, will see him and hear this message at some point in this reality?
A: Maybe.

Q: Would we have instant recognition?
A: Wait and see.

Q: Where was Jesus born?
A: Nazareth.

Q: You have said that he did not travel and receive special teachings, yet that he knew that he was special from the beginning,
and that the information was channeled to him. How do I want to phrase this? At what age did he receive this enlightenment?
A: Was progressive.

Q: (L) I am reading this book called “The Jesus Conspiracy” about the Shroud of Turin. Now, we once asked about this and you
said that the image was of a Roman worker. Apparently this worker was crucified. Was this individual who was crucified, done so
in the specific manner as was described for Jesus, with deliberate intent to create the illusion that the image on the Shroud HAD
to be of Jesus, since Jesus was the only person who could have possibly suffered all these exact wounds as described in the
A: No. Crucifixion was once a “popular” punishment method.

Q: (L) Can you tell us approximately what year this Roman worker was crucified who left his image on this shroud?
A: 399 A.D."

(There is more from this source regarding the return of the one most call "Jesus of Nazareth"

Edgar Cayce and The Christ Consciousness (HERE)

Children of The Law of One and Jesus;

"The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, while highly suppressed, recently brought to light to much of the modern world, the
spiritual community of the Essenes. The ancient texts reveal that the Essene community was a branch of the Children of the Law
of One, and was started hundreds of years prior to Jesus’ birth by a Persian Adept named Zoroaster (also founder of the Magi -
of which the “three wise men” were members). The community existed long before the time of Jesus, and Jesus and his family
were members of it."

Hidden_Hand and Jesus;

"ATS: Is the Messiah alive today?
HH: There is no "Messiah". Stop looking outside of yourself for 'salvation'. (The ruby slippers are a diversion, Dorthy always had
the power to go home, but only once she has/had gained the faith that the one now called "Jesus of Nazareth" has)  

Is there what you might call a 'Christ Consciousness' alive, then yes, in a manner of speaking. Though not in your 3rd Density
(dimensional) awareness."

Yet Hidden_Hand acknowledges that the one most call "Jesus" did manifest within 3D saying "you, too, will do this and
even greater things just as the one you call "Jesus" said you would."
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Who is the One Now Called "Jesus of Nazareth"?
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