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The Dying Breath of Old World Disorder?

But why do the ruling elite create false flag events? To answer that question, one must understand that there is a non-physical
agenda and a physical agenda

The physical agenda is obviously about physical wealth and power. In that apparently, before the 9-11-01 event occurred the
lease for the asbestos laced twin towers was purchased by a private developer named Larry Silverstein for $3.2 billion who then
took out an insurance policy on the buildings for several billion dollars.

Rather than pay for the costly removal of the asbestos, Silverstein must have paid for a controlled demolition knowing that the
US taxpayer would be forced into paying for the cost of clean-up due to the event being blamed on a terrorist attack.

Building Seven, apparently held part of the paper trail linking the Pentagon to the loss of 2.3 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.
The location hit within the Pentagon apparently held the remaining paper trail where the investigators, were at that time, doing
an investigation into the missing money.

So it seems that the 9-11-01 event benefited the ruling elite with trillions of dollars in revenue... everything from the sale of Jeb
Bushes security products purchased by the taxpayers to be used by the T.S.A. in airports, to Dick Cheney and the Halliburton
Corporation who received billions of tax payer dollars from the no-bid contracts Halliburton received, etc. etc., etc......,

Now to understand the higher agenda, one must first understand that negative human emotions such as fear, uncertainly,
anger and resentment are a type of energetic fuel for the unseen, thus non-physical members within the ruling elite hierarchy.
To understand this, investigate "Loosh Effect"

In 2007 an Above Top Secret Forum member asked: “Was 911 meant to create a star gate?”
“No, it was a ritual human sacrifice. That, and the obvious catalyst for the so called "War on Terror".” -

If you are not familiar with higher dimensional thought transference, then I highly recommend reading

On October 13, 2001 the following questions were asked;

"When you say "U.S. Government," is that the government we consider to be our government, or is that the secret government?
A: Latter.

Q: (L) That (meaning a terrorist attack on U.S. soil) will give the government a reason to blame it on some foreign element?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, if they are going to try to blame it on some foreign group, can we have any idea of which group?
A: Iraq.

Q: (L) Are we ultimately headed toward bombing Iraq?
A: Yes." (The "Shook and Awe" invasion of Iraq began shortly after this conversation)

Then on July 16th 2007 a friend of Laura asked;

"Is an attack on Iran imminent?
A:  They are trying to move in that direction. More likely to be a false flag attack in US and UK and France and possibly Russia
to garner public support."

Q: (L) "What caused the fire and explosion at the Pentagon? Was it a 757?
A: No, It was a drone craft specially modified to give certain "impressions" to witnesses. Even the windows were not "real."
The Wave Series Transcripts

Dr. Anderson:
(Not his real name... Who previously worked as a linguist for the Advance Contact Intelligence Organization)
"First of all, they're not evil. These organizations consist of well-educated elitists who're self-absorbed perhaps, but not evil.
They look at the world as a biological experience where the strong survive, the powerful thrive, and the secretive control. They
like being in control of the experience. They are the ultimate control freaks, but not for the sake of adoration or ego-
gratification, but for the sake that they genuinely believe they're the best at making policy decisions that effect the world's
economy and security.

So, don't confuse control with evil intent. It's not necessarily one and the same thing. That's the game they choose to play.
The fact that they make incredible sums of money, is simply part of the game, but it's not the reason they sit in the driver's seat
of the world's economy . . . they simply want to protect their life's agenda like anyone else would. It's just that they're in the
position to actually do it. They get their security from being at the top of the economic food-chain."

Anne: "But they're manipulating people and keeping information from them. If this isn't evil, what is?"
Dr. Anderson: "By your definition, our national government, our local government, virtually every business and organization, is
evil. Everyone manipulates and keeps information hidden. Governments, organizations, and individuals."

Anne: "You're twisting my words. It's a matter of degree isn't it? I mean, it's one thing if I don't tell you my true hair color, and it's
another thing if, as part of this secret network, I withhold information about how I'm manipulating the world economy. They're
entirely different in scale. You can't compare them. I still think it's evil when organizations manipulate and control things for their
own gain."
Dr. Anderson: "Believe me, I didn't set out to be the defender of these organizations, but you need to understand this because
it's important and it may effect you in the days ahead. This secret network of powerful organizations are more aligned with the
goals of the Labyrinth Group than our world's governments, and, in particular, our military leaders. If you're worried about
anything, you would be well advised to worry more about the administration, Congress, and the Department of Defense . . . not
only in the United States, but in every country."

Anne: "How can you say that? Are you saying that our government and military leaders are trying to cause us harm and these
secret, manipulative organizations are trying to help us?"
Dr. Anderson: "I'm saying that the leadership in the world's community of nations is inept, and can be bought with the holy
dollar. And that it's not the secret network that I've been talking about who's manipulating our government and military
leadership to invest huge amounts of money in destructive forces like nuclear and biological weapons. This, they're deciding on
their own.

The secret organizations that I'm pointing the finger at are opposed to these military build-ups because they interject a degree of
uncertainty in their models for controlling economic and social order. The politicians and military leaders are the ones who're
investing time, energy, and money in weapons of mass destruction, and these, if there is such a thing as evil, are it."

Anne: "Okay. I see your point. But you implied that these secret organizations would try and kill us if we published and
distributed all of this? I still don't see how that makes them so noble."
Dr. Anderson: "I don't think you have to be concerned about these secret organizations. You don't know enough to be
dangerous to them.

"I'm not making a value judgment as to whether these secret organizations are noble or not. I'm merely pointing out that they're
not the ones wasting huge sums of money and intellectual capital on weapons of mass destruction. They're significantly more
competent to rule than our politicians and military leaders are. And this is simply my opinion."

Dr. Anderson: "The choices of a fragmented (Separate nation) state leadership or anarchy are not suitable systems for
modern, civilized man. They invariably lead to imbalance and an inability to move from the old system to the new system. Before
the advent of long-range missile technology, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, this migration of the human race from
one system to another was not as critical. But the chasm that exists between systems as complex as economies and energy,
and in light of modern weapon’s technology, the Incunabula (The real power behind the elected powers) serve a vital role.

Everything within a democracy is consensus and the game is designed to shift consensual opinion and fix it on a specific
galvanizing target. If there’s sufficient resonance with the people, the shift can be manipulated. If there is not, the political will is
stymied. Leadership all over the world, unless it’s in a country like North Korea, is bound to this certainty, and nation’s leaders
are generally well schooled to operate within this reality.

The world’s leaders appear to wield a great deal of power, but it is really aggression – not power. True power is contained in the
acts of implementing a plan that is designed to enhance or optimize the position of humanity relative to its environment, and to
protect it from formidable threats. The key word is humanity, which is an analogue for the collective soul of every person on the
planet. It is not defined by ethnicity or geographical boundaries.

World leaders apply aggression to achieve their agendas, which always include a healthy dose of state greed and self-
aggrandizement. The concept of humanity is not a critical ingredient in their agenda. Their power, if that’s what you want to call
it, is a collective will of a small inner circle of political zealots who want to secure the benefits of their power for themselves first,
their state second, and their citizens third."

Anne: “So our political leaders lack real power because they’re absorbed in state agendas that exclude humanity as a whole?”
Dr. Anderson: “Please understand that I’m not condemning the individual leaders so much as I am the provincial state system,
which has been engineered to excite nationalism. The individual leaders assume the identity of the state system, which is largely
contrived around the single concept of patriotism.”

Anne: “So now you’re saying patriotism is the problem? I’m confused.”
Dr. Anderson: “Patriotism is the state catalyst. It is the means by which citizens are stirred to a response. It is also the means
by which leaders are directed to respond to issues or threats. Under this singular banner, wars have been prosecuted and
aggression veiled. It’s the ideal method that the state uses to enjoin its citizens to support its leadership.

I’m saying that the citizens’ identification with the state, or patriotism, is the real stumbling block to effectively deal with the issues
of humanity. The individual leaders are simply pawns within this structure that was engineered as a means to colonize the
weaker states.

If you truly want to express and apply your freewill, make it a personal religion to know the facts. Learn how to look behind the
stories that are being sold by the media and politicians, and form your own conclusions. Keep your doubt intact about
everything you’re told from the political stage, especially when you’re induced to be patriotic. It is one of the clearest signals to
be suspicious of what you’re being told.”

"The reason they (The powers-that-be) fund the ACIO (Advance Contact Intelligence Organization) is that they believe Fifteen
(ACIO Director) is the most brilliant man alive and they're aware of his general agenda to develop BST (Blank Slate

They see this technology as the ultimate safeguard against the prophecy and their ability to retain relative control of the world
and national economies. They also know Fifteen's strategic position with alien technologies and hope that between his genius,
and the alien technologies that the ACIO is assimilating, that BST is possible to develop before the prophecy occurs." -
Wingmakers Philosophy

"Q: (L) What happened to Flight 77?
It was landed and now resides, in part, in fourth density.

Q: (L) What do mean "in part," how can it be in part?
A: As we have mentioned before, certain bases have this property due to direct interaction with denizens of that realm.

Q: (L) And they talked about bases that have levels underground. (A) Well, 'in part' can mean mechanical part or the human
part. (L) Also, once they talked about bi-density beings that can move back and forth between 3rd and 4th density. So, exactly
what do you mean by this 'in part?'
A: Let us just say that the "human" part now resides at 5th density.

Q: (L) Well, the soul is what goes to 5th density. So that means that the bodies are still - well, somewhere. Did they later use
parts of these bodies to produce evidence at the crash site of 'remains?'
A: Parts is the correct word. Do you think that any of them could be "allowed" to survive?

Q: (A) I have a technical question because if it landed somewhere, question is, whether the standard military surveying
satellites, or whatever it is, know the place, or it disappeared completely before landing from normal satellite, or rather military,
A: It landed in the normal way.

Q: (A) Okay, then that means the military, and perhaps also the White House, knows that it landed and knows that...
A: White House knows little of what transpires in any case.

Q: (A) Right. But there are other spy satellites; some other countries may know that this story with flight 77 crashing at the
Pentagon is...
A: At those levels, there is only one "Master."

Q: (L) Those levels? What levels?
A: Levels that can hand down orders to bury or suppress.

Q: (L) So you're saying that even, for example French, Russian, Chinese satellites that might have noticed something, that
there is some level of control that can order such information to be buried or suppressed...(A) And the order will be respected?
A: Those who are at that level have been bought and paid for by both giving knowledge of upcoming cataclysmic vents, and
promised survival and positions of power after. It is not difficult to realize the there is a body of such types in positions of power
already. Power is not only attractive to such types, they are the kind most easily corrupted by it.

Q: (SB) So they've been bought and paid for by...(L) Telling them what's going to happen, telling them this is the only way to
survive and that they will be helped to survive. And then, telling them that once it's all over with, they can be in charge. Well, if
they were going to kill the people anyway, who were in Flight 77, why didn't they just simply use this Flight 77 to crash into the
A: Because the damage would not have been controllable otherwise.

Q: (L) Okay. We received a prediction on this terrorist bomb attack on February 25th (is now April 22, 1995), at which time you said
there would be a terrorist bomb attack in Washington D.C.
(Pentagon perhaps?) within a month or thereabouts, which was
related to an ongoing trial which was identified as the one of the Moslem terrorists
(Faults flag perhaps?) who bombed the Twin
Towers. Can you tell us if this is the bomb that was supposed to be set off in Washington, but was then moved to Oklahoma
because of security intensification?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, no terrorist bomb attack took place in Washington. Can you tell us why?
A: Yet.

Q: (L) It is yet to happen?
A: Open.

Q: (L) The bomb in Oklahoma is being connected to the Patriot movement. Is this, in point of fact, who is behind this attack?
A: There is no unified movement as such, in either purpose or direction. This is extremely fragmented!

Q: (J) I read that it may be related to the Branch Davidians. (L) Is that true?
A: No.

Q: (J) Loose cannons? (T) Are the one world government people behind it?
A: No.

Q: (L) Were the guys who did this just loose cannons?
A: Close.

Q: (L) So this was just... (J) A couple of fruitcakes got together and... (L) Fruited?
A: It is very easy to be manipulated, thus be confused and see demons where there are none and the opposite.

Q: (L) Are you saying that these guys were manipulated?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can you identify the source of the manipulation?
A: Varied.

Q: (L) Can you give us a couple of hints, here. Name one of the sources of the manipulation?
A: Lizard race.

Q: (T) Name another.
A: All their agents conscious and otherwise.

Q: (L) Can you tell us who are some of the human Lizard agents? (LM) Organizationally. (L) We won't tell!
A: All humans are at one "time" or another.

Q: (L) Okay, was the Oklahoma bombing done by the persons who have been arrested for it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was the Oklahoma bombing accomplished by the fertilizer bomb placed in the truck parked outside the building?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) It was not accomplished by any bomb inside the building?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was Timothy McVeigh influenced to do this by forces outside of himself?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Were these forces human or other?
A: Other.

Q: (L) Third Eye. What is this?
A: That is what they call themselves when pressed for an explanation by surface types, such as yourselves. They were the
inspiration for Masonic lore and Illuminati, too.

Q: (L) Does this "Third Eye" designation have a connotation of third eye abilities as we understand them?
A: Psychic. Masonic creed is intertwined with ancient order of Essenes, arising out of ancient Egypt, from the secret knowledge
stored at the base of the Sphinx, as left there by "Atlantean" survivors."

"Q: (L) Were the WTC buildings collapsed by internal sabotage, or simply as a result of being hit by jets?
A: Airplanes.

Q: (L) There was no internal sabotage?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What caused the buildings to collapse?
A: Structural weaknesses. (By making those 45% cuts in the structural support beams sown above?)

Q: (L) We watched one film that showed a strange, dark object, shooting down towards the ground. What was that?
A: 4th Density energy surge.

Q: (L) Where was it surging from and to?
A: Dome of destruction energy time lock to ground.

Q: (L) Are you saying that there was a dome of a time lock over this area? Do you mean that they put a "time lock" over this
area so that they could "harvest" bodies or energy?
A: Close.

Q: (BT) Was there any other purpose besides harvest?
A: Gathering records, gold, soul extraction.
Q: (L) What did they want the gold for?
A: 4th density uses gold for technology.

Q: (BT) Well, that is in many myths about the "gods" mining gold in antiquity. (L) Were they gathering records in the sense of
material objects?
A: Partly.

Q: (L) Might these records also have been an extraction of "records" from people as they were dying?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) For what purpose did they intend to use the souls that were extracted?
A: Remolecularization. (See Oak Island HERE)

Q: What will they used these remolecularized beings for?
A: Insert them back into building to escape and be rescued.

Q: (L) Are you saying that this was an opportunity used as a very traumatic screen event of a mass abduction, so to say?!
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was done to these people who were abducted? Was there a specific reason for a mass abduction?
A: Turn on the programs.

Q: (TB) So, those who "escaped" are very likely programmed individuals turned loose in our society. People with programs set
to make them run amok at some point?
A: Close.

Q: (P) Why was WTC7 collapsed?
A: Cover up command center and other wrong-doing including secret records (To hide the paper trail of trillions of dollars
missing from Pentagon records?).

Q: (Pl)  What percentage of the alleged Palestinian suicide bombings over the past 6 years have actually been carried out by
Palestinian suicide bombers?
A: 0.05%

Q: (L) I would like to know if there is going to be any further manipulations of the population in terms of terrorist attacks and
such things might further the negative agenda that is presently underway?
A: No doubt! You are looking at men who are so desperate that they have nothing to lose at this point.

Q: (L) Are The Rosicrucian's a worldwide organization that promotes itself so blatantly...
A: Well, the "world-wide" order is not all inclusive.

Q: (L) Is there an inner circle of this order that is unknown?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the Rosicrucian's connected to the Masons?
A: In a roundabout away. Masonic creed is intertwined with ancient order of Essenes, arising out of ancient Egypt, from the
secret knowledge stored at the base of the Sphinx, as left there by "Atlantean" survivors.

Q: (L) Are the Illuminati connected to the Rosicrucian's in any way?
A: Same.

Q: The government, our government, the U.S. government, is holding 36 craft of one kind or another that they got in one way or
another. How many other governments have craft?
A: All is one.

Q: (L) We already have a one-world government is what they're saying. (T) Yes, they're just waiting to make it official somehow.
(L) Let me ask. What is...
A: Has been so for long time, as you measure time. (309,000 yrs. approx.  since the conception of, so called "Lizard Rule"
begot  the "fall" in the Garden of our Eden?)

Q: Who burned the library at Alexandria, since I have heard two stories, one that the Christians did it and the other the Arabs.
A: Neither
Q: Who DID burn it?
A: Sword keepers of "the lock."

Q: Who are the Sword Keepers of the Lock?
A: Has to do with Illuminati.

Q: What was their purpose in burning this library?
A: What is the purpose in burning ANY library?

Q: To destroy knowledge. Prevent other people from having access to it. Why was the high priest of the Egyptian rites called
"Chief of the Observers?"
A: Self-explanatory.

Q: (L) What is the "ultimate secret" being protected by the Consortium?
A: You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment.

Q: (T) When you say this is the ultimate secret, that we're being "protected" from by the government, are we talking about the
ultimate secret of humans only here?
A: Basically.

Q: (T) The ultimate secret of the human race is that we are an experiment that other humans are conducting on the rest of us?
A: Part.

Q: (T) Okay, does the other part have to do with the Lizards?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Other aliens also?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, so, are the humans who are running the experiment, do they know that they are part of the experiment also?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) And they're doing this willingly?
A: They have no choice.

Q: (L) Why do they have no choice?
A: Already in progress.

Q: (T) What is the experiment about?
A: Too complicated for you to understand.

Q: (J) I hate it when that happens! (T) Okay, is this part of, is this about the experiment the Lizzies are doing of dominating us
and sucking us dry?
A: Yes, but there's much more than that, you will understand at level 4. (The next realm of consciousness for some)

Q: (L) The Illuminati has been described as being behind or with the brotherhood which has been described as being in
connection with the Lizard beings...
A: Close. But not that simple.

Q: (L) Well, if the Quorum is the good guys and the Illuminati is the bad guys, and they both are at the high levels of
Freemasonry, what is the story here?
A: Picture a circle or cycle first now then contemplate for a moment before follow up.

Q: (L) Okay, I am contemplating a cycling circle.
A: Now, two halves representing positive and negative. Two halves. (Yin/Yang)

Q: (L) Well, what I am getting out of that is the two halves and both sides are playing with the human race. Is that it?
A: No. This is complicated but if you can learn and understand, it will be a super revelation.

Q: (L) Well, go ahead and explain.
A: Ask step by step.

Q: (L) Why do we so often have to ask things step by step?
A: In order to absorb the information.

Q: (L) The Quorum is described as the good guys. The Illuminati is described as bad guys. And yet, they are both Masonic.
When a person in the Masonic organization reaches the higher levels, are there individuals at the higher levels recruiting
masons to one side or the other?
A: First, not exactly one side or another.

Q: (L) I am beginning to not understand something here because if the Lizzies... (Often the question is answered before is fully
A: Unblock.

Q: (L) I don’t have a block here. If the brotherhood AKA Illuminati AKA Lizzies AKA beast are the ones who are going to do
detrimental things to this planet, how are they related or connected to the Quorum which is in touch with...
A: This will take time to explain be patient it will be worth it.

Q: (L) Well, are you going to explain it right now?
A: Ask step by step.

Q: (L) Okay. What is the nature of evil?
A: Blend.

Q: (L) Are the Lizzies what we would consider to be evil?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the Cassiopaeans what we would consider to be good?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Yet, do the Cassiopaeans use and manipulate the Lizzies to accomplish certain things?
A: No.

Q: (L) The Lizzies work independently and in opposition to the Cassiopaeans?
A: Independently, not in opposition.

Q: (L) Well then, is there somebody over and above this whole project...
A: We serve others therefore there is no opposition. Careful now. Step by step. If you do not fully understand answer ask

Q: (L) Part of a whole. Part of a circle.
A: Blend.

Q: (L) Does this mean...
A: Picture a blending colored circle image.

Q: (L) Are you saying that at some levels the two halves overlap?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Are you saying that some of the Quorum are good guys and bad guys and the same for the Illuminati because the two
are on opposing sides of the circle but at the point of blending one is weighted more to one side and the other to the other
side? And these organizations are where the interactions come together?
A: Closer.

Q: (L) Let’s leave it for the time being.
A: No. Now please.

Q: (L) Okay. So it is a blending. Does it have something to do with ... in your case service to others means that you even serve
those who serve self, is that correct?
A: Yes; we serve you and the Lizards have programmed your race to self service remember.

Q: (L) Well, I am down a notch or two. So, I am still a service to self individual to some extent, is that correct?
A: But moving slowly toward service to others. Not all humans are.

Q: (L) Does this mean that when people who are members of the Quorum or Illuminati call for information or help, that you,
because of your service to others orientation are obliged to answer whoever calls?
A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) What is the no part.
A: If vibrational frequencies are out of pattern we do not connect.

Q: (L) Is the work of the Lizzies part of an overall grand plan or design?
A: All is.

Q: (L) Let’s go on. I am depressed because you guys told me I was a bad person.
A: You are not a bad person.

Q: (L) Well, I am feeling pretty crummy right now.
A: Lizzies induced. (The service-to-self orientation is absorber polarity that feeds off negative emotion)

Q: (L) You mean my crummy feelings are Lizzie induced?
A: As always.

Q: (L) Well I am feeling crummy because you guys let me know that I am in the same sinking boat as the rest of the poor slobs
on this miserable planet. I was working pretty hard to get out of the boat.
A: Silliness; you’re in your own boat.

Q: (L) I would like to know where Dr. Usui got the Reiki symbols?
A: Must answer question.

Q: (L) What question? The Quorum and Illuminati question?
A: You will feel ecstasy once answered.

Q: (L) Okay. A blending. Yet two halves.
A: Of a circle.

Q: (L) Who designed this circle?
A: Natural frequency wave. Some near conjunction blend both service patterns and each “camp” to create perfect balance.

Q: (L) Okay, so the Illuminati are the higher level on the pathway of service to self and somehow, by reaching these higher levels
may have come to realizations or frequencies which have caused their position to be modified or blended to where service to self
becomes or incorporates or moves them to service to others realizations, is this correct?
A: Continue.

Q: (L) Okay, the ones in the Quorum are those who are focused on service to others and they, in their pathway of service to
others begin to understand that some service to self is service to others.
A: Close.

Q: (L) And the whole idea is to blend both pathways no matter which direction you come to it from?
A: Service to others provides the perfect balance of those two realities; service to self is the diametrical opposite closing the
grand cycle in perfect balance.

Q: (L) So it is necessary to have a pathway of service to self in order for the pathway of service to others to exist?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And those who are in the Quorum and the Illuminati ...
A: Blends in middle.

Q: (L) So it is necessary to have the darkness in order to have the light...
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And it is necessary to have the Lizzies in order to have the Cassiopaeans...
A: Close.

Q: (L) And both groups evolved through the Masonic organizations...
A: Freemasonry is human reflection in physical of these processes.

Q: (L) Okay, thank you very much. I think that is all for tonight.
A: Good Night." - The Wave Series Transcripts

Many people became up-set when Edward Snowden claimed that the NSA has the ability to hear, and read every word they
say or write on their communication devices. I have known for many years now that;

"Q: (L) Are Terry and Jan’s phones tapped?
A: Phone “taps” are no longer necessary.

Q: (L) Why?
A: Technology advancements.

Q: (L) You mean they can listen to us without tapping our phones?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can they listen to us over the phones even when the phones are hung up?
A: Can.

Q: (T) Can they listen to us through the TV through the infra-red frequency?
A: Again, technology has advanced beyond that. Walls have “ears.” Satellites can monitor any conversation or meeting." -
Wave Series Transcripts

Then I assume that the Confederation (guardians of planet earth?) stayed away from Earth (Due to fear of
creating distortions within violation of free-will directive #1?) for a period of time. What condition created the next contact that
the Confederation made?
Ra: I am Ra. In approximately 3,600 of your years in the past, as you measure time, there was an influx of those of the Orion
group, as you call them. Due to the increasing negative influences upon thinking and acting distortions, they were able to begin
working with those whose impression from olden times, as you may say, was that they were special and different.

An entity of the Confederation, many, many thousands of your years in the past, the one you may call “Yahweh,” had, by genetic
cloning (Annunaki?), set up these particular biases among these peoples who had come gradually to dwell in the vicinity of
Egypt, as well as in many, many other places, by dispersion after the down-sinking of the land mass Mu. Here the Orion group
found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity, these seeds, as always, being those of the elite, the different, those
who manipulate or enslave others.

The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon
the peoples the name Yahweh as the one responsible for this elitism. Yahweh then was able to take what you would call stock of
its vibratory patterns and became, in effect, a more eloquently effective sound vibration complex.

In this complex the old Yahweh, now unnamed, but meaning “He comes,” began to send positively oriented philosophy. This was
approximately, in your past, of 3,300 years. Thus, the intense portion of what has become known as Armageddon was joined."
The Law of One

It seems to me that there is only one way to prevent the energy Old World Disorder requires to maintain it domination.
Do not play into its fear based negativity which seeks to pit us one against the other keeping us locked within this Hell, fire and
damnation low resonate frequency, because human emotion creates energy, energy then creates reality. Therefore, negative
energy creates negative reality, whereas, positive energy creates positive reality.

Let us transcend the negative, let us begin to reexamine our collective thoughts in order to become the change we wish to see.

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy
the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen
of his plight." - John F. Kennedy, speaking at Columbia University
10 days before being murdered.

"If the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have
done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."
George H.W. Bush 1992

Bill Clinton once reportedly told senior White House
reporter Sarah McClendon..., “Sarah, there’s a government
inside the government, and I don’t control it.”

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is
imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." -
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli of England (1844)

"All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will
accept the New World Order."  "People yield themselves with
perfect docility to our molding hands." -
David Rockefeller

"The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other
governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret
societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the
last moment upset all the governments' plans." -
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli of England (1876)

"War in Iraq is a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of
cooperation. Out of these troubled times...a new world order can emerge."
George H.W. Bush  

It appears that Orson Wells was one of the first to coin the phrase
New World Order. The first time I heard the phrase being used
in the media was during Ronald Reagan's farewell address.
Today the phrase "NWO" is all over the Internet.

However, it appears that most people today have the misconception that
an ethical world order is becoming birthed, not realizing that first they must
endure the dieing breath of old world moralistic disorder.

I have found much evidence to support the possibility that planet earth has
been under a one world government chain-of-command from the time of our,
so called "fall" in The Garden of our Eden approx. 309,000 years ago.

Its primary economic base of power resides within the separate
nation state of The

Its primary religious power base resides within the
separate nation state of

And its Military Industrial Complex under the guise of NATO resides within the
separate nation state of The
DISTRICT of COLUMBIA (Washington D.C.)

With all aspects under their control the powers-that-be
hope to close the net.

However, their wishful thinking has blinded them from realizing that
the energy field which allowed them to dominate for countless
generations is diminishing, shifting into a different frequency.

There is so much evidence to consider as to why planet earth has
been at perpetual war with its-self, and a page or two on this, or on
any other related website will not begin to scratch the surface
in order to fully explain the possible motives behind it all.

Topics such as chemtrails, 9-11-01, Bilderberg, Mark of the Beast,
terrorism, war, FEMA camps, ...etc.. are but symptoms of something
much greater working from behind the scene.

Once fertile ground was found, the seed of disorder was then planted. Once
the seed began to germinate, the vultures then begin to feast. We obviously
were/are the fertile ground the vultures required.

If you wish to better understand why, you must become willing to
consider evidence not covered within the official stories of mainstream
medias... because those who govern governments also control
what is stated within the mainstream media in order to discredit
evidence that does not sharpen the ax of those who rule.

Therefore, is obviously why George Bush Jr. was instructed to state;

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the
attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the
blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."
-  George W. Bush

The question is; who are the true masterminds behind terrorism?

Unbeknownst to most, the ruling class elite have technology that can, not
only pin point a cockroach in a rain forest, but can also hear every word
said by anyone on this planet that they wish to hear. Therefore, if they
had the desire to prevent terrorism, they could.

Most people also have not yet realized that the ruling class elite are
mandated by their logos/creator to use their various medias to
forewarn us, their subjects in order to free them from karmic
entanglement, and that it is up to us to pay
attention to the warning signs.

Not only were there countless people who perceived the 9-11 event moments
before it occurred, but the ruling class also warned us ahead of time. One of
these warning came within the first episode of the Lone Gunmen series.

And if you goggle Ole Dammegard, you will discover how he is able
to predict where and when the ruling elite are/were planning to attack next.
Beams cut off at The Twin Towers

Once I saw images of beams that had been cut off at 45% angles,
I then knew how the towers were brought down.

Then once I began to realize the revenue streams the 9-11 war on
terror had created for the ruling class, and how the event had
caused people to become slaves to fear... I then knew why.

You see... terrorism was never a Muslim phenomenon, it has
always been a Mossad phenomenon. Think about it... Who has
been at war for thousands of years? Whatever the Israeli Authority
is, it has been using the ignorance within Christianity to fight
Israels generation war for them, while Western corporations
continue making trillions off of world wide blood shed.
Has Luciferís bloodline been running the show behind the scene since before Atlantis?
Welcome to
Old World