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In order to understand the physics which govern the creation and how the multi-verse maintains
homeostasis/balance, one must firstly try to understand the processes as it is reflected in, what most call "the
natural world" which reflects the natural cycles/ages within the non-physical realms of the creation.

The physics which govern these cycles is apparently where Primary Creator wears many different hats (you/I/us/we)
in order to learn of its-self, its full potential. New expressions of its-self are being discovered on a regular basses
through you/I/we/us, the participating observer(s), its many-ness.

It is my understanding, based upon thousands of hours of study and observation that all of creation is under the
governance of cycles within many cycles. Some are short. Female menstrual cycles are approx. 28 days in duration,
seasonal cycles are approx. 3 months long, a generational cycle is approx 20 years, a minor cycle is approx. 25,750
years long or one time through the galactic center.

Whereas, a grand cycle is 12 x through the galactic center for a total of 309,000 years (as we measure the illusion of
space/time) And, it must be that there may be cycles that are much longer where everything within the creation
reboots its-self in order to restart this experiential learning process over again.

The question is; Are we now beginning a minor or grand cycle? Evidence of these cosmic shifts can be witnessed
within what I term "The Mayan Creation Perfection Cycles", Time Wave Zero and in over forty other prophetic
teachings on my Prophecy page
(HERE), and within The Law of One, The Talmud of Jmmanuel, The Wave Series
Transcripts, The Dialogue with Hidden_Hand, The Wing Makers and in many other related materials that can be found
on my  Resource Material page

As you may understand, if you have read my Primary Home Page or the thoughts I posted within other locations
throughout this website, or on my Facebook newsfeed, as long as mankind continues to maintain its desire for
conquest and maintains its desire for excessive wealth, the inner opportunist will continue to have opportunity.

Because; "The STS (Our inner selfishness) Controlled Matrix Seeks to Alter Creation Processes to Fit Their Ends
and that; "Political problems have root in effort to suppress knowledge already gained in limited quarters for
purposes of control of civilization."

And; the "Lord of the Serpent (from the Garden of our Eden?) promises its followers infinite power which they must
seek infinite knowledge as they find infinite wisdom, for which they search for all infinity...

And therein you have the deception!

Remember, those who seek to serve self with supreme power, are doomed only to serve others who seek to serve
self, (within the judgmental elitist hierarchical mentality) and can only see that which they want to see" -
The Wave Series Transcripts

So what can we do to overcome our inner selfishness and create a better future for our kids?

Firstly, understand that; "A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.
We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion
of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a
few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living
creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and
the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of
thinking if humanity is to survive."  -
Albert Einstein

To fulfill this task one must first understand how we create karmic entanglements that requires the aid of the
potentiator in order to help us untangle our own-selfishness. We are often taught to hate people that we do not
understand and/or agree with based upon skin color and/or religious ideals that we believe conflict with our own.

So we are often convinced by our own inner darkness that hatred and warring are the only recourse not realizing we
play right into the will of our own inner darkness, thus creating the negative energies our selfish-self requires for its

If we convince our-self that others are inferior to us we then, in our next experience may become subservient in
order to fully experience the other side of the dualistic coin. Therefore, if we love war, we will then create war, but
when that war comes knocking at our door we often forget that it was our collective subconscious desire to hate
which created that reality.

It also appears that the Beast/666/Anti-Christ is not a personage, per se, but rather is our own inner darkness
being made manifest in the form of an enslaving debt based economy with desires to maintain it superiority.

Therefore, various non-physical souls claim that each time we enter an agreement with the Corporate Moral Crapacy,
whether we sign a physical agreement or we simply enter one of their health care centers (i.e. hospitals, clinics or an
AMA trained doctor's office), when we hook-up to one of their various grid systems (i.e. electrical, cable, cell phones.
etc.). When we enter one of their corporate grocery or dry goods centers (i.e. Walmart), we use their educational
system (i.e. grade, trade school or college);

Whenever we turn on one of their electronic consumer driven devices (i.e. radio, TV), each time we use their human
resource services (i.e. 911, welfare, job placement, family planning etc.) whenever we place monies into one of their
debt based investment systems (i.e.
The Beast/Visa/stock market) and even when we bow our head in one of
their corporately owned 501c3 tax exempt Abrahamic houses of worship, we give our power away, we voluntarily
hand over our own free-will to the inner darkness which is reflected as a physical Crusader, thus remaining the willing
slaves of
Old World Moralistic Disorder.  

Evidence is being suppressed that demonstrates that, not only are cell phone towers/WiFi the back-up system for
HAARP mental manipulation, but may also be the primary cause of honey bee colony collapse and some forms of

Also that legal psychotropic drugs and the consumption of aspartame, the fluoride used in our drinking water and
other such chemicals, and even the very computer screen that you are now viewing this website with all contribute to
the lowering of resonate frequency which creates a comatose Alpha wave state that is primed for hypnotic

Therefore, many of us today have made a conscious choice to think independently, rather than allowing the control
matrix to tell us how to think. We are recycling, restoring and reusing rather than filling up the landfills, and learning
to take responsibility for our own health care, being extremely cautious regarding our involvement with their toxic
vaccinations and their American Medical Association snake oil salesmen who are programmed to pill & bill treating only
the symptoms rather than the cause.

And doing our own research in order to rediscover what natural healing knowledge and other truths these various
Old World Disorder Corporations have been suppressing from us by maiming our minds with conformity, as they
continue domesticating us like pets to profit from.

However, rather than return their challenge with further blood shed, violence and tyranny, (thus remaining within the
same fear based short wave resonate frequency which created the problem) some of us have elected to meet their
challenge with peaceful civil disobedience by working to begin creating self-sustaining communal societies.

We, therefore have chosen to produce our own nutrition and barter whenever possible for what we need as we
continue to sever our dependence on their various grid systems, turning off their various consumer driven
propaganda, home schooling our children, caring for our elderly rather than placing them in care homes,

seeking the commonalities within the other-self rather than dwelling upon the differences in order to begin restoring
community to our neighborhoods. And seeking our entertainment in the mundane in order to become that change
we wish to see. Therefore, working to restore our personal sovereignty and regain our self-respect.

For we fear not the powers-that-be, but rather are willing to sacrifice our modern comforts until the powers-that-be
begin to fear our resolve. And we say to all who are observing us; "Do not fear that which you do not understand,
instead seek to learn. Do not be one who turns away from awareness in fear, for there is much being held in the

“There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than knowledge, and no other savior than that of the
power of the spirit” – Talmud of Jmmanuel

Yet, the truth most seek can only allow freedom if the seeker can learn to set any bias aside that the seeker may
have because "ALL" people, places, events and things are inner connected throughout all of the creation. Therefore,
if one starves, the whole goes without.

Once one begins to realize this, clarity begins to avail its-self. However, that clarity is tangled up, laced within
distortions and these distortions vary at the various lower levels of consciousness. Therefore, if one is unwilling to
carefully consider "All" possibilities, this one will never see the big picture.

In order to see the big picture one must continue to seek, to rediscover that which resonates deep within, that
which makes the most sense out of the meretricious disinformation campaign out there begging for our attention.
Again, one must set bias aside in order to explore every possible ideal, to consider each reality and weight it on a
scale despite what others may think they believe.

"Does the bird fly because it has wings, or rather does it have wings because it flies?.....,

If one learns to connect the dots, one can then untie the worst of knots....,

A change in world view can change the world viewed....,

Knowledge (true love) protects, ignorance (limitation) endangers" -
The Wave Series Transcripts

Unfortunately, spoken vocabulary inhibits revelation of the great works of each earth age more than any other
device. Words can only hint at how things really are, or what is to come. Therefore, mine, nor will words from any
source truly aid in your personal discovery of the multi-verse that you are.

The currently unaware consciousness of the human mind can only be reawakened through lack of bias, as
preconceived notions block true awareness. Once one can overcome their preconceived notions, this one can then
allows its-self into the realms of nothingness where the true-self hears Prime Creator speak, not in sound, but
rather in thought. Thought is all there is. Thought is the creational force. It can either create, or it can destroy.
It is us, and always has been for us to decide our own collective fate.  

Do you wish to see change? Then change how you think. Begin by learning to seek the similarities within the others,
or continue to dwell on the difference. Will you pickup the nail in the driveway? Will you look back to see if you can
hold the door open for those behind you? Will you build bat boxes to help the species thrive, or will you continue
spraying toxic poisons on your farmlands that, not only kill the mosquitoes, the bats, but also your own earth-suits
as well? Again, you are the co-creator of your-own reality/destiny.  

Every person having conscious awareness within the creations multi-verse (you are having multiple experiences, but
can only know one at a time) can feel that something big is about to happen. However, everyone has their own
speculations. Some are based on religious dogma, while others seem to sense change.

However, most seem to reside within a state of blissful ignorance believing; "I don't think it will happen in my lifetime"
or that something or someone will magically appear to "save us" from the natural changes ahead, while others are
beginning to understand that even if they are no longer residing within an earth-suit during this shift they will still be

In that, it is quite possible an individual will not notice much personal change within the conscious mind until the
individual has taken leave of their earth-suit and has played out its preconceived notions (co-creations).

All of us, although most will not admit to it, feel empty, that a piece is missing. There is! People having awareness
within this limited realm of consciousness subconsciously, or as some like to term it "unconsciously" miss being part
of the complex mind that most would call "God", or "good".

We can no longer feel the connection (the silver thread which connects us) because we are fallen into selfish desire,
thus are being allowed to co-create within a selfish fear based energy field. However, we were never really
disconnected from all that is or we would not have an awareness. We'd be like unplugged microwave ovens. We are
still plugged in, we are just not consciously aware of it.

Also, 3D and, within the lower octaves of 4D realms of consciousness are the last octaves where we can maintain
deceptions. You may have heard the phrase; "Its the secrets that we keep, that keep us sick". As you return, or
reunify with your truer-self, there will be less and less "place" for secrets to hide.

I will know your thoughts (I'll see them within the beautiful colors that thought creates) and you will know mine. Try
to imagine the freedom in this. No more shame and guilt because it will have no place to propagate.  

To conclude I wish to give my reader further summation based on all I've read, and the observations that I've made
during the many years I've resided within this current incarnation; As real as the physical world appears to be, it is
not. But rather is an illusion being generated within our collective subconscious much like a computer simulation is
created in order to accelerate learning, to allow choice.

Within this illusion we are given unique challenges to see how we react to stimuli. If we can not learn to control the  
greed-filled selfish nature of our separate selfish-self here, then what makes us believe we will, or are within our
other experiences?

Once the selfish-self learns to create order (non-desire for self gratification, nor desire to control the will of the other
selves) out of chaos (fear, greed and control), this fragment is then free to rejoin the unified field of consciousness.
Aka "God".

Therefore, I challenge you to forgive the rattle snake which seems to bite your hand, for the snake is your
potentiator, rather than your enemy. Thus, it appears that 12-21-2012 was about a new energy field designed to
allow those willing an opportunity to usher in a New World Order based upon unity (all of equal parts working
together for the greater good of the whole), rather than a continuation of the fear based Old World of Disorder
which was created by the separate selfish-self to dominate through its desire.

In the days ahead we may witness the selfish-self try to further justify its-self. Once it can not, it may then resort to
the self-survival mode of a cornered animal. However, if we wish to stop the wheel of karmic entanglement that our
thoughts and selfish desires have co-created, we must learn to forgive the selfish-self in order for all to heal.

Therefore, love the selfish-self, for it knows not what it does, but rather is merely a programmed player, a mirror
reflecting back to us what we have co-created within our limited conceptualization.

Just as was in the days of Atlantis, a "time" may come when you will have the option to directly interface with the
DO NOT! Stay clear of man-made technology, it is an artificial intelligence. An intelligence that has and will
continue to dominate your souls matrix.

But rather, seek to remember the timeless connection you already are within universal consciousness. You are much
like a radio receiver that is currently out of tune. Do not be fooled, you are the true light waiting to, once again shine
(re-tune) within. You do not need any outside of your-self savior, guidance nor technology, but only open minded
willingness as your guide.

Use your own inner light/Christness within as a BS detector because, depending upon what time line becomes active
a full blown service to self savior may become manifest claiming to be the messiah that the Abrahamic Covenant co-
created. And if any religious idealism requires our worship, our admiration, it is selfish co-dependency, PERIOD!!!!
Therefore, beware of the wolf in sheep's skin. Heaven is within, and not without.

The coming cycle frequency shift will, if you are willing, re-tune your inner receiver, thus begin reconnecting your-self
to your higher-self. You do not have to do anything but become willing to recover from your addiction to the
physical world and the chaos we have co-created within this learning adventure.

Most do not stay here long enough to read this far. I know, it's a lot to take in. I have been working to reckon with
these concepts for many years now and have also struggled to untangle the, what seems an oxymoronic paradox
between free-will and destiny. But the deeper I went, the more pieces I put together, the more it began to make

Our free-will choices co-created our currently reality long before we began playing our various roles here, and now it
is merely playing its-self out. Is it now time to choose our next roles?

I am most honored that, whether or not you understood, nor desired to understand the concepts presented, you at
least stayed long enough to try to understand. I now understand why most of you do not stay here long. Most of
you are the true explorers, therefore subconsciously are just not ready to understand because you still have more
to explore within your various roles.

Therefore, I say; Do not fear the coming changes. Each fragment of the whole will enjoy a different experience based
upon their willingness, and the lesson they preplanned for their own growth. Therefore, despite what you may think
about the other-self, all fragments have a role to play which is created by a loving energy that can never dissipate.

Nothing can put your inner light (God) out. Therefore, see these changes for the grand opportunity that it is and
feel most honored to be part of the process.

Also, live your life knowing that you are being watched by your-own higher-self, and that your every thought is
being recorded for your later review, and that the only screw-up is the one you do not learn from.

With that all stated, I now wish you the very best on your inner journey of self-discovery.

After all, it is your duty to the One Infinite Creator to allow it to fully express its-self through you.  

Yet, worship none, but rather be grateful to all, for all are fragments of the same whole!

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