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Was Stonehenge created using sound wave focusing?
Vedic Tree of Life
Ancient Wisdom

It seems that those whom survived the last great flood,
did so by relocating to higher ground bringing with them
Atlantean technology.

"Q: (L) In many ancient ruins there are coil or spiral  
symbols. What is the origin and meaning of this symbol?
A: Energy collector translevel; Stonehenge is a coil. The
missing stones form a coil arrangement.

People have been “zapped” at Stonehenge.

Q: (L) What is it about Stonehenge?
A: Its location. It attracted those spirit types on the proper
frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to
receive coded communications in code telepathically, in
order not to have to chase around the countryside reading
encoded pictographs. (The Aubrey holes were used for

Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to
receive the information telepathically?
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation. The
spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the
wave and focusing thought wave transference energy.

It utilizes/transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit,
by breaking down signal from universal language of intent
into language of phonetic profile.

This is for multiple user necessity.

Q: (L) Multiple user necessity implies that a number of
people must do the spiral. Is that correct?
A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the
same thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when
properly sculpted
sings to you".
The Wave Series Transcripts.
The commentary on this website is of Fair Use. If any portion is used, please give the website a back link http://www.focusonrecovery.net

"I am the great and powerful Oz"; "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish
from it." "You shall have no other god
(Wizard) before me." Are these the words of a loving Father/Creator or a paranoid  

In a realm filled with various ideals and interpretations of such ideals regarding faith, one has much to consider. Is the term
"salvation" referring to freedom from continuous cycles of physicality? Did Constantine really convert to Christianity, or rather did
he convert Christianity to conform to his faith in the rising sun/son god
Mithras? Are all the various Abrahamic cults based upon  
this same form of Astral Theology?

One will only believe what one wishes to believe, and nothing anyone says or does will change what another believes if the one
truly desires to believe what one believes to be true. However, it is my belief that if my reader does not at least try to understand
texts such as
The Wave Series and The Law of One, my reader will remain blind to the great work of this earth age.

(Links to much of my reference material can be found at the bottom of this page)   

It appears that we are all programed to various degrees to fear what we do not understand. Therefore, one is only free once
one can set their bias to any and all preconceived notions aside. It appears that what people fear most is hopelessness. If one
believes it has no hope, this one then feels no desire to progress.

By reading texts such as
The Law of One, The Wave Series, Seth and The Dialogue with Hidden_Hand, one begins to
realize a planned grand drama taking place on planet earth and beyond. Yet those feeling fearful to consider such evidence will
continue to remain within a state of blissful ignorance. Therefore, "How can you present anything to ones who have no desire to
have their belief system challenged?

They will believe what they want to believe, and nothing you or I can say is likely to make any difference. It becomes ingrained at
a subconscious level, and when a belief structure becomes that insidious, the only way it is likely to change is through a 'mystical
experience' or such a personal demonstration of 'another way' in the life lived by 'another', that one cannot fail but to notice that
there is 'something different' about them. How can you reach such as these? Only by example". -
claims to be a member of the social memory complex that calls its-self "

I, too, have nothing to prove, nor disprove to anyone, all I am asking is that my reader reserve judgement in order to consider
other realities outside of the hierarchy of religiosity, the mass enslaver.

After spending most of my adult life studying various versions of what I now term "
Constantine's Bible" I felt there was
something missing from The Christ story so I began to seek. I asked for evidence and within a few days of my request a link to
Nag Hammadi Library (Apocrypha) came to my email box in which I read every word of. I then read The Book of Enoch,
The Law of One and all the related material I could find on the Internet.

However, this is not to say that any of these texts are 100% accurate. I have evidence that
"all" the materials listed at the bottom
of this web page have their share of distortions which are caused by the limited perspective and/or the bias held by each
interpreter, or conduit of intelligent infinity. Therefore, it then becomes
the duty of the reader to read any text with a hint of
, searching deep within to see if what the reader reads is congruent with the "still small voice" of intelligent infinity
which resides deep within each fragment of the whole (thought forms, people, you/I/us/we) as our guide.

If one has not read "
ALL" of the material listed at the bottom of this web page, then how can one call what one has not read,
therefore does not understand "Evil"? I read everything then decide for myself what is probable or not. However, because of the
bias coming from what I term "
The Control Matrix of Religiosity" many appear to have been lead to believe that the social
memory complexes, one of which calls its-self "
Ra" claimed its-self to be God or a god. However, this is not the case, but far from
It. It also appears that many social memory complexes exist within the creation, and that we are also members of various social
memory complexes when not residing within this self created 3D physical classroom within the space/time continuum.

Many of these complexes have become manifest into singular humanoid type beings of light "Angelic" throughout our history.
Some watch, some teach and some are a catalyst acting as an exciter testing our resolve that allows us choice which then allows
us to learn, to express and to progress as Prime Creator experiences the potential of its-self. Recordings of their many visits can
be found in
The Land of Ur, Egypt, The Americas and other various locations throughout our history.

The social memory complex that calls itself
"Ra" claims to teach mankind the principles of The Law of One. These, along with
the aid of other various civilizations claim to be residing within our time line in order to help with the harvest that the last physical
service to the other-self orientation, that most call "Jesus of Nazareth" foretold during his various manifestations hoping to
prevent us from becoming lukewarm, unbalanced, therefore unharvestable.

It is claimed by one source that many of us are part of The Yahweh Confederation simply because Yahweh is the name given for
our co-creator or planetary logos. Another claims there is none known of as Yahweh. Yet, another claims Yahweh is a moniker. A
faction of the Orion Confederation where we currently are having conscious awareness. Like all soul groupings we have both the
orientations of service-to-self and the service-to-others potential. Yet it is the service-to-self orientation that is said to be,
depending upon one's perspective "
the demons" who do not desire to be part of The One Infinite Creator, but rather are said to
create fear and uncertainty within our negative emotions then feed off the
loosh energies created much as a physical parasite
feeds off of blood plasma. However, from the "
bigger picture" are all in service to the One Infinite or Prime Creator? This is
where the paradox begins. Can two opposing thoughts be correct? This all depends on ones perception.

As difficult as all this may be for most people to understand, we appear to reside in a realm of illusion and confusion where
nothing is what it seems, nothing is by coincidence and luck plays no part in the plan. It is quite possible that we are all members
of a cosmic Broadway show where each of us is acting out our various roles in this play called "Life in Physicality." Each fragment
is gleaming various experience to share with our various soul groupings. Where we view our-selves as separate individuals, we
are not, but rather are a collective, thus all are inner connected. We each have an individual personality, and are located within
earth-suits of various sizes, shapes and colors, but when viewed from the bigger picture, we are all seen as one. Therefore, we
have no enemy per se, but only our "perception" of evil, and our bias and ignorance.  

As I read through
The Law of One and the other various material, the ancient sayings repeated by the last physical service-to-
others manifestation (christ-ness) began making more sense to me. I have concluded that much of The Christ story was omitted,
and some was embellished. Why? Political/religious manipulation perhaps? However, within
The Law of One, the Discourse
with Hidden_Hand
and the other related material listed below, even if the materials are based on the various personal
perceptions of the interpreters, each account does posses many valuable life lessons for any serious seeker to consider
adopting into their life.

Warnings Regarding Sound Vibrations; Within some of the various translations of ancient texts you will notice that the given
name for the last service-to-others physical manifestation (advanced life form) has been translated to "
Jesus." I am still not sure
if this was done with the intent to
further deceive us, or if it was just an unfortunate mistake by well intended translators
"filters", as even
The Law of One material refers to Jesus as "Jehoshuah." And the Waves Series Transcripts uses the name

Warnings Regarding Channeled Information; "My general view of "channellings" is that the majority of them are of very poor
quality. That is not necessarily a slight against those bringing them through, but more a matter of their lack of receptivity and
subsequent distortions. It is very rare, to find a good, stable, clear, and impartial channel. The key element in channeling is the
ability to temporarily withdraw the "filters" of your own personal beliefs (in order to become a clear channel) and be a clear

To bring through what is actually given, not your slant on what you think it might mean. When I am saying 'you', I mean this in a
general term of course here, not 'you' personally. Always remember that it's meant to be about the Message, not the messenger.
The Ra (
Law of One) channellings are very accurate indeed. They are the only ones I know of that I would be happy to classify
as a "Clear" message. Though as I say, even then it's not 100%.More like 85-90%.

Another difficult issue with channeling, is that you can start off receiving a Positive entity, and if you are not very perceptive in
your discernment and careful in your protection when identifying an incoming channel, you can get a Negative one that pretends
to be positive, but gradually slips in more and more misinformation, having gained your trust. (STS hijacking) The ones that give
you precise dates and times are nearly always ones to avoid. Positive entities will not give a date and time. Negative ones will so
they can set you up for a fall. Once you're tricked into predicting dates and times, and they don't happen, they've succeeded in
putting out the Light of your message, as no one will see any credibility in you." -

"Channeling/possession would be one thing if the only beings that would possess a body were high consciousness, saints or the
like. But there are many beings dwelling within the lower astral realms that cannot get a body, and want one badly. And even if
they are not using an attractive disguise and lies to get themselves invited in to a body by a voluntary medium, they will work on
getting through other people - those who have weak astral defenses.

Some of these astral realm dwellers are the spirits of disturbed humans (disgruntled disincarnates) who are between lives. Some
are insane. Some are mass murderers, torturers and cruel rapist warriors. And these deceitful degenerate entities lie, easily and
well, and are happy to make up a good story too.

All the ancient teachings, including those of the Children and their branches, tell us to avoid possession/channeling, and not to
possess/be channeled, once ascended or between lives. And if you consider it thoroughly, it’s not hard to figure out that real
ascended masters don’t won't to be channeled. Think about it. Put yourself in an ascended master’s sandals for a moment." -
The Lost Teachings of the Children of The Law of One

As a side note to help my reader better understand
how intelligent infinity informs, and how it can be corrupted by the
service-to-self orientation, I recently began experimenting with dowsing rods. For centuries people have used such rods to find
water. I recently discovered the rods can also be used much the way a Ouija board or Stone Henge is/was used.

If one is of the correct psychic orientation (an unbiased believer) one then becomes a channel or conduit of intelligent infinity,
thus is able to ask questions and receive an answer, either "yes" (the rods cross), or "no" (the rods move away from each other).
However, if the person (channel) already has a preconceived notion (believing they already know the correct answer) intelligent
infinity will not abridge free-will, therefore will answer adhering to the channel's belief system..

Therefore, one must only ask questions where one truly does not already have a preset belief system. Also, one must
understand that if they ask personal questions, such as "will I be successful, or will this or that happen to me?" the service-to-self
orientation is then allowed to corrupt the conduit of intelligent infinity, thus distorts the energy field. Therefore, if one asks about
future events, due to the fluid nature of linear time one will receive a corrupted energy field. Again, this is because intelligent
infinity will not violate our subconscious free-will right not to know, but also does not desire to create karmic entanglement for its-
self. Also, wishful thinking (making assumptions creates a strong desire for expected outcome) will create a domination, thus
faulty reading.

Following are questions asked regarding several known channels;

Q: (B) What is the destiny of Maltreya in this lifetime?
A: Plays prominent role in disinformation process. (Same is claimed regarding Kryon. However, it is my observation that Kryon claims many of
the same universal core understandings as do other over-souls)

Q: (B) Is Benjamin Creme (translator) aware of that?
A: No.

Q: (B) Are the E.T.s putting thoughts in Benjamin Creme’s head?
A: Yes.

Q: (B) What is their purpose in this?
A: To cause confusion, diversion, and deception so that reality channels may be cloaked. Self explanatory.

Q: (B) Does this mean so that what we think is real really isn’t?
A: Close.

Q: (B) This must mean that the Aliens want to give us one person to focus on which is so spectacular, so that we cannot see the
A: Remember warnings about false prophets in the “desert.

Q: (L) Is Marcia Schafer's information legitimate?
A: Is best to consider Marcia Schafer an amalgamation of things read and things imagined.

Q: (L) I would just like to know what is the energy behind the Billy Meier contacts?
A: Meier had legitimate contact in the beginning, but has since become the Swiss version of J.Z. Knight.

Q: (A) is the concept of probabilities, as it is used in the Seth material, legitimate?
A: Yes.

Q: Where does the Michael entity (Michael Teachings) get information?
A: Separate wheat from chaff.

Q: (L) Now, we want to know if the ‘Zeta Talk’ is a legitimate source but corrupted by a lot of noise, or if it is a major disinformation
A: Not legitimate.

Q: (L) What is the energy behind this woman who claims to channel these Zetas?
A: Ego.

Q: (L) So it's just coming right out of her own head?
A: Yes. Do you really believe the “Zetas” would expend energy warning humans about impending earth changes? How much
energy do you expend warning squirrels about fires?

Q: What about the Whitley Strieber material. Is any of the information fairly accurate?
A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when it conveniently fits into their plans.

Q: World conquest and the takeover of humanity?
A: More like amalgamation.” - The Wave Series Transcripts

Word/Term Explanations for Various 6th Density Understanding;

Mind/body/spirit; Is a individual thought form, a person or persons.

Complex; many individual thought forms (people) acting as one individual with multi-personally characteristics.

Energy centers; or Chakras are represented by the various hues that make up the frequencies of the various densities.

Energy Transfer; appears to represent, as an example; If we love, love is what is transferred to another, much like if we hate,
then hate is what we, as energy transfer to others.

Instrument/Channel; being the mind/body/spirit or vibratory object in which the exchange of information pases through.

Distortion; appears to have two meanings in our perception. One being physical pain, the other a lie or the material illusion of
space/time where we currently have awareness.

Density; denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term "dimension" implies. The density structure of this
reality is primarily expressed in seven levels, though each level has sub-levels within it. The density scale is a model used to
communicate one's perception of orientation in relation to other realities.

Dimension; refers to one's location in space/time rather than a person's vibrational frequency (density). Webster defines
"dimension" as "Magnitude measured in a particular direction, specifically length, breadth, thickness or time." There are an
infinite number of dimensions existing with a given density or vibrational frequency.

Nexus; meaning present, or at that particular time as we measure this illusion.

Illusion; meaning our present state of awareness (bias/ignorance), a sleep state within a low frequency, is space/time.

Space/Time: is physics, illusionary physical matter (earth/gravity) where we currently maintain single self-awareness.

Time/Space; is metaphysics or spirit (anti-matter/anti-gravity) where we currently maintain unity. We are multi-dimensional
outside of the illusion of time.

Service-to-Self or STS; absorbtonal polarity, poised with desire to dominate, to possess, to control, to enslave.

Service-to-Others or STO; poised to radiate rather than absorb. Accept rather than desire to manipulate.

Lukewarm; the default, non-polarity, non-conductive.

Perpendicular reality;  "Primarily, though not exclusively, refers to one's life path and how one's life path fits together in the
cycle or in a wheel when connected with those of a similar life path. And, oddly enough, relates very closely to the previous
question involving;

Synchronicity; Is incredibly complex. It involves aspects in every imaginable state of reality merging together in what could best
be described, if seen visually, as a massive mosaic in perfect balance.

Portal: Is a crafted opening allowing influences to manifest from higher density levels and downward. People are not portals, but
rather are only victims of the things that come through the portals.

Conduit: is a "two way street." develops both because of locator and the entities present. (See Tree of Life at bottom of this

Here are Various Excepts and Some Thoughts Posed by my-self and others in Regard to;

The Law of One; "With the exception of the Cayce readings, channeled data always seemed to rely on the faith of the reader
rather than facts that proved legitimacy, and would establish many premises that seemed highly improbable even to those with
open minds. But I suspended my criticism as I read the Ra Material, formally known as
The Law of One series, brought through
by the efforts of L/L Research (the team of Carla Rueckert and her associates Dr. Don Elkins and Jim McCarty,) during the
period of 1981-1985.

As I read these five books, I realized that I was connecting with a source of wisdom that was more profound than anything I had
ever previously been exposed to.
The Law of One series presented an all-inclusive cosmic perspective of where we come from,
where we are going, and the meaning of life. And pieces of the puzzle were revealed that dovetailed in an astonishing way with
the stories of Cayce and Wilcock." -
Setting the Stage

An Above Top Secret forum member asked;

"A lot of what you write seems reminiscent of The Ra Material (
The Law of One), especially the concept of harvest, STS
and STO choices, and intelligent infinity. (More information can be found here www.llresearch.org... ) Have you read that?

HH: (Hidden_Hand...claimimg to be a generational member of the soul group "Lucifer" replied; It is indeed extremely similar. We
both originate from the Source of the Infinite Creator, and we both remember where we come from. I would expect our messages
to contain the same Core Truths.

The messages of the Sixth Density Soul Group 'Ra' is the most accurate information in your mainstream circulation at this point in
time. It is approximately 85-90% accurate, from what I have seen. The material was brought to my attention when it first came out,
something like about 25 years or so ago, if memory serves. I read a lot of it, but not all. I do not have very much free time for that
kind of thing, with my many duties. Though others of the Family gave it a close scrutiny to judge it's accuracy, and were very
pleased with the end product.

Ra, in fact, is the group I earlier termed 'off world entities' of which visited the Mayan and Atlantean Civilizations. We are
acquainted, and friends. Both our Group Soul's are at a very similar level of development/evolution. Both Sixth Density, nearly
Seventh. But like us, Ra also chose the path of Service to our fellow Galactic Brothers and Sisters (you, and others), instead of
further progression Home. We would recommend that material for any who truly seek understanding. Though, as I said, it is not
100% accurate, so take what resonates." However, "The Law of One material is the most accurate public information available in
this world currently, and I strongly recommend it's reading, to anyone with an enquiring mind."  - "

The Law of One came to L/L Research through a narrow band width due to Carla's religious bias. Therefore, with an obligation
not to interfere with Carla's free-will, the information is rather distorted regarding any questions pertaining to the Abrahamic
faiths. The Law of One is rather difficult to comprehend at times.

The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (This maybe the dialog that Hidden_Hand spoke of in the ATS Forum;)

""Malicious" beings are from this realm, this is their home. You cannot hate them for they are doing their task, their rightful duty
and it is connected to your behaviour....understand, you are the perpetrator, they react. They never instigate, you do." - excerpt
Unexplained-Mysteries Forum

The Wave Series is one of the most fascinating works that I have ever read. It appears to have entered our realm of
consciousness on a much broader band wave than
The Law of One due to Laura Knight's more open view of the universe
around her. The Wave Series is a rather lengthy read (600 pages) due to Laura's valuable insights as reflected in her
commentary, whereas
The Wave Series transcripts do not contain Laura's valuable insights;  

"So, perhaps this is a foretaste of the effect of the wave (the approaching photon belt) upon mankind - or at least portions of
mankind. I can verify that such a condition Is followed by a coldness that cannot be alleviated for some time. I have alternately
burned and shivered many times as a consequence of certain meditative exercises, not to mention participation in the receiving
process. The important thing to note is that it denotes a "change from one situation to another," and is described as "self
transmutation." I suspect that The Wave (Mayan Serpent Rope perhaps?) is an energy source that will interact with every
individual according to their frequency resonance. To some, it may indeed be the End of the World. But to others..."

""Meantime, the world in which we exist has other aims. But it will pass away, burned up in the fire of its hot passions: and from its
ashes will spring a new and younger world, full of fresh hope, with the light of morning in its eyes.""  - Bertrand Russell

"There are numerous revelations that have been brought to your species through non-physical entities in the form of
what you term, channeled information. Even parts of your Holy books are channeled. However, these writings were for the few.
They did not contain the true wisdom -- they only hinted at the shadow it casts. The Sovereign Integrals will emerge like beacons
for your species, and elevate the mental and emotional perceptions of the entire species.

When one Sovereign Integral emerges, it will, by the catalytic forces of its own entity consciousness, cause another to arise, and
another, and another, and it will cascade from one to one thousand in a single generation. From this one thousand, will arise one
million in the next generation, and from this one million the entire population will arise, imbued with this insight gained from the
portal into the multiverse. And from this portal will arise the organization of the true wisdom into a form that will endure against all

This is the grand unification of the species around the new, non-hierarchal structures that enable the experience of the true
wisdom to the newborn of its species in order to perpetuate the unification of the species. Within six generations, the genetic
mind of the species is stable and then becomes a powerful tool of exploration that the species will come to understand as its
"spaceship" into the multiverse." -

Various Quotes Regarding Distortions within the Bible;

(Questioner) Any specific holy books (or perhaps Bible authors) you'd list as coming very close to the Truth?
Hidden_Hand: The closet biblical authors, are those who have been 'left out' of the publicized editions. The closest "spiritual"
writings (other than the Ra material) to containing truth about the nature of The One, are the Taoist writings" -

I was wondering if the Law of One in its written or spoken form has been made available within this last 3,000
years in any complete way such as we are doing now? Is it available in any other source?
Ra: I am Ra. There is no possibility of a complete source of information of the Law of One in this density. However, certain of
your writings passed on to you as your so-called holy works have portions of this law.

Questioner: Does the Bible that we know have portions of this law in it?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Can you tell me if any of the Old Testament has any of the Law of One?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Which has more of the Law of One in it, the Old Testament or the New Testament?
Ra: I am Ra. Withdrawing from each of the collections of which you speak the portions having to do with the Law of One, the
content is approximately equal. However, the so-called Old Testament has a larger amount of negatively
(service-to-self) influenced
material, as you would call it.

Questioner: Can you tell me about what percentage is of Orion influence (service-to-self distortion) in both the Old and New
Ra: I am Ra. We prefer that this be left to the discretion of those who seek the Law of One. We are not speaking in order to
judge. Such statements would be construed by some of those who may read this material as judgmental. We can only suggest a
careful reading and inward digestion of the contents. The understandings will become obvious." -
The Law of One

If it desires worship, it is of the service-to-self orientation. Period!

Some of my Favorite Reference Material;

The Law of One; Due to the religious bias of the instrument (Carla) which created a narrow band width, this material is said to
be approx. 67% accurate

The Lost Teachings of The Children of The Law of One. There is but one law, which I term "The Golden Suggestion" as
the term "
rule" creates an abridgement of free-will, thus is in service-to-self inspired: (HERE)

The Dialogue with Hidden_Hand; claims to be a member of the social memory complex that calls its-self "Lucifer" (HERE)

The Wave Series Transcripts; claiming to be less distorted than The Law of One due to lessening religious bias of
interpreter. Update.... On 1-15-2015... Laura Knight, scribe and primary questioner of the Wave Series, due to fear of
persecution over the Charlie Hebdo false flag attack in France, that was apparently created by Mossad... aka Israeli Authority,
was told by her attorney to edit out any thoughts that may be viewed as inflammatory within the January 10th session posted on
her forum
(HERE)  Is evidence that.... "You will always know who rules over you simply by knowing who you are not allowed to
criticize." - Voltaire

The Cassiopaean Website: Is a repository for the work of scientific, mystic and PaleoChristians Ark & Laura Jadczyk (HERE)

As with all the STS hierarchy gets its manipulating minds on becomes distorted, so it is with WingMakers. The original
interview with Dr. Anderson is
(HERE) The Original Wingmakers Philosophy is (HERE) Explanation of changes (HERE)

Nag Hammadi Library: Further evidence of man's desire to worship another, thus become ruled by others (HERE)

The Talmud of Jmmanuel: Is this the truer story of the last physical Christ? A history of its discovery, and contents. (I can no
longer find a free on-line copy).

Tibetan Book of the Dead; (HERE) Is similar to the Egyptian Book of the Dead which appears to incite the service-to-self
ritualistic traditions, therefore is further evidence of how
The Law of One was 33% distorted by the service-to-self orientation.

The King James Pre-1611 Bible: Is said to be 85% propaganda, 15% actual events (HERE)  

The Book of Enoch: Was a Hebrew favorite (HERE)

Sacred Text: Is an excellent source of documents (HERE)

Dead Sea Scrolls: Whose interpretation is said to be under the control of the Rothschild Dynasty (HERE)

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth; "All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O man, and be wise." "Silence is of
great profit. An abundance of speech profiteth nothing"

Taoism: If one wishes to win the war, one must not fight. If one wishes riches, one must not desire wealth (HERE)

Understanding I Ching: Book of Changes, this map of time is approximately 5,000 years old (HERE)

The Sons of The Law of One is one of the largest, what I call "Higher Dimensional Thought Transference" in the form of   
Podcasts that I know of. However, separate the wheat from the chaff

Edgar Cayce, his perspective: (HERE)

The Bringers of the Dawn: (video series HERE)

Living Library: (video series HERE)

Is Planet Earth Being Used as an Experiment? (HERE)

Project Camelot Interviews: searches the globe interviewing individuals who have had extraordinary experiences (HERE)

Red Ice Creations: is another excellent source of informational interviews (HERE)

The Vedic Tree of Life

"1st density  includes all physical matter
below the level of consciousness. 6th
density is uniform in the level pattern of
lightness, as there is complete balance on
this density level, and the lightness is
represented as knowledge.

7th density is union with The One... it is
timeless in every sense of the word, as its
"essence" radiates through all that exists in
all possible awareness realms.

The light one sees at the termination of
each conscious physical manifestation (3D
concept of death) is the Union, itself.

Remember, 4th density is the first that
includes variable physicality!! Ponder this
carefully!!! And, remember, there is only
one "God," and that the creator includes
all that is created and vice versa!" -
The Wave Series Transcripts

5th density is said to be "heaven". A resting
place between incarnations where one
consults with its over soul before deciding
where to move in order to gleam further
experience through the various conduits,
"silver threads, or portholes" to the various
realms of consciousness.

Apparently, the, so called "Black Hole" we
witness with our 3D perspective is where
any excess energy, be it positive or
negative enters to recycle back through the
system in order to maintain balance.
Worship nothing, but
be grateful for all
There is not a right
nor wrong path,
but rather are
only lessons to be
Known as

"Q: (L) Who built Stonehenge and when?
A: Druids in 8,000 BC approx.
Q: (L) How did they move the stones and set them up?
A: Sound wave focusing." (By combining musical notes with conscious
intent, apparently causes matter to somehow become weightless long
enough to easily move.  

This may have been how the various megalithic structures such as
Atlantis, Machu Picchu, the
Great Pyramid and in more recent times,
how Ed built Coral Castle)

"Q: (L) What was Stonehenge built to do?
A: Energy director provide for all needs. The energies transmitted
directly with the pituitary gland. This gland is your uplink."
- The Wave Series Transcripts

Apparently, by flipping each stone in order to align the magnetic direction
locked within each stone, an energy vortex can be created.

The missing cap stones were disintegrated due to an energy surge similar
to what caused the so called "cart ruts" on Malta.
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Is this energy direction system the
basic premise for the energy
distribution devise created by
ones such as Nikola Tesla?  
Energy Devices

"The Tree of Life"
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of can be found on
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