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Greetings; you are most welcome here.
However, this website is
NOT for the many
with a predetermined reality.

But rather is for the few with a level of
discernment which allows them to truly
question their perceived reality.

For the many who already have it all figured
out; You have the free-will right to enjoy a
full experience and I do not wish to violate
that right!

Therefore, continue on within your current
belief system and on with your life
Welcome to Focus on Recovery’s Consciousness Shift Resources

This Planet is

Is out of Balance
Due to Negative
Loosh Overload

By chance, our choice
or by Manipulation?

Those who believe they see all, never realize how blind they are because once one stops asking questions,
believing they found "it", the creation then stops providing answers. Therefore, if you are one of those few
who has gained enough courage to cross that scary fringe line to begin questioning the official story
presented by the main stream propaganda machine which creates the perception of most inhabitants of this
planet......... then let the journey within begin, keeping in mind that evidence is not proof.

Apparently, the greatest mystery of all is the possibility that we are an experiment, and that our thoughts
create energy fields that imprint into physical mass. And that the
true ruling class bloodline (the earthly faces
you see and the names you know, who are currently battling amongst themselves for dominance, are merely
low level pawns in the great work of this age) have been directing the show from behind the scene for
countless generations.

It is not about wealth and power, per se, but rather there is a much greater agenda working through the
ruling class hierarchy that only the fool can know (recall) and the wise to remain ignorant of. You see,
darkness "matter" provides us with a beautiful illusionary physical construct to explore, to co-create. In
return we provide darkness with the negative energy field it requires for its survival. It is a symbiotic
relationship. The question is... has the relationship become unbalanced?  

Knowing is no longer magic once one knows what
The Wizard knows. (Unbeknownst to its author, The
original Wizard of Oz
story was/is (as well as are other mediums such as The Matrix) an allegory of what
is actually happening within the creation. However, only those with ears to hear what the spirit-self sees will
understand. Therefore, it is only when one learns to turn its fear into curiosity, its racism into acceptance is
one truly free. For it is only through the fostering of fear and division is the Ruling Class allowed to dominate.
The Ruling Class are opportunists, and as long as we love to hate and hate to love, we will continue to allow
them opportunity.

I am a citizen of planet earth, I have NO emotional loyalty to any nation or state, nor do I claim to
be an authority
on any subject matter. I am the fool whom swims against the current of conformity, thusly
I am an awakening sovereign integral, a fragment of the whole, a possible wanderer, a participating observer
The Yellow Brick Road, a pantheist of unification, I have not yet become, I am becoming, thus I am a
bridge between current
Old World Moralistic Disorder (The Saviorship Drama which keeps us dependent
upon a hero system based on blind faith void of reason requiring submission which then creates fear, division
and judgment) and the coming
New World Ethical Order (synthesis, healing, knowing). Having learnt the
lessons within the cycles of disharmony, cycles of harmony follow... aka Ordo Ab Chao.

If one thinks of the creation as a tree, and all this one can see is the tree trunk, this one can then only
speculate where the tree top ends, or how deep its roots go. Therefore, in my estimation all ideals based
within 3D realms of consciousness are speculation. All is, therefore open for debate because evidence is not
proof of anything simply because of our limited conceptualization, thus the birth of the paradox. Therefore,
the fact is,
there are no facts, but rather are only our various interpretations that we perceive to have
witnessed, have heard of or read about through the experiences/interpretations of the other-self. This is why
SOME of my readers will notice that I use (?) question marks often on this website. If you desire
absolutes, good luck. Just as life is religion, religion then holds much paradox to untangle.

It is my free-will choice to place links to various materials and to write my interpretations within the many
pages of this website, but is your free-will choice
to read or not to read the material. If you wish to
continue leaning upon your own understanding, this is your free-will choice and I will honor your choice, as
even intelligent infinity (Is what worldly Christians call "The Holy Spirit", is Chinese "Ch'i". Is a creative energy
field containing a collective knowledge of the creation) will not violate free-will directive #1 which allows us to
believe whatever we wish to believe. Therefore, our mental free-will can not be abridged, unless we oblige.
Yet, it appears that most, if not all of us have allowed our free-will to be abridged at various degrees.

Much like a multi-facet diamond, each page of this website consists of interlocking pieces to a comic puzzle
which reflects my own transmutation as I spend my free time searching for congruent perspectives within
realms of consciousness
(Glenda) residing within the time/space (antimatter) octaves (Kansas, a fast
moving train) just below the unified field of consciousness. Within the framework of this website are many
links to various texts for those who enjoy reading and videos & podcasts for the 97% of those who do not.

If it is your desire, I challenge you to put any preconceived notions that you may have aside, thus easing
your mind of the endless dogmatic clutter residing within various levels of consciousness in order to take in
all you can on this website. My goal is not to tell you what my opinions are, but rather to provide the catalyst
that creates the "ah ha!" moment which began Alice's adventure down the proverbial rabbit hole that
facilitates consideration of a reality which has been hidden from us for countless generations.

Where some appear to be so limited in their understanding that all they can focus on is self-survival and
endless entertainment, others seek the limitations within, so called "Modern Science" to explain the what,
when, how and whys of life. Whereas, most seek refuge in the Santa God where their imagination sector,
with aid, has created the
ruby slippers of the hierarchical Saviorship drama. Here some mix quinine with eye
of gnute...then shake it three times over their head in a burlap sack while saying three Hail Marys, and all
while ingesting unleavened bread and grape juice in order to transition to
heaven/paradise. Therefore, for
now, only the few have become willing to consider the possibility that we are
multi-dimensional beings.

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth (the creation), Befalls the sons of the earth. Man did
not weave the web of life, He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, He does to himself.”
Chief Seattle

However, if you have difficultly reading, even the remainder of this page, or you just don't get it, nor have
desire to do so, then your time has not yet come to see through the illusion of physical sensate. Most will
protect their belief system at any cost simply because, not only have such belief systems become their
identity, but they also feel secure continuing to reject any ideals that are based outside of their comfort
"All in due time my pretty, all in due time". Knowing is a slow process, not an event.

Therefore, this website is only for those few who are truly ready to pull back the curtain. If you have begun
to realize that things are not what they seem, that some sort of a
multi-dimensional battle of wills is
being waged through us and that our DNA (The operating system, our now dormant pituitary gland is the up
link) became distorted (limited) at the time of our fall/devolution
(Tornado) which then created an alignment
with a fear-based orientation, then this website may aid in your exploration.

Within the creation there is claimed to be a duality working in concert to create various experiences where
Prime Creator (I am/God/macrocosm/Logos) acted as a vehicle dragging a chain. You/I/us/we are the sparks
(that I am/co-creators/microcosm/Logi) that the chain created (explosion of spores, big bang) as Prime
Creator then learns of its full potential manifesting and expressing its-self vicariously through its many-ness
Dorothy) within the dualities of light (antimatter/timelessness) vs darkness (matter/linear based time),  
service-to-the-other-self (STO, outward expanding) vs service-to-self (STS, inward consuming), as was
depicted within the symbolic story of Cain & Abel, thus created the cosmic drama of its desire.

STS is said to be our current "fallen" orientation. It gages its success by technological advancement,
monetary gain and personal appearance. STS is the prideful self-absorbent, self-aggrandizement black hole,
is the domineering desire
(Witch of the West) which feeds off (loosh effect) of the fear-based energy field
within the human psyche much the way a physical parasite consumes a host's blood plasma (whereas STO

(Witch of the East)
feeds off of the positive energies created). STS desires to control and to be
worshipped. Evidence of STS domination can be witnessed within "You shall (not) have any other god(s)
before me."

Therefore, "we" are not at the top of so called "food chain" but rather are currently having conscious
awareness within the lowest realms of consciousness that feeds both STS and STO within the cosmic drama
of Prime Creator knowing its-self. Most of us think in terms of good or bad, black and white, whereas Prime
Creator resides within the grey in between in order to know and understand its-self free of the bias and
assumptions (noise/distortion) which black and white thinking creates.

However, at this point in the evolutionary process the STS orientation has created a domineering imbalance
that has primed its-self for self-destruction causing a renewal of the mind, a rebooting (balancing, creating a
level playing field) of the matrix which co-creates our current reality. In order for the creation to reestablish
homeostasis will some be required to remain STS self-absorbent? Will some become the non-interference
radiant disposition of STO? Will the remainder become the default of lukewarm, thus non-conductive creating
three way split? Or will the evolutionary process finally be complete allowing all thought to reunify ending
the need for duality? Or does the creation continue returning to the proverbial ink well where it recreates its-
self over and over?

This fear-based reality, which created our current state of limited conceptualization, was the choice we made
within the symbolic story of
The Tree of Good vs Evil. Within that choice we then became co-creators of
our own reality. A reality that a few of us are now ready to shed. The current reality is what created the
veiling of our consciousness from the still small voice
(Auntie Am) of the eternal universal consciousness
(God/nucleus) within each of us (the electrons which completes the atom or whole unit). Therefore, our
spiritual eyes were then closed causing the birth of the fearful separate selfish-self, hence; spiritual darkness
fell upon the earth. Therefore, if you wish to win the battle being waged from without, firstly you must learn
how to win the battle now being waged from within your own-self, for this is the root cause of every battle
being waged without.

If you are one of those few who've come to a point in your life where the official story we receive through the
Piscean media within space/time (matter) STS realms of consciousness (
Oz, a slow moving train) does not
resonate as reality, this may be an indication you are beginning to allow your-self to see past the veil.

As was foretold by one of the most well known of the STO physical manifestations that most call "
(worldly Christian's
ruby slippers) hoped to convey through the STS filtering system (his words were
censored to achieve social/political/economic/religious and military manipulation through
Constantine in 324
then by King James in 1611, then again by NIV in our current experience), you/I/us/we are the evidence
of a shifting paradigm in conscious awareness, a lifting of the veil which slowly works to end the spiritual
amnesia which created the need for the pacifier that are the various man-made religions most follow today.  

Therefore, I realize that most people are currently programmed into the fear-based Saviorship drama not
realizing the modus operandi of such belief systems and how such are/were purposely designed to suppress
knowledge of the
Creational Law that ones such as Jesus taught in order to maintain dependency through
the fostering of fear & uncertainty in order to further the separatism nation-state (my team/your team) STS
ownership mentality that is created by man-made religion, which then creates emotional loyalty which creates
racism, bias, prejudice, mistrust, hatred, warring and the wishful thinking which causes the admirer of such
belief systems to see and believe only what they desire because we are currently the co-creators of our own

As co-creators, (the expression/experience of that which is called "God" or "good" while wearing our daddy's
"God's" shoes) even after taking permanent or temporary leave of our earth-suits, whatever belief system is
our foundation is the system that must play its-self out until our brief system converges with universal
consciousness (the creation, that which is called "God" or "good"). Therefore, if you are of the fear based
Hell, fire and damnation persuasion, then, if you have allowed its shame and blame game to govern your
experience then you will manifest a Hell, fire and damnation for a time. (such has become the co-creation of
most, therefore
Armageddon was/is a co-creation, therefore becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Whereas, if shame and guilt are not part of your experience, this one often experiences a lighted tunnel, or
silver thread (The Tree of Life contains protective conduits connecting all realms of consciousness to rest
and reflection, i.e. Heaven/Paradise where conversations take place with the energy signatures left behind of
their soul grouping). Others witness the keeper of knowledge in the form of a humanoid snake. These are
just some examples of the various out of body and psychotropic experiences which are based, some on
conscious expectations/asumptions (which co-create), while others are based on subconscious past

In other words: Our limited perspective (while wearing our daddy's big shoes) governs our co-creation(s),
but our limited perspective does not govern the creation. The fear based Saviorship drama, that is man-made
religion creates a narrow bandwidth
(mental knot) which conditions its followers to create predetermined
realities, (co-creations) which then restrict the flow of intelligent infinity. And intelligent infinity is knowledge
(spiritual light), and true knowledge is true love in its purist form, and is
NOT within human chemical gland
secretions which create human emotions. (In our current STS state we love others based on our own selfish
needs and desires. Is conditional love, is in service-to-self.)

Human emotions are created by electrical impulses occurring within a vacuum (separate) that are not
interfaced (unified) with the rest of creation until there is an alignment which then creates a convergence of all
time lines and the experiences the various time lines have created. (Transitioning from this slow speed train
to the high speed train may be akin to physically grabbing the side mirror of a car going down a freeway... it
will be a major deja vu).

Consider this: If you were born in the West, chances are you are of the Judeo-Christian persuasion.
Whereas, if you were born in the East, chances are you are of the Muslim persuasion. Whether such belief
systems are sold under brand names such as Judaism, Muslim, Christian or the hundreds of variations... all
are STS fear based mind prisons that create bias and intolerance which keep the simpleton locked within the
black hole of willful ignorance (spiritual darkness), thus constantly at war with the other-self. Once more of
the people of planet earth begin to realize that Yahweh and Allah are one in the same... Satan, darkness/
ignorance will no longer have a place to hide;

"When there is ignorance (limitation), there is no opportunity" -
The Law of One. And "when one has been
indoctrinated by religion, culture and/or science, they are predisposed to view all things in the sense of the
measurable physical reality exclusively." And "Once one understands that all there is, is lessons to be learnt,
this one no longer searches for the non-existent and unnecessary, safety net." (Your need for The
is an illusion, you never lost your connection to wholeness, it is temporally hidden from your view)
"When energy is no longer needed to support the illusion (of separation from the whole/God) it is then
available for knowledge and awareness." -
The Wave Series Transcripts

"Those who know not that they are one, act not as one. Those who act not as one, create not love, but
rather suffering and disharmony. What you create, you receive. Therefore, the fruits of your acts will follow
your days". -
Zain, a remnant of the Children of The Law of One.

"There is one (true) God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but within that self are many.
There is one body, in one time, but the self has other bodies in other times. All 'times' exist at once." -

However, one of the most beautiful aspects of being a co-creative free-willed thought form is that each
individual is now allowed a god of their own understanding. Yet, as one transcends the crusaders STS
hierarchal barriers and peers into the eyes of one's Creator, this one then realizes that creation and creator
are one in the same. And that, the only sin is within one's desire to seek the difference, thus, hampering
Prime Creators effort to freely express its-self within the other-self, rather than the one constant similarity;
the divine spark within each fragment of the whole.

And, within the crusader's STS fear-based hierarchical chain-of-command, by design, there are as many co-
creations regarding who and what "God" is as there are people to consider such a concept. Therefore, it is
not my intention to change your religious philosophies because, not only do I understand that those lacking
understanding of creational law only have man-made religion to help them make sense of this realm of
consciousness, but also that such belief systems are nothing more than creative energies (co-creations) that
dissipate as paradigms shift causing our reality to progressively reunify with universal consciousness.

Although learning about our origin and the drama that has been created around the
12-21-2012 process
(not an event,
Learn the difference) are quite entertaining, this focus seemed to be more of a distraction
driving the masses away from their personal purpose for falling into physicality. And although this website
focuses primarily on my interests regarding exposing the many STS distortions within current belief systems,
I wish to caution my readers to focus, not so much on the mechanics that brought you here, nor what the
12-21-2012 process may, or may not have presented, but rather focus on why you are residing within a
2D earth-suit having a 3D physical experience.

Apparently, physicality is a boarding school, a self-imposed prison of sorts. (Did we
not look before we
leaped, or did we leap into physicality having full knowledge of outcome, or was manipulation involved?) Do
we hold the key to our freedom/graduation? Can our subconscious soul memory tell us why we are here or
what we should be doing or learning? Is each fragment on its own individual predetermined path?

I can suggest possible reasons why we are here; We may be here to
do work on our-selves, our attitudes
and behaviors. Possibly are here learning to become honest with our-self and the other-self. We may be here
learn gratitude or patience under, what appears to be seemingly formidable odds. Or it could simply be
that we are here to experience something, maybe even as simple as an emotion that we felt we missed out
on during a previous visit within this decelerated vibratory realm of consciousness.

Whatever reason we are here the most difficult part is remembering why we are here within this learning zone
of "
The Forgetting" (yes, you did pick all those whom are part of your experience beforehand. You even
waited in line to get here). If most of us were able to remember why we chose to be here within this
particular time line most would lose their desire to progress, but rather would surely become lukewarm
(complacent) already knowing the hand of cards being played. Therefore, where each fragment of the whole
currently resides allows for many obstacles, unique choices and challenges.

Judging by the thousands of hours I've spent studying various evidence, it appears that we are quarantined
within an experiment that only our highest levels of consciousness fully understand. And that, however we
arrived here one goal is to see if we can create a like minded multi-personality social memory complex within a
multi-cultural melting pot of various races and ideals. (Planet earth is rather unique because of its diversity of
races from within this sector. Our earth-suits were genetically modified using various species from within this
sector, but our souls, or spirit-selves having traveled here on waves of energy from various locations from
within various octaves of consciousness.)

How did we do this? Take the water colors that are your imagination. Now paint the learning experience of
your desire. As you set into motion the protocols for your forgetting, now insert your-self into the painting.
Therefore, you are all and all as teacher, student and co-creator of your own physical life adventure having
had already chosen your own preset time and pathway out.

Therefore, we can not blame another nor deny our way out, we can not steal our way out, we can not lie,
hate nor cheat our way out, we must learn to love our way back out. Only by taking responsibility for our
own actions and seeking the true form of love within unity does the doorway open. If we wish to open the
door then we must first learn to see that others are not their attitudes, behaviors and ideals in order to
accept them for the role they are playing within our own experience despite how distasteful their role may
seem, because they are the reflection of our own-self.

While a few set the protocols to awaken sooner than others, it seems most wish to explore physical life
without any recall at all. These are the true explores. My hat off to you. Yet, it appears that many are a rag
tag group of screw-ups that continue to remain lukewarm, therefore are stuck on the perpetual merry-go-
round of indifference, thus repeating the same cycle over and over. You/I/us/we will never be free as long as
you/I/us/we continue locked within these short wave incarnational cycles. "Just your being here should be an
indication of this, and here is
not where most of you think you are." - Hidden_Hand

It also appears that most are aiding the distortion within their predetermined realities that has deemed those
with extraordinary insights Witches or Demons. This mentality is same that deemed
The Law of One and
the other related material on my
Ancient Wisdom page unorthodox, thus preventing these from
considering what the still small voice of the eternal spirit-self, or oversoul is trying to remind these of.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by what you have read here, it may be
best for you to stop! You are NOT
ready! Therefore, do not be concerned because it is
NOT important for you to understand the concepts on
this website. If a high enough percentile remembered the roles they are playing within the story called "Life in
physicality" the matrix would collapse and the catalyst that promotes the learning process would conclude,
which will happen when the process is complete.

What is important is that you get off the proverbial pot and polarize in order to graduate (If it is your desire)
as "time" is quickly running out to choose during this cycle! Yet, understand that; "the One Infinite Creator is
no respecter of polarity (the choices we make) but offers Itself in full to all." -
The Law of One. In other
words; There is no correct nor incorrect pathway to Heaven/Paradise, (because your-self never left
Heaven/Paradise) but rather are only lessons to be learnt upon the chosen experience.  

However, if you feel that you must know more then also consider that; "The hierarchy is a vehicle of
transformation even when it acts to suppress information and keep species in obedience to its controlling
hand" -
Wingmakers. "The crusaders move (during portal opening opportunities) in their chariots to
conquer (through parasitic mental manipulation) planetary mind/body/spirit social complexes before they
reach the stage of achieving social memory (unified thought)." -
The Law of One

Therefore, for the last 309,000 yrs (approx. is the time since last portal opening when earths magnetic poles
shifted allowing us the option to open Pandora's Box) planet earth has been under the persuasion of the
service-to-self hierarchy. Now anyone who thinks independently of the stats quo are deemed a terrorist, a
heretic, called crazy and ostracized by the other-self, thus making it rather difficult for pioneers wishing to
dispel the many myths created by these parasitic pathological pawns to express our-self.

And that
behind the curtain there is only one of us here, that you/I/us/we are created in the image of pure
consciousness. A consciousness that fragmented its-self into many-ness in order to project its spirit-self
into holographic projections, i.e.; material bodies, earth-suits, avatars, etc... And that each
true fragment is
subconsciously directing its own unique experience from higher frequencies of consciousness. However, there
are millions upon this planet who have no say, have no free-willed choices to make, but rather are purely
programmed artificial soul projections ("golems" organic portals) acting as catalyst/exciter/potentiator.

And that linear time, as you/I/us/we currently perceive it is merely an illusion that you/I/us/we, as a
fragmented group soul are co-creating. And that as individualized/non-complex selves are quarantined within
a short wave lag time loop (within a time loop the first word ever spoken can still be heard, and the last has
already been said) incarnational cycle. Are some, or all of us using this
potentiator which resides within the
linear time matrix to help us clear our karmic record? Karma is a friend that never forgets, that is always
willing to help us remember how to get back to where we are.

However, have most of us just given into the illusion of separation from the all father (GOD), thus have
chosen to just follow
The Wizard without question? Thus, turning over our own power to the STS realms of
consciousness that are desirous to suppress our soul matrix in order to maintain control over our lower
realms of consciousness?

Or is it that 85% of the people are just acutely susceptible to the hypnotic and suggestive mental
manipulation that stems from the STS realms of consciousness, thus believing they are in control of their
thought processes, when in reality these are programmed to play out the expose the evil witch role ("my
religion, my understanding is the only true gate to God" mentality), thus creating the required energies that
feed the STS realms of consciousness? Hence, "Those who hunt the witch, become the witch they hunt".

Do we need to worship a deity or place our faith in a savior in order to be set free from these incarnational
cycles as some of the various fragments of the Abrahamic Covenant (
The Wizard) promote? If there is only
one of "us" here, is it then not rather ridiculous to worship, as to worship anything or another-self is to
worship the self?

What caused the distortion to worship the self? Did the Crusaders, aka
The Brotherhood of the Serpent
hierarchical chain-of-command, working through its alliances such as the Israeli Authority & Jesuit Priesthood
distort the ancient stories and the biographies of Jesus/Muhammad (are one in the same spirit-self as were
Buddha, Gandhi and a few others who have graced planet earth) in order to maintain STS supremacy, thus
created Mecca/Vatican City
(The Emerald City)? And do these desire to continue their control over those
that require a hero to worship, even after the transfer back into higher realms of consciousness?

Is the STS chain-of-command allowed to manipulate our free-will because it is their free-will to create the
divisiveness of national patriotism as was depicted within the comedy "
Born in the USA"? Was the
Abrahamic Covenant purposely designed to create the "them against us" war mentality insuring service-to-
self survival? Hidden-Hand claimed that whatever his family promotes, whatever course of action they take is
designed to create negative human emotion, and that it is our inaction that allows such.

Are STS realms of consciousness time manipulators, therefore can change past events in order to create time
lines (thus creates the deja vu phenomena/glitch) in order to persuade the mass mind? It appears so, as
most people that I communicate with respond to my comments with preprogrammed responses.

Did we make a soul contract with the social memory complex that calls its-self "
Lucifer" to be the
catalyst/exciter/potentiator that allows us choice? And are we Lucifer the so called "fallen angel" via our
alignment because we obliged as
The Waves Series Transcripts and The Law of One both claim?

If so, who is this bloodline, and where are they from?
Hidden_Hand claimed that he is not a member of the
Draconian race. Was he telling us what he was told to say, does he really remember who he is, or is he also
a pawn? Is he really a member of one of the many
Annunaki races (Anu and his begotten son Enki?, or
Enlil? of virgin birth. Where have you heard that story replicated? Did you ever wonder why the last known
physical birth of Jesus is
celebrated during the rising sun/son of the winter solstice? Is based on the same
astral theology as were Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and other gods of the ancient world) that was left
behind to manage the human race for his up line?

Who are the crusaders within
The Law of One? Who is the Lizard race within The Wave Series? Is the
Annunaki and Draconian race one in the same, part of our biological kinfolk? If Hidden_Hand was telling the
truth and that his bloodline was "born to lead", then why are their political pawns being allowed to use our
tax dollars to create endless wars (not only to maintain STS supremacy through ritual human sacrifice, but
also to rob nations of their resources under the guise of democracy?), digging huge
bunkers, (shelter from upcoming catechisms?) allowing physical abductions (to perform genetic
experiments?) and the
terraforming (to create an environment conducive for a new species?) of this planet
to take place? What do they know, or think they know?

Is planet earth beginning to pass through a super wave of photon particles? Is it possible that planet earth is
a convergence point for a major paradigm shift in conscious awareness that will aid each individual to
find a matching resonate frequency where it can continue to progress at its own rate? And is the DNA, of
those willing slowly reactivating, thus allowing these to return to our original
Homo Luminous estate
as the Inca elders claim? Does zero point time mark the end of linear time for some of us? Is this what The
Wave Series
terms "Realm Border Crossing" (The Tornado), what Church Inc. terms "Rapture"? (There is
documented evidence that the energy field of the entire creation is changing more each day. I see evidence of
this through the growing mistrust people have for established institutions.)

Planet X/Nibiru really a cluster of comets that was previously seen as a solid mass from our 3D,
therefore limited perspective? Is this the comet cluster explained within
The Waves Series as a physical
manifestation of an antimatter energy wave which creates a cyclical shift in conscious awareness, creating a
reactivation of all 12 strains of our DNA? Are the powers-that-be hoping that their technologies such as
microwaves and HAARP will prevent this naturally occurring process from taking place?

Is Realm Border Crossing, pole shift and convergence all part of a process, and will this process begin the
rebirth of the Omega cooperative Aquarian feminine healing, the ethical aspect of the creation, the sheep,
Sophie, right hand,
East, the STO candidates, the Children of The Law of One who are non-desirous to
possess the other-self from the current Piscean competitive fear based, thus war torn political/religious Hell,
fire and damnation crusaders with the "them" against "us" Alpha male moral goat mentality, left hand,
the STS Sons of Belial, the separate selfish-self, the flaming sword which bars re-entry into the Garden-of-
our-Eden fearing it will lose the domination it has enjoyed for the last 12 cycles through the galactic center,
or 309,000 years, as we measure linear time?

It seems to me it's now time to celebrate our individual uniqueness rather than continue to fear it. Just that
thought could transform our world, our reality ending mistrust and warring over night. Levitical morality
played its role, we learned much from it and now it is time to thank it and prepare for the time of ethics to
heal our wounds and set us free to experience what we have learned.

You may now understand that when viewed from the first thought (God) "they" are a version of you, and
that any separation between is an illusion. When the light comes back on, I do believe that we are all going to
be in for a pleasant surprise having realized that the paradox had a solution and that nothing was what it
seemed. To read further commentary and this websites page descriptions
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