3D earth is a realm designed to allow choice, a place to explore the endless possibilities.
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Greetings; you are most welcome here.
However, this website is
NOT for the many
with a predetermined reality.

But rather is for the few with a level of
discernment which allows them to truly
question their perceived reality.

For the many who already have it all figured
out; You have the free-will right to believe
whatever you desire.

This website is about considering evidence
that is NOT presented within mainstream
academia. Evidence which requires one to
take a great leap into the unknown depths  
of consciousness.
Welcome to Focus on Recovery’s Consciousness Shift Resources

Because once we believe we know, we then stop asking questions. And once we stop asking questions,
the creation then stops providing answers
due its lacking desire to abridge our freewill right not to know.

Therefore, if you are one of those few who has gained enough courage to cross that scary fringe line to begin
questioning the official story presented by the old world propaganda machine, which directs the perception of
most inhabitants of this planet, then let the inner journey of self-discovery begin.

I have spent most of my adult life reading many of mankind's various philosophies
, much of which,
unbeknownst to most people originated from what I term "Higher Dimensional Thought Transference" aka...
"The Hidden_Hand Writing on the Wall".

I now wish to give my readers a
brief summation based upon the evidence I have collected.

It seems that somehow consciousness became self-aware.

Once self-aware, consciousness... aka GOD... aka All Father... aka Primary Creator, then asked its-self...

"Who am I, and what is my full potential"?

Once the primal question(s) had been asked, Primary Creator
(Logos) then fragmented into (Logi)
manyness... you/I/us/we in its/our desire to know its/our-self and its/our full potential.

In order to know its-self dualism between lightness and darkness was birthed to allow an interplay to occur
between choice.

Just as with big changes comes big challenges, so it is that with choice begot consequence.

Apparently, within this present, so called "now" most of us are living the consequence of choices most of us
do not remember making in
our previous incarnations.

When most people hear the term "karma" they think of punishment.

Karma is NOT punishment.

Karma was designed so that we are allowed to view both sides of the dualistic coin.

Examples.... If we once lived as a slave master, here we are allowed to experience what it feels like to be a

If we were once a nun, here we are allowed to experience what it feels like to be a whore.

If we were once in service to others, here we are learning what being selfish feels like and to experience the
consequence for that choice. (See "
Good and Evil, a Battle of Wills?" if you wish to better understand).

Many today blame the Ruling Class for all the world's woes. It is NOT they, it is the collective you/I/us/we due
to our selfish desire for excessive wealth and conquest over others.

Those choices were the cause of our fall from the Garden of our Eden and the Ruling Class then becoming
made manifest. They are merely reflecting back to us our choices.

And had it not been for this group acting as our potentiator, (read "
Is Lucifer our Potentiator?" if you wish
to better understand) it would have been another group.

You see...

"The crusaders (are opportunists whom) move in their chariots to conquer (through parasitic mental
manipulation?) planetary mind/body/spirit social complexes before they reach the stage of achieving social
memory (unified thought?)." - The Law of One

Before you leave this website, I hope you will read enough of this evidence that you will also realize that there
is a strong possibility that somehow once we fell we then became the lowest members within a hierarchy. And
that we are the subordinates of the ruling class whom are the subordinates of those above them, whom are
the subordinates of those above then... etc.   

So what is it that those above us get out of the deal?

Apparently, and you can read more about this through-out this website, is that our DNA has been tampered
with many times. But why? Karma? Maybe is part of the reason. But as with any story, there is always much
more to every story.  

Apparently, their earth-bound ruling class/minions (the faces you know) live large while their unseen hierarchy
feast upon the negative Loosh energy field that fear, division, mistrust and warring
, which our selfish desires
s, much like a physical parasite feasts upon the blood plasma of its host.   

These hidden_hands may be opportunists, but it is we who allow them the opportunity to pit us one against
the other within this battle of wills.

However, I do NOT claim to know shit for sure. What I have s
tated on this website is based upon what I have
read and that which makes sense to me. I
n my estimation all ideals based within 3D realms of consciousness
are speculation. All is, therefore open for debate because evidence is not proof of anything simply because of
our limited conceptualization, thus the birth of the paradox.

Therefore, the fact is,
there are no facts, but rather are only our various interpretations that we perceive to
have witnessed, have heard of or read about through the experiences/interpretations of the other-self. This is
SOME of my readers will notice that I use (?) question marks often on this website.

If you desire absolutes, good luck. Just as life is religion, religion then holds much paradox to untangle.

It is my free-will choice to place links to various materials and to write my interpretations within the many
pages of this website, but is your free-will choice
to read or not to read the material.

Much like a multi-facet diamond, each page of this website consists of interlocking pieces to a comic puzzle. It
is up to you to do your own interpretation.

Within the framework of this website are many
links to various texts for those who enjoy reading and videos
& podcasts for the 97% of those who do not.

If it is your desire, I challenge you to put any preconceived notions that you may have aside, thus easing
your mind of the endless dogmatic clutter residing within
these lower levels of consciousness in order to take
in all you can on this website.

My goal is not to tell you what my opinions are, but rather to provide the catalyst that creates the "ah ha!"
moment which began Alice's adventure down the proverbial rabbit hole that facilitates consideration of an
unseen reality residing just outside of our current spectrum.

It is my hope that before you leave this website you will begin to understand that "All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth (the creation), Befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, He
is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, He does to himself.”
- Chief Seattle

However, if you have difficultly understand what is stated on this website, nor have desire to understand,
then your time has not yet come to see past the
physical illusion being generated by our collective

These unwilling will continue rejecting any ideals that are not based
within the comfort zone of their own co-
created, thus
man-made belief systems because, not only do their belief systems allow them comfort, but are
also how most
people identify with their peers.

"All in due time my pretties, all in due time". You see, knowing is a slow renewal of the mind. It is a
process and not an event.

Therefore, this website is only for those few who are truly ready to pull back the curtain and begin becoming
the change they wish to see.

After countless generations of disharmony, mistrust, greed and the injustice that our collective karma co-
created, it seems the creation is now in the process of slowly rebooting its-self.

The paradigm seems to be shifting causing the slow renewal of the collective subconsciousness to begin.

As the new day dawns it brings with it the healing process where the wrongs of our collective past are made
right once again.

We now have, once again, the choice to become the change we wish to see. If not, it will be more of the same
for those whom love the ways of the old paradigm.

The choice is, and always has been ours to make.

You see... "When there is ignorance (limitation/darkness), there is no opportunity" -
The Law of One. And
"when one has been indoctrinated by religion, culture and/or science, they are predisposed to view all things in
the sense of the measurable physical reality exclusively."

And "Once one understands that all there is, is lessons to be learnt, this one no longer searches for the non-
existent and unnecessary, safety net." "When energy is no longer needed to support the illusion (of
separation from the whole/God) it is then available for knowledge and awareness." -
The Wave Series

"Those who know not that they are one, act not as one. Those who act not as one, create not love, but
rather suffering and disharmony. What you create, you receive. Therefore, the fruits of your acts will follow
your days". -
Zain, a remnant of the Children of The Law of One.

"There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but within that self are many. There is
one body, in one time, but the self has other bodies in other times. All 'times' exist at once." -

"The hierarchy is a vehicle of transformation even when it acts to suppress information and keep species in
obedience to its controlling hand" -

When the light comes back on, I do believe that we are all going to be in for a pleasant surprise having
realized that the paradox had a solution and that nothing was what it seemed.

I now wish to thank you for your visit and hope that you will
stay and read more, or will return again to
explore more of what my website has to offer.

I wrote a rather
long page that may help to better explain my thoughts, where I also placed a description of
what my pages are about at the bottom of this page


This Planet may
be under

If so, is it out
of balance
due to negative
Loosh Overload?

Was this by chance,
our choice or was
Welcome to Focus on Recovery's

Consciousness Shift Resources

Exploring the Mystery of the Ages
I present
you decide.